Best Online Trading and Demat Account in India for 2022


For trading in stock market you need to have demat account as your primary objective. There are numerous Indian guys who are in search of best demat account in India 2022-2023 or best trading account in 2021 or best trading account in 2022 or best brokerage account in India or even more specifically best discount broker in India 2022. Here we are going to provide you details on best demat account for beginners, demat account reviews, best demat account with lowest brokerage, best trading account in India along with trading account comparison and reviews. This will assist you to decide and choose the one which best suits you investment requirements, investment amount / turnover and experience in trading financial securities / shares / stocks / FNO / derivatives / mutual funds / IPO / forex / currency, etc.

Currently, best bank for demat account in India 2022 offers you best 3 in 1 demat account i.e. savings, trading and demat account benefits. Whereas best discount broker in India 2022 provides best online demat account along with best brokerage account in India. These brokers only provides best trading and demat account in India for you. Due to this reason, their brokerage or commission are far lesser when comparing with bank demat account in India.

Best Demat Account and Trading Account in India for 2022

Also there are huge queries on our website regarding, which bank is best for demat account or what are the best stocks for long term investment in India or which company is best to open demat account? Here we are providing you the exclusive list of some of the top best demat account in India for 2022 – 2023 along with top best trading account in India for 2022 – 2023. So that you can compare demat account and trading account benefits and reviews.

First step to start is to learn how to invest in stock market. Stock trading in 21st century has become lot easier than the earlier days. Mostly now all the brokerage have call-n-trade feature for trading, online trading platform and mobile trading platform. Now a days there is transparency in brokerage pricing by all brokerage firms. So here comes your pathway to choose the best brokerage plan, best demat account and trading services for the rest.


Zerodha Demat Account - Best Online Discount Brokers in India - Top Best Discount Brokers in India - Wikipedia of FInance

Zerodha is an India’s No 1 online trading platform and best demat account service provider. They were the first ever Indian company who offers brokerage-free equity investments, retail and institutional broking, commodities trading, currencies trading and platform to buy direct mutual funds without any commission model from Asset Management Company (AMC). This is one of the best place to open demat account with lowest brokerage in India.

They are the member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX. It with a short span of time has reached to the largest discount broker in India generating a daily trading turnovers crossing $2 billion on Indian stock exchanges. Best demat account provider, with around 400,000+ client base with lots of financial products and best demat account for small investors in India. It is also one of the best online demat account, trading account that benefits the retail investors or individuals. They have products like: Kite, Coins, Kite Connect, Varsity, The Rupee Tales, etc.

An India company has won lots of awards for its creative thinking and powerful applications / tools that gives huge benefits to a retail investors. Now a days people as also interested in forex market. You should also learn about basics of forex trading to understand it. Most of the new generation investors preferred zerodha as their best demat account for beginners in India. Below are the list of awards that company possess:

  • In 2013 year awarded for – Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • For 2014 year company is awarded for – Emerging Equity Broking House Award.
  • In 2015 year awarded for – BSE-D&B Award.
  • Also in 2016, they were awarded for – Economic Times Startup Awards 2016 (Category: Bootstrap Champ).
  • In 2018, Zerodha has become a best retail brokerage in India – awarded by NSE.
  • As of 2019, Only largest retail stock broker in India is Zerodha based on active client, daily trading volumes, contribution across stock exchange in India.

Zerodha Features, Brokerage Fees and Charges

You can open account with zerodha. Their account opening charges is INR 300/-. They offer discount of INR 100/- on account opening fees. More important is that, once you open a online trading and demat account in India with zerodha, you can start investing for free in majority of segments. If you have not started investing in mutual funds then here are the best mutual funds to invest in for long term in India and best broker to start for buying direct mutual funds for absolutely free, which mostly are not provided by any other brokers.

Trades CategoriesSegmentsPricing (Per Executed Order)
Equity DeliveryNSE, BSENIL (Lifetime Free)
Mutual FundsDirect PlansNIL (Lifetime Free)
Intraday EquityNSE, BSEINR 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower)
Future & OptionsNSE, BSEINR 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower)

Apply for Zerodha – Best Demat and Trading Account in India

Motilal Oswal

Best Brokerage Account in India - Best Trading Account in India - Best Demat Account in India-Review-Wikipedia of Finance

Motilal Oswal has a huge experience in of 30 years in financial markets with a client base of around 7,00,000+. Also one of the list of best demat account and trading service provider in India. The company has won “National Financial Advisory Awards” 4-times for its Best Performing Equity Broker by UTI-CNBC TV18. This makes the company categorized as a best demat and trading account service provider in India.

They were also from few top demat and trading account in India, who were accused of irregularities on National Spot Exchange. In February 2019, SEBI has declared IIFL and Motial Oswal as “Not Fit for Proper” for broker in commodity derivative segment. Its important that you should also know how to get out of debt quickly with low income and within short time. Motial Oswal is an Indian company offering range of products in diversified financial services. They are good and best in Portofolio Management Services in India.

Motilal Oswal Features, Brokerage Charges and Fees

Motial Oswal demat account opening charges are zero. Company is offering a Limited period offer cashback of INR 5,000 on brokerage charges. Apply for this best demat account in India and grab the benefits of it.

Trades CategoriesSegmentsPricing (Based on Turnover)
Equity DeliveryNSE, BSE0.25% – 0.18%
Intraday EquityNSE, BSE0.03% – 0.015%

Apply for Motilal Oswal – Best Trading Account in India

ICICI Direct

Best Bank for Demat Account - Best Trading Account in India - Best Demat Account for NRI-Comparison-Wikipedia of Finance

ICICI Direct has been most liked and preferred financial broker since ages. It is one of the product started by ICICI a long time ago. ICICI direct is a trusted choice and best demat account in India for many retail investors due to its user friendly website with linked bank account for immediate transfer of funds. You can choose ICICI direct as a best demat account for beginners in India. Now days people are also preferring to invest in bond mutual funds. You should know difference between stocks and bonds mutual funds, if you want to start initially with mutual funds.

We have received many queries from users regarding best bank for demat account, which bank is best for demat account, best bank to open demat account or best 3 in 1 demat account, here comes the answer for all. They are providing financial services in all the trade segments whether it’s stock investing, derivative trading, buying mutual funds, ipo, corporate bonds, health insurance, term insurance, etc.

They also provide best stocks to buy for long term in India recommendations as well. ICICI direct has award winning research which guide you with your investments. For examples: MyGTC, Equity SIP / lump-sum, Profit Orders opportunities. Once you consolidate your portfolio with account, you never need to worry due to excellent investment tracking, performance reports.

ICICI Direct Features, Brokerage Fees and Other Charges

One of the disadvantage of ICICI Direct is, it’s an expensive brokers out in the market. ICICI Direct charges flat fee of INR 750/- for opening trading and demat account. Also it charges annual maintenance fees of INR 750/- from second year onwards.

At present, this best demat account offers 2 brokerage plans i.e.. ICICI Direct I-Secure and ICICI Direct I-Saver Account.

Trades CategoriesI-Secure AccountI-Saver Account (Based on Turnover)
Equity Delivery0.550%0.75% to 0.25%
Intraday Equity0.275%0.375% to 0.125%
Equity & Currency Futures0.050%0.05% to 0.03%

Primary disadvantage of ICICI direct is that, their brokerage pricing are huge complex. Their brokerage are quite higher as compare to discounted brokers in India. You should get cleared with their brokerage structure to avoid any surprises later on. They charge different for Equity Future second leg of Intraday, Currency Future second leg of Intraday, Equity Options buying, Equity Options second leg of Intraday, Currency Options on first leg, Currency Options on second leg of Intraday, etc.

Apply for ICICI Direct – Online Demat and Trading Account.

5paisa Capital

Best Demat Account in India-Free Demat Account-Top Online Trading Account India-Review Comparison-Wikipedia of Finance

5-paisa Capital Ltd. is a full service broker offering best 3 in 1 demat account, best demat account services on its online platform. They are one from India’s fastest growing discount broker in India. They not only provides best demat and trading account in India but they have other financial services as well. Also providing services in different types of insurance, loans, finance advisory services, providing best mutual fund to buy in India and more.

5paisa Capital was the India’s first public listed fintech company which provides diversified financial services totally digitally without any human intervention. This is also one of the best brokerage account in India where get best trading account in India with some of the highlighted features below:

  • Integrated Platform for Mutual Fund, Stocks, Insurance & Advisory.
  • Total Online & Paperless Trading and Demat Account with Lowest Brokerage in India.
  • Personalised Real-Time Advisory through their Advisory Platform System.
  • Lightning Fast Stock Trading Web and Mobile Application.

5paisa Features, Brokerage Charges and Fee

5 paisa demat account opening charges are nil but they charge INR 650/- for Trading Account Opening Charges. They charge annual fees of INR 400/- from second year onwards.

Just like zerodha, they also do not charge any fee for SIP, ELSS and direct mutual funds. Its time for you to learn best mutual funds for SIP to invest in India to start with mutual funds investment.

They trades in almost all segments of NSE, BSE, MSE, MCX and NCDEX. IPOs and Mutual Funds, etc. They also provide some distinctive featured products in the platform like Equity SIP / lump-sum.

Trades CategoriesSegmentsPricing (per executed order)
Equity DeliveryNSE, BSEINR 10/-
Intraday EquityNSE, BSEINR 10/-
Futures & OptionsNSE, BSEINR 10/-

Apply 5paisa – Best Demat Account in India

Angel Broking

Best Demat Account in India Quora - Online Demat Account Opening - Customer Reviews - Wikipedia of Finance

It’s one of the second most popular full service brokers in India. Angel Broking is a leading stock broking, best online demat account in india, wealth management firms in India with numbers of sub-brokers across India (around 900 cities). This makes the firm as best demat account service provider in India due to his large network. if you are just started with stock trading or new to stocks, they provide you the free SMS advisory service also.

They also have a presence in PAN India and a number of sub-brokers across India, just in case you want to place order via a broker call instead of placing through the online account. Make sure that you know how to conduct personal financial checkup for your retirement planning.

Angel Broking Features, Brokerage Charges and Fees

Firstly, Angel Classic is categorized for very small investor whose trading limit is between INR 10,000 to INR 24,999. Secondly, Angel Elite is categorized for retail / small investor whose trading limit is between INR 100,000 & more.

Angel Broking account opening charges are nil for trading and demat account. This is a best way to open demat account for new comers into financial markets. It gives you the opportunity to trades in all segments on NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX.

Trades CategoriesSegmentsAngel ClassicAngel Elite
Equity DeliveryNSE, BSE0.320%0.128%
Intraday EquityNSE, BSE0.032%0.013%
Equity FuturesNSE, BSE0.030%0.013%
Nifty OptionsNSE, BSE4016
Other OptionsNSE, BSE8032

Apply for Angel Broking – Online Trading Account


Best Demat Account in India - Best Bank for Demat Account - Best Brokerage Account in India - Wikipedia of Finance

Integrated at 1990, Karvy Stock Broking Ltd (KSBL) part out of KARVY Group; one of India’s foremost financial services firm for researching advisory services and stock broking. Well-diversified whoever business encompasses the entire financial services, data handling and also handling segments. Karvy’s financial service business is ranked as top 5 broker in the country all-around their business.

They offering personalized investment possibilities towards corporate, organizations and person people thru its broad interact of workplaces. Utilizing their blend account facility one could trade in Equities, Derivatives, Currency to invest in IPOs, Mutual funds or perhaps NCDs under 1 roof. Group service over 70 million person investors and provides investors related services to over 600 corporates, comprising the best of Corporate India.

Karvy Features, Brokerage Fees and Charges

Karvy’s account opening charges is NIL. Demat account annual maintainence charges are INR 500 from second year onwards.

Trades CategoriesSegmentsPricing (Based on Turnover)
Equity DeliveryNSE, BSE0.30%
Intraday EquityNSE, BSE0.03%
Future & OptionsNSE, BSEINR 50 per lot size

Apply for Karvy Account in India

Important Notice: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) stopped Karvy Stock Broking Limited from accepting new clients as well as purchasing any shares in delivery in November 2019 till pending forensic audit is completed. Karvy had defaulted Rs.2000 crore and SEBI has noticed that investor funds are pledged against securities holdings of their clients. You should be aware of short term sources of finance in-case you come across any such situation.


After looking into best brokerage account in India who provides best demat account in India as well as best trading account in India 2022-2023. We have observed that currently zerodha is a top broker when doing comparison with banks, best discounted brokers in India, best demat account for beginners as well as best demat account with lowest brokerage in India. Also they have best reviews and largest client base in India when comparing with other brokerage companies.

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