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How does change in net working capital affect cash flow?  



I want to understand, why is increase in working capital a cash outflow? What causes working capital to decrease? Do fixed assets affect net working capital? and Can change in net working capital be negative?

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Working Capital signifies the difference between the company's current liabilities and current assets. Impact of change in working capital have always been mirrored at company's cash flow statement. Nearly all of that the time, a company’s working capital is an indicator towards financial problems, particularly when working capital is negative for a longer period.

Examples of Changes in Net Working Capital:

Let us take an example to understand how does change in net working capital affects cash flow in the books of company's account.

1. When the company's transaction grows current assets and also current liabilities grows with the same amount, here working capital would not be changed.

2. If the organization buys a fixed asset like: factory, office building, then cash flow would definitely decrease. This indicates that your business's working capital might decrease since cash from current assets will be decreased. Conversely, when selling fixed assets, working capital increases with the increase in cash flow.

3. Assuming the company buys inventory by cash payment. This indicates that there will be no change in net working capital because inventory as well as cash are part of current assets.

4. When a company's decide to add additional cash within the business, this indicates that working capital will increase with the increase the company's current assets.

5. If the organization obtains the long-term loan to settle its current liabilities, then working capital will increase with decrease in current liabilities.

6. If your organization receives 50,000 out of its account receivable, then there will be no change in net working capital because the Cash is increased and Account Receivable is decreased with the same amount and both these component falls under current assets.

7. Assuming the business borrows 100,000 and also agrees to repay the loan in 60 days, here working capital will not change and remains unchanged. The is because current asset Cash is increased with increase in current liability by same amount.

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