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Investment Definition: Investment refers to investing money or purchase of goods or assets with the intension of making profit in the long run. For example: Investing money into bank fixed deposit, buying real estate assets, purchasing gold, Investing in financial assets like stocks, bonds, futures, currency, etc and selling on […]

What is Investment and How to Start Systematic Investment Plan

Working Capital Requirement - Requirement of Working Capital - Wikipedia of Finance
Among the list of various factors, size for the sales is among the key elements in determining that the amount of working capital. In order to boost selling volume, your enterprise requires to maintain their current assets. During stages, lesser your working cycle period, lesser will be working capital requirement […]

Top 10 – Working Capital Requirement

Sources of Equity Financing - Entrepreneurs - Small Business - Startups - Business Expansion - Wikipedia of Finance
Nowadays there are a so many different sources of equity financing for entrepreneurs to raise funds for a small business. Numerous business proprietors chose to take funds from friends, family members, bank loans, credit card, crowdfunding, etc. for financial requirements. Small organizations that are probably going to make a noteworthy […]

Sources of Equity Financing

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There are various types of short term sources of finance available in current market. Short term financing examples: Documentary Letter of Credit, Revocable Letter of Credit, Finance against Securities, Fixed Letter of Credit, Purchasing and Discounting of Bills and more. There are some of the sources of short term financing […]

Top 10 – Short Term Sources of Finance or Short ...