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List of Online Payment Methods / Gateways / Options


Businesses cannot be complete without serving your customers regardless of their location. However, while every business wants to meet every customer’s expectations, payment processing hinders their dreams. There exists a list of payment methods online for global e-business, but customers may be limited or prefer one choice over another. You may want to implement several payment options on your eCommerce to drive sales. Here you can grab knowledge on list of online payment methods.

Businesses are trying to find ways to ensure that their brands can serve all customers with ease regardless of their location. Solving the payment processing is one milestone, and the only other thing is shipping. Thankfully, many shipping companies are ready to deliver your merchandise to your customers across the globe. So, what online payment method should you employ for your business?

List of Online Payment Methods

These are seven of the most popular payment gateways for brands operating global businesses. Let us view the list of online payment methods currently available in the market.

Credit or Debit Cards

Many customers are credit card owners. When they go shopping sites, they use the card to pay for merchandise, and they will have to repay it later on. Credit cards are common among people who want to improve or maintain their credit history. This is a way frequently used from the list of online payment methods. The debit cards work much the same as credit cards, except that the customer spends money directly from their checking accounts while processing the payment.

As a merchant, you have to remember that online payments via credit cards attract a transaction fee for every sale you make. But, most importantly, you need to understand the security measures you need when accepting best credit cards for your business. You need to protect the customer’s information and avoid fraudulent transactions in your business.

Prepaid Cards

Not everyone owns a bank account or gets to access credit card facilities. Customers still want to purchase goods from your global e-business. In place of credit or debit cards, a customer can purchase a gift card or a prepaid card for use. While gift cards allow you to use the preloaded amount only, prepaid cards are much different. You can reload the card and spend the money whenever necessary.

As a merchant, you do not even need to worry much about the difference. All of these cards work much the same. However, if a customer has trouble paying with their card, they may most likely be using a gift card restricted to use with a single merchant. But at the same time, you will have to understand that various territories prohibit international business transactions with bank cards.


I guess this is the payment method that receives lots of attention. Why? Customer and merchant security. While customers can shop seamlessly without worrying about any merchant accessing their financial information, sellers can also be assured of sales as long as they ship the products to the address indicated on the invoice payment receipt.

Customers can add prepaid, debit, or credit cards onto their PayPal accounts. They can also use their bank to make purchases online with PayPal. This is commonly used under list of online payment methods by freelancers and online service to any other country. As a merchant, you receive your payment on PayPal, and you can choose to withdraw the funds to your bank any time you want. PayPal fees vary depending on the payment method and location of your customers.

Bank Wire

Direct bank transfers are ideal for most customers. The money cannot leave their account before they authenticate, and nobody is going to steal their banking information like credit card fraud. However, this payment system is not available for e-commerce integration. You have to provide your bank details so that customers can send the payment from anywhere. They can include a note or “memo” to describe the purpose of the payments.

With bank transfers, you can receive the payment directly into your main bank account, and currency conversion might charge some fees on the service before loading the money to your bank. If you have a multi currency bank account, you can receive the funds in any currency you approve without converting it during the sales process. This makes it perfect to track every transaction when negotiating with your customer.

Mobile Payments

In the old days, people used to subscribe to services and mobile content through SMS. But with recent technology, you can use your mobile device to pay or send money using a mobile app. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay are some of the most common methods of mobile payment systems. The payment gateways utilize customer’s banking information to complete the transactions. However, merchants only receive a token that verifies the payment and the funds credited to their wallets – you cannot access the card details of the customer.

Mobile payments are secure, and they could change the future of e-commerce. Everybody is walking with their phone more often than they do with their credit cards, and they can buy from anywhere. You can seamlessly integrate mobile wallets into your ecommerce to facilitate easy checkout instead of customers having to enter their card information every time they are buying from you.

SOFORT Banking

Are you targeting Europe for your business? Then this new payment method might be one of your choices. Customers use their bank to send funds to your business, but it is a bit more automated than the bank wire method. When you have this payment option on your ecommerce, customers click on the payment link and they are asked to log in with their bank information and complete the transfer.

Transaction details will already be attached to the payment process. Customers only need to authenticate the transaction. Since the payment is kind of automated, there is no likelihood of human error that can lead to transactions to a different person. You can be sure to receive the money from your customer for the merchandise they order.


Cryptocurrency payments store money as a digital asset that is accessible on a computer network. The system is secured by cryptography and there is no central governance on the same. There are so many reasons why you should accept cryptocurrency in your e-commerce. Some of these reasons include fighting against fraud and seamless cross-border payments.

Customers will love to pay with cryptocurrency because they can track their transactions but nobody can identify their information based on the transactions. Merchants do not incur transaction fees like most of the other payment methods. You can make the cryptocurrency manual on your e-commerce app or website or use third-party payment processors (which would charge you).


As technology and various services keep improving, there is a need for a global reach with your eCommerce. You can serve customers from any part of the planet, as long as they can pay you and you deliver the goods. Having list of payment methods enables you to accept payment from more customers than when you rely on one payment processor that may not be supported in other regions. Transform your global e-business now with various payment methods to increase sales.

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