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[Solved] What is a direct tax code in India?  



Direct tax code is related to which tax? Direct tax code in India is related to which of the following things? Is direct tax code related to income tax? Can you please give me clarify on it.

2 Answers

Your Direct Taxes Code (DTC) looks an effort with the federal Government of India (GOI) to simplify your direct tax regulations at India. DTC can revise, consolidate and also simplify the dwelling to direct taxation laws in India into one legislation. Your Direct Taxes Code (DTC), anytime implemented might change direct taxation legislation's along with Income Tax Act, 1961.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi have reported that 50 years old taxation law require to be re-drafted. Also a newer Direct Taxes Code (DTC) requirements to be introduced with economic needs of India. As the authorities includes overhauled your present indirect tax method last year with applying Goods and Service Tax (GST), income tax reforms would definitely remain incomplete with no revamping direct taxation method of India.

The newer Direct Taxes Code (DTC) is developed with international practices keeping in mind. Your economic requirements of your nation and the taxation techniques common in different countries.

A revised version of Direct Taxes Code (DTC) has been circulated at 31 March 2014. Their Direct Taxes Code (DTC) proposes includes:

  • Taxation to Managed Foreign Businesses (CFC).
  • Basic Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR).
  • Put out of Effective Management (POEM) rule being a test towards determine residency and tax indirect move of Indian assets.
  • Always have expanded source guidelines of taxation out of royalty, charges for technical service (FTS) plus attract.

Additional some conditions are also included, a proposed tax level of 35% for individuals / HUFs in which the complete income exceeds 100 million in Indian rupees. Additional taxation levy upon particular people with higher net worth including dividend income tax levy upon dividend earning with resident investors in extra of limit. 


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