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Is Gift Received from Friend is Taxable in India?  



Is loan to friend tax implications in India or let me put this way is borrowed money from friends taxable in India?

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According to the 1961 - Income Tax (1) Act, if value of merchandise collected, is much more then INR 50,000 a-year, therefore these types of total looks taxed since earning in the hands of receiver. Some merchandise can be in almost any develop – cash, jewelry, movable as well as immovable real estate, stocks etc.

Although, the rule is not relevant if the family current your gifts. Then in order to getaway present taxation inside Asia you cannot contact people on your relative suggesting he is your le out of my uncle’s neighbor's vendor’s sister! To avoid situations such as these, some sort of income tax procedures indicate family members off whom tax-complimentary merchandise is got. These are:

  • Spouse of this individual.
  • Sister / brother of the individual.
  • Sister / brother of the spouse of the individual.
  • Sister / brother of either of the parents of the individual.
  • Any lineal ascendant or perhaps descendant regarding the individual.
  • A lineal ascendant as descendant of mate associated with the own.
  • Spouse associated with individuals from above relations.


Even, that presents can be exempt no matter if that they aren’t received from these relatives, if they are collected throughout your relationship. So that, end fretting about the income-tax section questioning you about the vehicle that has been gifted from a remote related to ones special day. Then again ensure that all time mentioned on present deed try of the relationship day to at least near to that day.

Just like marital relationships, there's no income tax implication out of gifts gotten because of inheritance. In the event that merchandise come your way by way of any will then you are not supposed to cover any kind of income tax from the levels. But, some sort of earning produced later proclaim through book around dwelling inherited with you would be taxable.

You may need never include the levels you have after regional authorities as informative institutions since merchandise for your ideal deeds or possibly on the basis of merit.

Still, if total to gifts gotten concerning events other than each above plus from a individual who is not the best relative like specified surpasses INR 50,000, then your intact money is extra towards earnings. So, do not result in the mistake of adding just INR 10,000 towards income, if a buddy gifts you INR 60,000 at helping their moms and dads.


Lets take an example to understand this, Assuming your own friend gifted (merchandise) me Rs 100,000 or possibly any amount of money exceeding Rs 50,000 is taxed? Answer is: if a gift provided by people who cannot fall beneath the ‘loved ones’ definition of the income-tax legislation chargeable on income tax. If the level of cash to it is value gifted exceeds Rs 50,000, the whole levels will be taxable. In this instance, Rs 100,000 will likely to be billed in order to tax.


You can download pdf version of "How Tax Treatment of Gift Received by an Individual" and read the correct information provided by Income Tax Department of India. Thanks 🙂

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