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Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator


Our Loan Annual Percentage Rate Calculator is mainly known as All-In-One APR Calculator. It is an excel spreadsheet and google sheet based tool with lot of inbuilt features. This calculator can be used to calculate interest only payment, pre-payment calculation, calculation based on payment method and more. It can also be used as Personal Annual Percentage Rate Calculator, Vehicle / Car Mortgage APR Calculator, Home Mortgage APR Calculator, Home Renovation APR Calculator, Two-Wheeler Loan Annual Percentage Rate Calculator and more. You can also use it as Payday APR Calculator, Gold Mortgage APR Calculator, Small Business Loan APR Calculator, Credit Card APR Calculator, Agriculture Mortgage APR Calculator, Consumer Durable Loan Annual Percentage Rate Calculator, Product Mortgage APR Calculation, Education Loan APR Calculator and many more types of calculators.

Note: (1) Excel sheet and google spreadsheet looks similar but work differently. (2) You only have option to apply theme in excel sheets. (3) Changing currency symbol do not work in google sheets. (4) Click on “Enable Editing” when you see default message “Protected View” in your excel spreadsheet.

What is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

APR means annual rate of interest plus expenses on loan paid by borrowers. It is more reliable rate whenever comparing loans. APR include interest expense, agent fees, discount points, closing costs, rebates, and other financial charges. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) should always be equal to or greater than your annual rate of interest.

Annual Percentage Rate Example

Let us take an example of APR to understand it better. Assume that you have borrowed a home loan of 500,000 at 7% annual rate of interest for 20 years of loan term. Consider the point that your home requires mortgage insurance, closing expenses, loan origination fees and processing charges in total of 7,500.

You can use our calculator to evaluate the APR of your loan. You will notice that Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for your loan is 7.196% after using above calculator.

APR vs Interest Rate

Important difference between an APR and interest rate is that the APR is a big image to evaluate total cost of loan in long term. Interest rate provides a picture on a loan without considering expenses related to loan. Let us see below some of the distinction in APR vs Interest Rate.

1) APR is a wider picture to determine the total mortgage cost. APR includes expenses or fees charged by lender plus nominal interest rate of a loan.

2) Interest rate is actually the cost of borrowing principle amount. It is always express in percentage. Interest rate can be adjustable or fixed rate.

3) Interest rate is based on market conditions and your credit rating. APR is based on lenders. Different lenders have different APRs. It is more reliable to use APR for loan comparison calculation.

4) APR provide larger picture on a loan. Rate of interest is use to evaluate EMI payments. APR does not have any impact on your EMI payments.

How to Calculate APR on a Mortgage?

It is really simple to calculate APR on your Mortgage. You just need to fill some basic details of loan for Mortgage APR calculation. You can even use this calculation for any interest only payments and pre-payment calculations.

Tools presented here is highly customization according to most of your needs. One can view updated loan summary, amortization table and chart after entering loan details. You can use loan comparison calculator for compare lenders APR prior to applying for loan.

All the features available in excel sheet and google spreadsheet are explain in the video. You can download the tool from the link and play with it. This tool is 100% free for personal use, customize and modify it. You can customize to you requirement. Spreadsheet provided are not lock with password. These tool provided on our website cannot be use to sell with customized features, host as free, sell or re-sell. You need to get written approval for any such listed activities. Hope you will enjoy it.

Who can Use Loan APR Calculator?

This excel spreadsheet and google sheet based tool are highly compatible to handle multiple tasks. Your APR Calculator is available in various themes with colourful chart and interactive amortization table and summary. This tool is called as All-In-One APR calculator. As name suggest, it is capable to handle different types of loans. Examples are listed below.

  • Home Loan APR Calculator
  • Home Renovation Annual Percentage Rate Calculator
  • Personal Loan APR Calculator
  • Auto Mortgage APR Calculator / Car Mortgage APR Calculator
  • Two-Wheeler Loan Annual Percentage Rate Calculator
  • Credit Card Mortgage APR Calculator
  • Small Business Mortgage APR Calculator
  • Construction Loan APR Calculator
  • Student Loan APR Calculator
  • Payday Loan Annual Percentage Rate Calculator
  • Gold Mortgage APR Calculator
  • Consumer Durable Mortgage APR Calculator
  • Agriculture Annual Percentage Rate Calculator
  • And Many More Different Types of Loans.


You will definitely see the advantages of All-In-One APR Calculator in your business. You can download excel spreadsheet or google spreadsheet and get full control to customize it according to your requirement. Hope that you will surely like it.

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