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Top 10 – Common Mistakes in Stock Trading to Avoid by Investors


You are bound to make some investment errors when you first start online share trading. Mistakes will happen even after some stock trading experience as well. But rather than worry over your share market errors, view them as a learning experience. The key to success in share trading often a trader’s ability to recognize a mistake and avoid going further. Seasoned traders generally plan ahead to avoid common mistakes in stock trading again and again.

Many times investment mistakes are not affordable as it involves real money into it. There are only two ways towards how to become a successful investor. Firstly, either you make mistake and learn from mistakes or secondly learn from other people mistake before you start investing. I would leave up to you to decide which way you want to go further. Here I am going to focus about what are the common mistakes made by investors along with how to avoid common mistakes in stock trading as a learning from other investors mistakes.

What are the Common Mistakes Made by Investors?

To protect your money and improve your stock trading strategy, here are some of the common mistakes in share market which you should always consider to avoid as a successful investor.

Don’t Invest Without Having a Plan

There is numerous evidence to show that people who create a written investment plan can anticipate towards outperform their colleagues. Investors tend toward common mistakes in stock trading by investing like a gamble, hot tips, rumors, news, etc. You should always create some plan based on your strategies and reasonable approaches. This will assist you to define your patience, timing of your goal, stop loss and more, which you may never understand when trading in stock market by tips and rumors.

Trading for the Wrong Reasons

Don’t buy a stock just because you like the company. Instead, evaluate whether the stock is worth investing in. If the stock’s potential to turn a profit for you is low or negligible, avoid the trade. If you find yourself holding on to a trade that has gone bad, exit the position quickly to reduce your losses. Waiting indefinitely to recover your investment is never a good idea.

Insufficient Tolerance

You should understand that in life, the person who is tolerance, slow and steady, calm, patience mostly wins the game. One of the common mistakes in stock trading is that, people forget that slow, constant and patience usually comes out on the top in long run. This means that you will need to consider your investment objectives realistic towards length, growth and time of each and every stocks.

Trying to Time the Market

There is no sure-fire way to predict how the market might move. The best approach, therefore, is to set up a trading plan and follow it diligently. Also, resist the urge to over-trade as high transaction costs could eat into your profits.

Before You Get Considerable

Waiting to regain profits which is lost is one of the common mistakes made by investors in stock market. This particular means that you are prepared towards selling the loser stock until it gets back into its original cost. This is also a mental or thinking mistake that they stay away from selling the loser stock.

Not Diversifying Enough

A well-diversified portfolio can safeguard your capital when markets are volatile. When building a portfolio, choose stocks across different sectors. Also, limit the amount you place on each trade. Many long-term traders invest no more than 10% of their capital in a single stock. Seasoned intraday traders, on the other hand, devote only 1% to 2% of their trading capital to each individual trade.

Trading Stocks, You Don’t Understand

Does your understanding of a company’s business model seem shaky? Are you unable to make sense of the market tendencies of a particular stock? It may be better to avoid common mistakes in stock trading made by investors. Start investing only when you have a clear understanding of the company’s basics of fundamental analysis as well as get knowledge on basics of technical indicators pertaining to the stock.

Being Driven by Emotion

There is no place for emotion in share trading. A common mistake made by investors who is afraid may be unwilling to bear risk, which keeps profits away. In contrast, traders who are fueled by greed may stay invested long to get profits even after a trade is in loss.

Not Evaluating Your Holdings

Many people feel trading is like a poker or any other gambling game, which is again one of the biggest common mistakes in trading made by investors. They imagine that profit and loss are part of their luck, which is really wrong. Any Investment need to be analyze either its a winning trade or losing trade to learn from it. Investors need to do analyze for all their trade and focus on what you can do in order to better.

Invest in Educating about Stock Market

People see the stock market returns and jump towards investing in stock market by tips and news of expert opinion which is really one of the biggest common mistakes in stock market. In simple words, investing is an art and science of controlling your emotional and moods as a human being. You should always do virtual trading or paper trading before you really invest in stock market to make profits.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Stock Trading?

Now that you know about the common mistakes in stock trading which investors are obvious to encounter in stock market, here are two important ways to avoid common mistakes made by investors.

Stick to a Plan

An objective strategy is a share trader’s best friend. Shortlist your preferred stocks based on comprehensive research and analysis. Then monitor these stocks to identify the right price points for entry and exit. You may need to tweak your plan from time to time—just don’t do it on the fly. Evaluate your wins and losses before modifying your trading plans.

Limit Your Losses

Always consider the worst-case scenario while avoiding common mistakes made by investors that you could lose everything. That is why you should not trade with your retirement corpus. Your trading capital should be an amount you can afford to lose. Also, think about your trading goals. Don’t exit long-term positions because of volatility in the short term. And set up a stop loss for every short-term trade to reduce the risk of loss.


To forge ahead successfully, run regular reviews of your trading strategy and fine-tune it based on new insights. Always have account with a large brokerage firm, make use of their research, charting tools, and other resources which can benefits you in many ways. Finally, stick to a well-thought-out plan and keep always learning, it will help you to avoid common mistakes in stock trading by investors like you and me and move towards successful investor.

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