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Limitations of Financial Planning


There are many limitations of financial planning when developing a financial plan or you can say determinants of financial planning or even sometime you can also mention there are limitation of financial planning model. Nowadays, additionally, there are specific disadvantages of financial planning for an organization which they may need face in modern business.

Financial Planning is actually a road-map of a plan to describe the goals plus objectives of an organization. Final step is to choose the source of funds to fulfilling those objectives. It may affect the rules and guidelines of a business when creating a financial plan. Let us understand what are the limitations of financial planning and how to overcome the limitations of financial planning model.

Limitations of Financial Planning

Are you facing problems when developing a financial plan? If yes, then you are at right place. There are few limitations of financial planning which you should be aware of. Let us discuss those in detail.

An Expensive Process

Planning is actually the top process so it is extremely time-consuming and funds consuming. It may delay certain cases that expenses regarding planning is directly proportional to your time invested during planning stage. It’s a major limitations of financial planning for small business owners. In case you reserve and maintain your finances according, then consequences might vary in many matters.

No Availability of Data

It’s a leading limitations of financial planning in every organization. Where you’ll not see the genuine data what a person desire. planning loses considering those values in their absence. Secondly, you can perhaps not effort too-much of cost expenditure to get correct and sufficient insight information.

Lack of Communication

If there is an insufficient communication and improper co-ordination anywhere between different officers, departments associated with a company, even the excellent financial strategy will never exercise effectively and is assured in order to fail. This type of limitations of financial planning most observed in large companies.

Change in Environment, Rules, Policies

Abrupt changes in the government guidelines or the economic environment may adversely impact your finance plan. In the event that financial strategy cannot adjust for corrections based on the changing government rules, policies as well as financial environment, an efficient financial plan probably also be inefficient for the insufficient required adjustments.

Lack of Financial Forecasting

As financial methods depend on presumptions, which, financial forecasting, truth be told there continues to be a scope for the mistaken predictions. Therefore, the program must be evaluated from time for you time and some must adjustments must be created with respect to the business environment.

Failure to Plan

Planning is a always a forward looking process. If a founder, owner or management possesses to follow instead of leading then he can never make a good financial plans. Therefore, this limitations of financial planning can be avoided by hiring a best financial planner.

Over Ambitious Projection

Sometimes professionals and business owners put through over ambitious projections then the realistic once. Always describe the best clear vision. Business planning should-be based on realistic vision and mission.

Rigid Planning

It involves your determination of the course of action ahead of time. It may lead to inflexibility, internal as well as procedural rigidity. For example: utilizing at the planning a business may succeed some objectives. Then again this way planning may build rigidity or even locks business into some goals. To overcome this disadvantages of financial planning you should have dynamic planning with involvement of others.

Less Accurate

Planning and also forecasting of future efforts may be a terrible work for someone. There are times when, business planning is carried out by fast, simple with easy strategies. Ineffective techniques of information gathering followed by financial planners can lead of problem of accurate data.

External Factors

One of the limitation of financial planning is external aspects, as they are extremely tough to predict. a few external factors for example: war, natural calamities, stock market crisis and so forth. All can make implementation of plan difficult. To overcome such limitation of financial planning model, you should protect yourself with sufficient insurance policies.

Limits of Financial Statements

Financial statements depend on historical prices and as like one of the determinants of financial planning which may affect cost level modifications are completely dismissed. They’re based on interim reports. The basic of financial statements are based on historic data. These kinds of statements are definitely neither full or accurate.

Limitations of Financial Accounting Data

Financial accounting allows option for treating transactions. Accounting is based on principles and its mostly followed. But truth be told that there is multiple principle for treatment of transactions in accounting books. This is one major disadvantages of financial planning of an organization with respect to accounting data. For example: closing stock of the business may be respected simply by following techniques: LIFO (Last-in-last-out), FIFO (First-in- First-out), Standard Price, Average pricing, and so forth. But the outcome are definitely not similar.

Tips to Overcome Limitations of Financial Planning Model

Limitations of financial planning is actually very hard to overcome like those limitations which are not in our hands, but you could deal with them with following techniques:

  • Your management should give attention and sufficient time for planning. because like we state prior, it’s a long-long process.
  • An objective as well as method to control should-be directly associated alongside with planning to ensure that methods are properly implemented.
  • Information system and data management should be properly organized making sure that relevant information is made ready to your planners.
  • A program concerning forecasting coupled having a keen insight into their future dynamic characteristics to environment should be developed.
  • Supervisors should-be prepared for doing innovation, thinking out of box to increase the efficiency concerning planning.
  • Involving many people into the planning process, to come up with a sense of ownership for the planning process.


After reading from the above mentioned limitations of financial planning for an organization or you can say limitation of financial planning model. There are many other disadvantages of financial planning like: Over usage of financial leverage, difference between financial accounting and cost accounting, limitations due to accounting errors and much more. After reading this article, I am much sure that you will consider these determinants of financial planning or simply let me say limitations of financial planning when developing your financial plan. This would help you lot in building a dynamic and robust plan for an organization.

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