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Financial Management Definition: In words of Solomon, “Financial management aims to effectively use the capital funds which also happens to be a significant economic resource.” Financial management definition by different author – Phillippatus has given a more amplified meaning of financial management. According to him “Financial Management is concerned with […]

What is Financial Management? Definition, Examples of Financial Management

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This is a quiz for your finance. Take finance quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge on “Finance Basics for Beginners Guide”. Even you can take this finance quiz for kids as well. Let’s check how much do you understand about what is finance? Why finance is important in […]

Finance Quiz – Finance Basics for Beginners

Meaning of International Finance Definition - Wikipedia of Finance - International Finance Examples
International Finance Definition: International finance defines as a ways towards international financial management. It is also called as multinational finance. Multinational companies, individuals and investors need evaluate to take care of international issues like foreign exchange risk additionally governmental risk, including economic, transaction, and translation distinguish-ability. International financing is also […]

What is International Finance? Definition with Examples

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Are you aware of importance of portfolio management? Do you know the best techniques and methods for portfolio optimization? Are you aware of various different types of portfolio management plans and strategies? How to become a expertise in portfolio management? Have you ever thought how to draw your roadmap using modern portfolio theory? How to […]

Basics of Portfolio Management For Beginners Module

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If you are looking for financial management notes for MBA, BBA, BCOM or any of the masters or bachelor degree, financial management books by Indian authors, best book for financial management MBA then you are at right place. Here you can download financial management notes pdf for free. Finance includes […]

Financial Management Notes