Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Financial Planning Wikipedia Chapter - Top 10 Worst Financial Mistakes to Avoid or Common Errors in Financial Planning 1
Frankly speaking personal financial planning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even the experts sometimes, make typical mistakes. As hazardous as these mistakes are, they are unavoidable. Anyone who start financial planning is tend to face common financial problems during planning. This common financial mistakes can be avoided when talking […]

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best virtual credit card India - prepaid virtual credit card - Wiki-Finance-Pedia 2
In-case you wish to know about best virtual credit card or top virtual credit card for international payments in India or from best domestic to international virtual credit card in India or sometimes may be virtual debit card, then your search ends here. Today we are going to showcase free […]

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What is Finance with Examples - Meaning of Finance Definition - Wikipedia of Finance
What is Finance? Finance means the study of managing money and finding the required funds. The very foundation of the economic world is Finance. Its components are financial service and financial instruments. Basically, finance is about acquiring funds and their optimal management with respect to businesses. Capital, funds, money, and […]

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Sources of Working Capital Finance - Types of Working Capital Loan - Wikipedia of Finance
Working capital finance is mainly preferred to increase the working capital for a business. It is often useful for particular development tasks, particularly taking for a bigger contract or even purchasing your brand new market. It is also known as working capital loan, which means loan that is taken to […]

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Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Banking wikipedia Chapter - Banking Quiz
This is a quiz for your financial planning. Take banking quiz questions with answers to test your knowledge on “Banking and Financial Services module”. Let us check your knowledge on Banking Awareness and Banking Termonologies. In today’s world financial knowledge is very important for well-being, and lack of financial knowledge is not […]

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Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Startup and Business Wikipedia Chapter - What is Business Intelligence? Definition, Components and Solutions of BI Systems and Tools
Business Intelligence Definition: Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge so that they can optimize the process of decision-making in business. In other words, Business intelligence is the part of the responsible business management in collecting, processing and presentating of relevant information to […]

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