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WIKI - Financial Planning - About Us - Why Us - What we offer - our audience - partner programWikiFinancepedia was born in India on December, 2015 in a small room with one person taking care of it. We are growing and hiring to serve world class information to our audience.


Before commencing website, we have assisted lot of people for their financial planning, money management, etc and changed lives of over thousands of people. Many people have suggested us to switch on to website with valuable information which can change lives of millions of people. We have taken their advice seriously and here is where we are.


Why us

After conducting various surveys, we have observed that now a day’s many people are facing lot of difficulties in managing their own hard earn money many people are facing challenges in financial planning apart from this we have also notice that people are finding hard time management current wealth that they have not even thought about retirement planning.


When we came across all this surveys, we were really shocked and frightened about people future after retirement. Then we have left other ideas and thought to assist people in their planning to whosoever is concern. Here at wikifinancepedia, we intend to help people with simple and straight forward tutorials and useful articles focusing mainly on the area of Investing, Financial, Retirement and Insurance Planning, Business and start-ups planning.


Since no one has been 100% perfect of knowledge but collectively we believe to provide 100% of knowledge and useful information as we keep growing. Thinking for all this we have came-up with the idea of “WikiFinancepedia Partner” where we not only encourage people with freedom to express with useful information but we also care for them. We create their unique public profiles with previous and current works and “WikiFinancepedia Partner” statistics which can be key online tool to display and share their work and achieve their milestones. We also assist them in shaping your greatest work you have ever done. Our motto here at wikifinancepedia is “Help people, grow people”.


We welcome to our WF Partner’s (“WikiFinancepedia Partner” )program. We are glad that you thought of helping people in all their financial planning’s.


What we offer:

  • 100% practical financial planning guidelines based on Real-Life Implementation to our readers.
  • Basic & advanced investment, finance, retirement, wealth management, insurance or trading techniques, tutorials, terms or related information with complete guide and relevant examples to our readers.
  • A community of like-minded progressive contributors with a dedicated wall for writers in website.
  • Not limiting ourself to financial planning but it is appropriate for everyone with knowledgable ariticles about manging wealth.
  • Apart from this we encourage business writers for Entrepreneurs, Start-up’s & any kind of businesses ideas.
  • If you are passionate and excellent about making own learnings animated videos, we encourage embedding videos related to website contents through YouTube channel or other supported channel.
  • Any ideas to improve audience experience will be welcomed. If your ideas are interconnected to our website subject matter we will incorporate as soon as possible.
  • And many more…


For more detail about us, read more…

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