Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Financial Planning Wikipedia Chapter – What is Financial Risk Management? Definition, Methods and Techniques
Financial Risk Management Techniques: Financial risk management is a practice of evaluating and managing various financial risk associated with financial products. For example: risk towards foreign exchange, credit risk, market risk, inflation risk, liquidity risk, business risk, volatility risk, etc. Today, every investment is exposed some sort of financial risk. […]

Financial Risk Management – Techniques, Methods and Types

Wikipedia of Finance - Wiki-Financepedia - Financial e-learning tutorial courses on Investing Wikipedia Chapter - what is Investment
Are you beginner to investing? Are you looking forward for what is investment? Do you know about basics of investment? If you are searching for answer on the same; then you are at the right place. Here we are going to explain you what is investment, investment objectives, investing options and lot more. Investment […]

What is Investment and its objectives: Investing for Beginners

What are the Three Types of Financial Management Decisions - Wikipedia of Finance
An organization requires financial management for various activities. For examples: approving loans or credit lines, hiring employees, building customer’s relationship, creating company’s credit rating, adjustment in budgets, managing cash inflow and outflow activities, risk management and more. One of the essential primary types of financial management decision is to build […]

Types of Financial Management

Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Financial Planning Wikipedia Chapter - Personal Financial Planning Basics for Beginners Guide
Are you aware of importance of financial planning? Are you aware of various different types of financial planning strategies? Do you know the best opportunities for invest, budget, assess your financial goals? Have you ever thought how to draw your roadmap for personal financial planning or business financial planning? How to […]

Financial Planning Basics For Beginners Module

Wikipedia of Finance - e-learning course on Accounting Wikipedia Chapter - Learn about profit and loss statement - Income Statement - P&L statement 1
Profit and Loss Statement Definition: Under financial accounting, “profit and loss account, statement of revenue or loss, financial performance statement, operating statement, earnings statement, statement of profit and loss, P&L statement, Income statement all this terms refers to Profit and Loss statement of the financial reports”. This statement shows the revenue […]

What is a profit and loss statement or Income Statement? ...

Sources of Debt Financing - Entrepreneurs - Small Business - Startups - Business Expansion - Wikipedia of Finance
For a small business or a large company, there is always a need for sources of debt financing for entrepreneurs. It is observe that sole proprietors usually look for sources of internal debt financing. Whereas small business owners prefer towards sources of short-term debt financing. Similarly, large companies usually prefer […]

Sources of Debt Financing

Choosing a well sources of finance is actually important for business as well as to take strong decisions by company’s management. A decision related to source of funds impacts a business a lot. In-case of incorrect decision, the cost of funds increases which in turn would have a direct effect […]

Sources of Finance or Source of Funds for Small Business ...

Wikipedia of Finance - Wiki-Financepedia - Financial e-learning tutorial courses on Investing Wikipedia Chapter - Investment Opportunities 2
In this chapter we are going to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of various investment opportunities and which one will be best suitable option for you. Before going thru evaluation, you should take small quick evaluation for yourself and get ready with answers. This simple process will assist you to draw […]

What are the Best Investment Opportunities for your Retirement Income