Review of ADSS Institutional Trading with a Leading MENA Broker-ADS Securities (ADSS) Review-Pros and Cons

Review of ADSS: Institutional Trading with a Leading MENA Broker


Institutional trading is on the rise, with more and more sophisticated traders looking to manage funds and trades on behalf of groups and institutions. Often, trading involves a lot of capital and are high stakes, where precision and efficiency in trade execution are not nice-to-haves, but must-haves.

It is essential that traders understand the capacity of their broker when choosing one to work with, so that they can have the supportive and sophisticated services they need to manage large portfolios. This is an ADSS review for institutional traders for those who are keen to learn more about how the broker works and the kinds of professional services it offers. Read on for more information.

Background of ADSS: What is ADSS?

ADSS is a leading MENA broker that is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has offices worldwide in the UK and Hong Kong. Internationally renowned, ADSS is licensed by the central bank of UAE and regulated by the DFSA, regulated by the SFC in Hong Kong, and the FCA in the UK. The broker offers trading across various markets including forex, commodities, equities, and indices via CFDs and spread betting.

Institutional Services with ADSS

ADSS offers a wide range of institutional services for established traders and investors, as well as professional traders who want to get started.

Their services are global, and the broker offers sophisticated OTC products with competitive spreads and deep liquidity pools. Their target clients are retail brokers, banks, hedge funds, and asset managers.

Deep Liquidity Across Multiple Instruments

One of the most appealing aspects of institutional trading with ADSS is the deep liquidity available. Traders can access over 65 currency pairs in Spot FX trading, and they can access deep levels of liquidity also when trading precious metals and CFDs on indices, commodities, treasuries, and over a thousand single stocks across global markets.

A Customised Trading Desk

Institutional traders with ADSS can also access a more detailed level of support and transaction execution, including a 24/5 multilingual eFX support desk dedicated to them.

Voice execution can be used, which is a rarer and newer development this broker offers, allowing for a hands-free method of trading if needed. The customised trading desk traders have access to also includes expert analysis and research, published frequently.

Dedicated Hosting and Colocation

ADSS also offers direct access to data centres around the world for institutional traders who want to take their trading to the next level with ultra-low latency and fast trading without compromising precision.

The broker partners with leading data centres such as the LD4 in London and the NY4 in New York, and on its website advertises an FIX API for pricing and trading for institutional traders. This is a standard feature for many brokers that offer advanced trading services.

Global Liquidity Network

ADSS also features a global liquidity network with more than 30 sources of liquidity available through their platform. This means their traders can optimise the value of their trades with high levels of customisation and flexibility. Their connectivity includes partnerships with Gold-I, Fastmatch, TraderTools, One-Zero, Currenex, and more.

Prime Brokerage Services for Institutional Traders

ADSS provides sophisticated technology for institutional traders who are looking for a strong and robust solution when it comes to managing client portfolios. Firstly, this comes in the form of bespoke liquidity.

Institutional traders have access to a deep, multi-layer liquidity pool via margin or give-up accounts. This gives them access to an extensive network of market-leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 bank and non-bank market makers.

ADSS also offers institutional traders the opportunity to create their own management systems and repackage services under their own brand name with their white label service.

Traders can gain access to the broker’s technology and use all the tools to monitor client trading with extensive back-office support from the broker, which is a great way for institutional traders to start out.

The third and final prime brokerage service that ADSS offers is a set of highly sophisticated margin solutions. Their trading platform allows institutional investors to manage risk and make use of the funds under their management efficiently, and the broker also provides a Net Open Position (NOP) line for trading on a case-by-case basis.

Summary of ADSS as an Institutional Trader

Read best proprietary trading firms for beginners for additional knowledge purpose. As an institutional trader, if you are considering working with a broker who will meet your needs and then some – we highly recommend ADSS. It has a very comprehensive set of tools and technology available for the execution of high-level management of client portfolios.

It also has global partnerships with infrastructure around the world, such as data centres and market makers in their liquidity network. As the broker is licensed and regulated in several major regions of the world, traders also have the freedom to operate in most places.


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