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There are many types of capital in balance sheet of business or a books company of accounts. For example: Internal Economic Capital, Human Capital, External Economic Capital, Natural Capital, Constructed Capital, Innovation Capital, Process Capital, Knowledge Capital, Organizational Capital, Structural Capital, Relational Capital, Social Capital and many more. For running […]

Types of Capital

Types of Capital Market - Wikipedia of Finance - Primary Market - Secondary Market
A financial market is categorized as various different types of capital market whenever customers and/or sellers come together to trade assets such as equities, bonds, currencies as well as derivatives. Financial markets can be found in nearly everywhere in the world. For example: you can trade in New York Stock […]

Types of Capital Market

Wiki - EPS Ratio, Formula, Example, Good Earnings Per Share Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Meaning: Earnings per share (EPS) defines as a segment of a company’s earnings in other words company’s profits per outstanding share of common stock. Earnings per share is one of the indicators which is used to measure company’s profitability. Earnings Per Share Formula / EPS Formula: […]

EPS Ratio, Formula, Example, Importance, Good Earnings Per Share Ratio

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There are numerous Indian guys who are in search of best demat account, best demat and trading account, Best online demat account, best bank for demat account, best 3 in 1 demat account, best online demat account trading account. Also there are huge queries on our website regarding, which bank […]

Best Demat Account – Top Online Trading Account in India ...

Wikipedia of Finance – Project Portfolio Manager Meaning, Role, Responsibilities, Requirement, how to become a Portfolio Manager, Project Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Optimization
You may be confused on what is the meaning of portfolio manager, how to become a portfolio manager, what are the portfolio manager requirements or education qualification required for this position, what are the roles and responsibilities of a portfolio manager, examples of investment portfolio managers, what is a role […]

Portfolio Manager – Definition, Responsibilities, How to Become a Portfolio ...