Basics of Investing for Beginners Module

Have you ever thought about how the rich become richest? Have you ever thought of retiring early? Do you know how, when and where to invest? Do you know how to have peaceful life after retirement?

Investing For Beginners Module:

In this tutorial e-learning course you will learn the basics of investing. Main focus of this course is on investing theory and empowers you to take investment decisions. Here you can take first step toward investing.

E-learning course details: Course duration for Investing for Beginners Module is approximately 80 minutes. This course consists of series of chapters given below. At the end of the tutorial course you can take the quiz to check how far you have understood about investing. You can publish your quiz score’s on website and share with your team-mates and friends also. Best of luck!

Read Free Tutorial Course - Basics of Investing for Beginners

» Chapter 1: What is Investment and its objectives.

» Chapter 2: Why is Investment important for Economic growth.

» Chapter 3: Ways to Invest your money and make profit.

» Chapter 4: What are the Best Investment Opportunities for your Retirement Income.

» Chapter 5: What are the Legal Matters you should know before Investing.

» Chapter 6: Different Types of Investment Risks Involved in Investing.

» Chapter 7: When and How to Invest in Stocks.

» Chapter 8: How Positive Attitude can improve your Investing mindset.

» Chapter 9: Should you Borrow Money to Invest in Stock Markets or Funds.

» Chapter 10: 5 Rules of Thumb: Key points to be consider before making Investments.

» Chapter 11: How to Calculate Stock Market Returns, Break Even Point and Basis Point.

» Chapter 12: How to Calculate Compound Interest and Simple Interest.

» Chapter 13: Rule of 72, 114 and 144 of Compounding Interest formula.

» Chapter 14: What is the Difference between Trading, Investment and Speculation?

» Chapter 15: How to become a Smart Investor or a Successful Investor.

» Chapter 16: Investing Quiz – Basics of Investing for Beginners Module.

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