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How did you come up with your business idea?  



I am looking for an answer for how to develop a great startup idea. I see people around are so visionary that they already have taught of everything and also decided with whom they are going to plan their merger after 5 years down the line.

I just wanted to ask you how did you find your great startup idea? Whenever I get any idea, I become too exited, analytical about it. After few months I feel that all my analysis was wrong and all dies. And they I plan to leave the idea after I start thinking about how to get funding's, investment and attracting customers.

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Let me ask you what makes a good startup idea? Have you at any point had a great business thought struck you just to fail out at last since you have no clue about how to convey your start-up thought to the next level? All things considered, to enable you to begin, here is a solid plan to build up your start-up thought.

1. Start with a Passion / Start what you love to do.

2. Consider Idea and Analyse the Relevant Markets.

3. Know the Targeted Customer.

4. Know the Targeted Market.

5. Carry out Competitive Analysis.

6. Always Target a Sufficiently Large Market.

7. Model your Business Idea.

8. Design, Develop and Perform Initial test on it.

9. Execute a Market Survey on your Business Plan.

10. Take Customer Feedback and Improvement Steps for your Business Goal.

This is how to implement a business idea and remember that last two stages will be repeated again as your business constantly adjusts to the market.

Now, get ready to making your idea great and let us know to spread your words. Do let us know if you need any further assistance.

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