Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Financial Planning Wikipedia Chapter - Objectives of Financial Management 1
Existence of any goal or an objective helps to decide whether or not the financial decision or the strategic plans are effective for an individual. Objectives of financial management is the parameter set to achieve the optimal usage of funds for client’s best interest. For example: Ensuring continuous and adequate […]

Objectives of Financial Management

Wikipedia of Finance - Debt Financing Definition, Examples, Types, Sources
Debt Financing Definition: When a company / firm / business raises fund that you get to maintain your business operations is known as debt financing. This fund is raised by offering debt instruments to individuals or investors. In return an organization or business give creditors a guarantee note stating to […]

What is Debt Financing? Definition, Examples and Source of Debt ...

Wikipedia of Finance - elearning Tutorial Course on Insurance Wikipedia – Basics of Insurance for Beginners Module 2
Have you ever thought of protecting yourself? Do you know how to safeguard your family? Do you know how to protect your income after disability? Are you aware of protecting yourself and your family while travelling? Are you aware of how to safeguard your vehicle? Insurance for Beginners Module: In […]

Basics of Insurance for Beginners Module