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Financial Management Notes


If you are looking for financial management notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM or any of the masters or bachelor degree, financial management books by Indian authors, best book for financial management MBA then you are at right place. Here you can download financial management notes pdf for free.

Finance includes a lot of information, explanations and method. You can reach to next levels by learning and following financial management notes with the assist of specialist. You’ll surely may not believe that the miracle of words unless and until you experience by yourself. The writers among these publications are perhaps not just specialist in their industries they are also excellent with their writing and explain skills as well.

Financial Management Books by Indian Authors:

We have shortlisted some of these top financial management notes for you to help a person comprehend as well as master of financial management. Have a quick look at the financial management books by Indian Authors below to aid your simply by yourself.

1. Financial Accounting for Management (Author: N Ramchandra and published by Tata Mgraw Hill).

2. Industrial Finance (Author: R. Vishwanthan and published by Macmillian).

3. Fundamentals Of Financial Management (Author: Vyuptakesh Sharan and published by Dorling).

4. Financial Management (Author: Sheeba Kapil and published by Pearson).

5. Cost Accounting And Financial Management (Author: V. Venkatasivakumar and published by Pearson).

Download Financial Management Notes:

This is the essential area to grab the benefits of financial management. From this below link, you can download pdf of financial management notes free. If you are looking for financial management notes mba or financial management notes bba or for your self-learning then financial management notes pdf free download is available for your learning purpose.

Best Book for Financial Management:

1. Financial Management: Theory & Practice – by Eugene F. Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt.

About the Book: It’s a better guide upon financial management with greatest example like this strikes balance around concept and useful insights to finance. The writer makes sure which he provides a clear understanding of significant concepts in which need to be put together excellent grasped to be implemented in the field of finance.

2. The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management – by Charles E. Menifield

About the Book: That the author provides the visitors programs along with exercises towards explain budgetary theory along with offering the reader the practical enjoy. The reader was provided the opportunity to uncover different technical ideas then skills that are important in order to comprehend the subject and practical workout provided in each chapter with should be used to study these kinds of concepts.

3. The Economist Guide to Financial Management – by Economist & John Tennent.

About the Book: Assuming your face trouble plus embracement inside financial learning such as dealing alongside management reports, capital proposals, budgets, and so forth considering insufficient training additionally apart from with that capability to manage then the author was which makes it simple for you.

4. When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management – by Roger Lowenstein.

About the Book: The writer includes took place to narrate the most impressive background in hedge money. Your facts can be so damaging that not only $100 billion money-making team were unsuccessful then experienced one terrible disaster however the greatest banks and each security of wall street endured a big hit.

5. The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How Not to be Your Own Worst Enemy – by James Montier

About the book: It well financial management notes for mba covers time period-tested ways of determining and preventing your shortfalls of investor unfairness with among the world’s well behavioral analyst. The writer teaches people just how to find out from your investment errors making sure people cannot duplicate this. This person even teaches one to hunt towards behavioral concepts your let the investors towards maintain per prospering investment profile inside convinced minimum danger inside assets.

6. Best International and Strategic Financial Management Books:

There are few exceptional books which you can never ignore to read. Check out best financial management books here. You can even buy financial management books online at discounted rate in-case you really want to keep your mark in this industry.


If you are working in a company where your role is of financial management or as a MBA, BBA, BCOM, masters or bachelor course this financial management notes as well as financial management books will definitely assist you a lot. If you like Indian books then financial management books by Indian authors is also good for you. It is recommended that you should not only gather financial management notes for clearing or passing in the student, But it will be really helpful to you in your personal day-to-day life. So take this seriously and invest your time and money in right direction.

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