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Features of Blockchain Technology


Bitcoin is underlined as the gold of the internet as profits and revenue generated by bitcoin are gigantic. However, Bitcoin was considered merely an investment asset for a long time as investors utilized bitcoin just to make money out of it. However, sooner or later, the comprehensive solicitation of bitcoin and its technology were about to explode, and in a pandemic, every confronted the actual foundation of bitcoin and its technology. Bitcoin’s utmost sizzling technology, blockchain, or the distributed ledger, is subjected to ample fascinating features of blockchain technology which can assist in restructuring every possible industry.

Blockchain is a database subjected with some embraced technical aspects in contrast to an ordinary database. Government authorities are correspondingly utilizing the blockchain to embrace transparency between the content consumers and creators. Blockchain models are spreading like a forest fire in almost every industry, and the application of these models is also impressive.

Trustable exchange is correspondingly complexed on the blockchain technology, these trustable exchange helps you in trading and investing in bitcoin. There are websites like Bitcoin Superstar that can help you in availing profitable results in your bitcoin expedition.   Below mentioned is a complete set of appealing features offered by blockchain technology that can revolutionize every industry.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technical and more structured database that is potential enough to hold any possible amount of database. Blockchain of bitcoin and ethereum are exceedingly advanced and robust in terms of holding the database. Blockchain is complexed on the distributed ledger technology, demonstrating the database’s distribution on peer-to-peer network technology.

The peer-to-peer network is not regulated by a centric entity. Still, it is composed of a number of entities that can regulate the database, and every entity is subjected to a hard copy of the blockchain. In the case of bitcoin, the entities in peer to peer network are nearly 100000. To sum up, blockchain is a database that is subjected to the distributed ledger technology.

Features of Blockchain Technology

Here are some of the appealing features of blockchain technology used for bitcoin. Let me ask you one question to you, does Blockchain grow forever? let’s have a look into it to understand it better.

Blockchain and NFTs

NFTs have attained the limelight in almost every industry at the instance. NFTs are basically nonfungible tokens that represent the ownership of any real-life asset in a virtualized manner. These non-fungible tokens are a bit different from the actual cryptocurrency as you cannot exchange these tokens with another token. The ownership of these tokens is recorded on the blockchain or the public distributed ledger; almost every industry is subjected to the comprehensive solicitation of NFTs are blockchain at the very same time. 

Smart Contracts

Intelligent contracts or intelligent contracts were invented by Nick Szabo in the early 2000s. Intelligent contracts are equipped with features of self-empowering, self-recording, and self-execution at the very same time. These smart contracts are one of the most appealing features offered by blockchain technology. Ample of industries commence third parties or contract recording parties in order to sustain their contracts. Recording contracts using robust third parties is a bit expensive action; however, with the assistance of blockchain, you can record self-executive contracts without any cost.

The viability of these contracts, in contrast to the traditional contracts, is much more; all the more, no one can potentially alter these contracts without the consent of entities involved in the contract. Intelligent contracts are majorly recorded on the blockchain of ethereum as ethereum adopted the technology of smart contracts at the very first instance. Ethereum is majorly a blockchain-based model, and the token rendered by ethereum is ether.


The prominent reason behind the enormous amount of popularity of blockchain is the consensus mechanism. The utmost basic blockchain model led by bitcoin introduced the consensus algorithm at the very first instance. Consensus is basically referred to as the action of decision-making for the computing entities involved in the peer-to-peer network.

These computing entities or nodes can possibly agree to a contract in a nominal range of time. There are ample nodes involved in almost every cryptographic cash model, and the consensus algorithm is exceedingly necessary to sustain the smoothness of that model. Consensus promotes decentralization and embraces the trustless foundation of this system.


Blockchain is subjected to ample appealing features, but decentralized features make it stand out amongst other database systems. The decentralization of blockchain demonstrates that there are no centric parties involved in the bitcoin complex. Every information recorded on the blockchain is transparent accessible and cannot be changed by any superior authority. From transaction information to smart contracts, every possible aspect of blockchain is decentralized.


Inalterability of blockchain rose the technology to prominence. Almost every possible data recording system is subjected to some sort of bumps and flaws, and one of these frequent bumps is mutability. However, blockchain’s robustness in terms of mutability makes it different from other databases. Any possible data on the blockchain is immutable, and you cannot alter the database at all.

These are some of the sizzling features of blockchain technology which can revolutionize every industry. 

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