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How to Check Purity of Gold at Shop and Home?


Numerous individuals regard jewellery as both an investment and a fashion element. As a result, you can be certain of the purity and quality of the gold. Purchasing gold in whatever form may appear to be straightforward and natural. Inadequate knowledge of the gold you are purchasing may result in a waste of time. Purchasing gold is not something you do on a whim. It is, however, not a difficult task. All you need to do is ensure you are receiving something worthwhile. We will look at how to check purity of gold, how to check purity of gold at home, how to check gold purity at shop, and how to know gold purity in this topic.

How do you determine the purity of the gold you are about to acquire or have already purchased? Prior to acquiring gold jewellery or coins, it is simple to determine the purity of the metal. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) labels each gold piece with particular information to verify the purity of gold purchased from trustworthy merchants or online platforms. This information, referred to as the Hallmark, verifies the purity of the gold.

How to Check Purity of Gold?

Gold is classified as 24, 22, 10, 14, and 10 karats, depending on its purity. There are no alloys or other materials used to increase the durability of 24 Karat gold. Due to the delicate and fragile nature of gold, it cannot be used to create pure ornaments and jewellery. The vast majority of gold jewellery is made of 22 carat or ten karat gold. Purity of gold can be stated in percentages or parts per thousand, depending on the use.

Divide the amount by 24 and then by 100 to convert karats to percentages. To determine the gold percentage of a 22 carat ring, divide it by 24, which equals 0.9166; multiply this number by 100 to obtain 91.66 percent. Additionally, inspect any gold jewellery for a carat stamp to confirm its purity. Each gramme of gold sold to a customer must bear the Hall Mark and the carat weight of the gold.

For example, an 18K gold necklace is compose of 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals. Using the formula above, you may convert this carat value to a percentage. It should include approximately 75% gold.

How to Know Gold Purity?

To derive answer on how to know gold purity, use the following karat markers and percentages (in brackets, the parts per thousand values) mention below:

  • 99.924K – (999) 99.9%
  • 22K – (917) 91.7%
  • 20K – (833) 83.3%
  • 18K – (750) 75.0%
  • 14K – (583) 58.3%
  • 10K – (417) 41.7%

How to Check Purity of Gold at Home?

Additionally, you can conduct a gold test at home. To do so, you will require a gold testing kit. With a few exceptions, the procedure is similar to that of professional karat testing. Nitric acid is store in a variety of sizes and shapes of vials. Each container’s label will state “10K” or “14K” to show its gold content.

You can also read benefits of gold investment to understand better. Let us see how to check purity of gold at home further in this topic. The majority of gold testing kits for home use operate in the following manner:

  • To begin, rub your gold ring or other gold jewellery against the package’s testing stone. The gold stamp of the item will be visible on the stone.
  • Apply a little amount of acid to the gold mark using one of the bottles labelled with the lowest karat number.
  • If the colour of the mark fades significantly or completely over time, the gold carat content is less than stated on the label.
  • If the mark and label are the same colour, the mark and label will have the same or nearly identical carat weight as the bottle label. (Accuracy is +/-1 carat.)
  • A greater karat gold than the one specified on the bottle’s label; thus, test another bottle with a higher karat number to determine whether the colour changes.
  • Begin with the lowest karat bottle and work your way up until the exact karat of the diamonds and jewels in the ring has been determine. While the basic premise behind the majority of gold testing kits that utilise nitric acid is the same, the specific recommendations and details may vary. Always read the directions before using the gold testing kit.

How to Check Purity of Gold at Shop?

According to the British Institute of Requirements, hallmarking protects the public from contamination and obligates gold makers to adhere to legal fineness and purity standards. The Bureau of Indian Standards recommends that four components of hallmark gold jewellery be tested for purity. Let us view how to check gold purity at shop below.

The Assaying and Hallmarking Center’s Mark

The third mark is the emblem of the laboratory that determined the purity of the gold. Only BIS-licensed laboratories are authorize to test and mark commodities. Consult the BIS website to ascertain whether a certain hallmarking centre is licenced.

Bis Hallmark / Logo

Purity testing of gold jewellery bearing the BIS seal has taken place at one of the BIS’s certified laboratories. This emblem will display on every jewellery and coins that you purchase. A gold piece must be hallmark by the Bureau of Indian Standards to confirm its purity (BIS).

This is an optional form of hallmarking, and not all jewellers sell BIS-hallmarked jewellery. However, some local jewellers continue to use non-BIS certified in-house hallmarking on various pieces of jewellery. Therefore, when shopping for gold jewellery, search for the BIS emblem.

The Mark of the Jeweler

Additionally, you’ll discover the distinctive mark or brand of the jewellery store or internet platform where you purchased your gold jewellery. This emblem indicates an approved jewellers or artisan by the BIS. The BIS website includes a list of approved jewellers.

Finest and Purity in Karats

The second mark assures the purity of the gold in the jewellery, as indicated by the Karat (abbreviated as KT or K) and the gold’s purity number. To create a more durable gold alloy, 24K gold is alloy with other metals such as silver and zinc. As of January 1, 2017, the Bureau of Industry and Security only hallmarks gold in 22K, 18K, and 14K karats.

Previously, gold bars of 23K, 21K, 17K, and 9K were hallmarked. Additionally, the fineness number can be used to determine the purity of gold when fabricating jewellery. It’s a colloquial term for 22-karat gold. According to the International Standardization Organization, each 100 g of 22K gold contains 91.6 g of pure gold (ISO). To develop a more complete grasp of these markers. This indicate on your jewellery piece by the carat and fineness numbers.

In this instance, the BIS has validated that it is of the fineness/purity specified in the hallmark. The following table converts the most frequently used parts per thousand purity markers to karats.

  • 9999 = 24 Karat
  • 917 = 22 Karat
  • 833 = 20 Karat
  • 750 = 18 Karat
  • 583 = 14 Karat
  • 417 = 10 Karat

How to Check the Purity of 22-karat Gold?

Divide 22 by 24 to determine the purity level of 22-karat gold. (due to the fact that 24-karat gold is 100 percent pure). This is accurate to the nearest 0.9166 percent. When multiplied by 100, this value equals 91.66 percent purity for your 22-karat gold.

Is Stamp a Necessity for Real Gold?

A hallmark identifies the carat weight of the majority of genuine gold jewellery and other gold-based items. If you encounter jewellery marked “KP,” the “P” stands for “plumb.” This mark certifies that the piece contains at least the indicated carat weight on the certificate.

A ring labelled 20KP, for example, has a minimum gold purity of 20 karats and a maximum of 20 karats. The letter “P” following the carat symbol denotes that the purity of the gold is at least equal to the karat symbol’s number.

Is it Legal to Acquire Unstamped Gold?

Bear in mind that gold that has not been stamped cannot be guaranteed to be genuine. For example, gold-plated jewellery may bear karat stamps, but the stamp only indicates the purity of the gold plates, not the entire piece.

What does the Karat Stamp on Gold Jewellery Mean?

Each gram of gold sold in India must have the Hall Mark and the carat weight of the gold. As a result, confirming the authenticity of the gold you’re acquiring is straightforward.


To determine the gold content of your jewellery, look for the carat mark on the reverse. Hope this article on We will look at how to check purity of gold, how to check gold purity at shop, how to know gold purity and how to check purity of gold at home was informative to you.

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