Financial Planning Basics For Beginners Module

Are you aware of importance of financial planning? Are you aware of various different types of financial planning strategies? Do you know the best opportunities for invest, budget, assess your financial goals? Have you ever thought how to draw your roadmap for personal financial planning or business financial planning? How to become a financial planner or what are the qualities required to become a financial consultant? How to execute your financial plan? or How to create your financial backup plan? Are you new to personal financial planning and looking for tutorial on personal financial planning basics for beginners course or a guide?

Financial Planning Basics For Beginners Module:

In this tutorial e-learning course you will learn the financial planning basics. This course will enlarge your knowledge on personal financial planning and how to draft and execute your financial plan also how to assess and budget your personal finance. After taking this course you will have good knowledge on personal financial planning basics and concepts.  You will also have good understanding on various different types of financial planning processes, financial planning strategies, how to set the goals and execute your financial goals, how to create financial backup or plan-B or mitigation financial plan. Once you are comfortable you can start taking first step toward your financial planning to meet your future goals.

E-learning course details: Course duration for financial planning basics for beginners guide is approximately 50 minutes. This course consists of series of chapters given below. If you liked the tutorial and if it has improved your financial planning, do share this tutorial course with your friends and team mates. Best of luck!


- Tutorial Course - Financial Planning Basics For Beginners -

» Chapter 1: What is Financial Planning with Examples

» Chapter 2: Different Types of Financial Planning Models and Strategies

» Chapter 3: Importance of Financial Planning

» Chapter 4: Personal Financial Planning Process

» Chapter 5: Benefits of Financial Planning

» Chapter 6: Financial Planning Process with Examples

» Chapter 7: Objectives of Financial Planning

» Chapter 8: Limitations of Financial Planning

» Chapter 9: Financial Planning and Control

» Chapter 10: Financial Planning and Analysis

» Chapter 11: Determine Financial Goals – Assessment, Budgeting and Goal Setting

» Chapter 12: What is Optimism Bias – Definition, Effects on Financial Decisions

» Chapter 13: What is Personal Financial Planning? Definition, Examples and Template

» Chapter 14: What is Business Financial Planning? Definition, Examples and Process

» Chapter 15: What is Financial Planner? Definition, Scope and How to Become a Financial Planner

» Chapter 16: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Financial Planning Client

» Chapter 17: Strategic Planning and Execution of Financial Plan

» Chapter 18: Financial Backup Plan or Emergency Financial Assistance

» Chapter 19: Top 10 Worst Financial Mistakes to Avoid or Common Errors in Financial Planning

» Chapter 20: Financial Planning Quiz - Basics of Financial Planning Question and Answers


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