Why Does Bitcoin Prices Fluctuate So Much-Why Do Cryptocurrency Prices Fluctuate

Why Does Bitcoin Prices Fluctuate So Much


The main reason people nowadays are trading more and more in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is nothing else but the fluctuations that take place in its prices. The more of the fluctuations, the more will be the opportunities to make profits out of it. Well, every time there doesn’t need to be a fluctuation in bitcoin prices, it will be beneficial for you. Therefore, you need to understand some various aspects why do cryptocurrency prices fluctuate and why does bitcoin prices fluctuate so much.

There are various fluctuations in the bitcoin spot prices in the trading market, and there are many reasons behind it. If you look at the volatility index, you will find that bitcoin is the most fluctuating cryptocurrency globally. The index that tells about the prices of bitcoins and their fluctuations is called the CBOE volatility index. As the cryptocurrency bitcoin is still in its initial stages of evolution, it does not possess its index entirely.

Why Does Bitcoin Prices Fluctuate So Much

Is bitcoin worthy of all the hype? You may think that other currencies like the United States dollar are also subject to fluctuations but let us tell you that the fluctuations in the United States dollar are not as much as the bitcoins face. Bitcoin can face volatility in its prices that is ten times the volatility in the US dollar. Today, we will read about the various reasons why does bitcoin prices fluctuate so much or why do cryptocurrency prices fluctuate.

Effect of Negative Press in the Rate of Ownership

One of the most prominent reasons why the prices of bitcoins keep on fluctuating is none other than the negative press effect. Yes, you might think that the statements given by the government and other powerful bodies do not impact the cryptocurrency rates, but it is completely wrong.

Let us tell you that the statements given by the government officials and the other bodies that are frightening to the cryptocurrency investors do have a very high effect on the cryptocurrency prices you are dealing with nowadays.

It can be bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and their price will affect to a large extent if someone says that the cryptocurrencies are going to be controlled by the government shortly. It is only possible if the statement is through every authenticated source from the Internet, like any government official or a very popular news channel.         

Technique of Value and Deviation in the Awareness About Bitcoins

The predictions in the future prices of bitcoins are highly affected by the implicit value of the cryptocurrency that you are holding already. If you are someone who keeps a cryptocurrency for a very long period, it will affect your predictions of cryptocurrencies. Store of the value of bitcoins can be considered a beneficial factor in the future by way of some predictability that you may make to benefit from the cryptocurrencies.

On the contrary, when we talk about the technique of value transfer, it is considered the principle under which the transfer of property takes place from one entity to another, and it is done by way of an asset.

These are the two most important drivers of the cryptocurrency market and bitcoin prices nowadays, and it is one of the most prominent reasons because of which the bitcoin price is different from the US dollar prices. Due to this, we see huge deviations in the bitcoin prices due to news events based on the stock market.

Fluctuate in the Worth of Bitcoins

Another most important cause because the bitcoin prices keep on fluctuating against the stock market prices like the Fiat currency is the recognize the value of cryptocurrency in-store versus the Fiat money.

There are several properties embedded in bitcoins, which makes them suitable to be compared to gold. One of the most important reasons it can be considered gold is because of its market cap, which is 21 million BTC. After this limit, bitcoins cannot be created, and therefore there is a limited supply of bitcoins.

Small Choices of the Large Cryptocurrency Owners

If you are looking for fluctuations in the cryptocurrency prices like bitcoin, let us tell you that the holders who have huge ratios of remarkable floating cryptocurrency in the market do affect it to a large extent.

The cryptocurrency holders with a bitcoin value of more than $10 million can move the marketplace completely. Therefore, bitcoin does not yet strike the mass market ownership value, which may offer an option to huge cryptocurrency owners like bitcoin.


However, several fluctuations in the bitcoin prices may not be as beneficial as you may think. Bitcoin is perhaps the most important cryptocurrency globally because of its high price, and it was the first cryptocurrency that was created in the first place. These are some of the reasons and answer to your question about why do cryptocurrency prices fluctuate and why does bitcoin prices fluctuate so much.

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