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How to withdraw money from EPF account online?  



How to withdraw PF amount from previous company online? Is there any way to close after withdraw from PF account online.

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Your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is actually saving scheme created through the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). It is a retirement investment created for the salaried workers. Considering their function EPF is offer employees having source to earning after your retirement, their funds gathered must ideally get withdrawn at retirement. Then again, here tend to be instances when the EPFO allows subscribers in order to withdraw their funds in their PF account before your retirement.

EPF withdrawal claim made assuming that he is unemployed or during your retirement. 75% of the EPF balance can be withdrawn immediately after one month concerning unemployment and the stabilize 25% are withdrawn following two months to jobless. You could make a withdrawal claim by filling your EPF withdrawal form online. UAN Account and the mobile phone number useful for activating their UAN should be active. Also UAN is connected with the KYC (for example: Aadhaar, PAN plus bank details).

To apply for PF withdrawal online, you need to make sure the above conditions are fulfilled. Then below PF online withdrawal procedure can be followed:

1) Firstly, you need to visit the UAN portal site.

2) Login with your UAN, password and CAPTCHA then submit it.

3) Go to Manage option, you get from menu options then simply click at KYC.

4) Now you will get option to confirm whether or not the Aadhar, PAN and also Bank details are correct or not. Be sure to keep in mind that for online withdrawal, Aadhar as well as PAN verification is actually mandatory for employer.

5) Once verifying details is done. Go to Online Services from the menu click on the Claim form.

6) It will show the member information, KYC details and so forth. And then, submit claim form clicking on the Proceed Online Claim.

7) Then select your claim under the tab “I would like to apply”. Various withdrawal options are available then, like:

  • Form-10C – Retirement Withdrawal Benefit.
  • Form-10D – Claiming for month-to-month Pension.
  • Form-19 – Full PF Withdrawal.
  • Form-31 – Partial Withdrawal of PF.

Once appropriate option is selected and applied, a OTP is going to be sent to their Aadhar connected cellphone. Enter the OTP and then finally submit it. On submitting of this claim, reference id is going to be generated as well as exhibited and this can be useful for tracking claim status for your submission.

These are 7 easily steps to apply for the PF online withdrawal. Hope this would be helpful to you!

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