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Which share to buy for long term in India? or which is best long term stocks? or which is the best stocks to buy in India 2018? There are number of people who wrote us questions. So we thought to answer your questions on best Indian stocks for long term investment or best Indian stocks for next 10 years or in Indian language best share for long term investment with this article. We have done a good amount of research on best stocks for long term investment in India 2018-2019 year and hope you will also find this article useful. After reading this “Top 10 Best Stocks for Long Term Investment in India for 2018”, you can assume that now you are also capable of analyzing stocks. Now you can figure it out the best shares to invest for long term and earn investment returns around 800% to 1000% returns in 10 years. In that case it is amazing because you have successfully achieved to gain 20% to 25% returns per year which can be classified as a best retirement plan. I can assure you that this long term investment stocks itself can fulfill all your retirement planning.

Warren buffet quotes are really a great inspiration to learn stock market. “Warren Buffet says, you should invest in stock market as today is the last day and stock market is going to be closed for next five years”. If you have limited time and you intend to invest in high yield savings account and you have a patient to forget investment for five years then you will be on top of the returns than any other investment asset class. Here I will guide you “Best Stocks for Long Term Investment” in Indian stock market.

Best Stocks for Long Term to Invest in India 2018 – 2019.

Let’s take top ten best long term stocks from India’s best performing sector and evaluate for next 10 years returns based on the past performance. As we are planning for best stocks for long term investment, we will only focus on long term stock picks from large cap stocks rather than small cap or mid-cap stocks. Here we will see the list of best Indian long term investment stocks.

Sr. Stocks Sectors 2007 2017 % Returns
1 Eicher Motors. AUTOMOBILES 367.00 30,210.00 8,231.61
2 Maruti Suzuki. AUTOMOBILES 930.00 9,720.00 1,045.16
Average Return of Pharma Sector for Last 10 years is 4,638%
3 Asian Paints Ltd. CONSUMER GOODS 74.00 1,150.00 1554.05
4 Shree Cement Ltd. CONSUMER GOODS 1,480.00 17,895.00 1,209.12
Average Return of Consumer Goods Sector for Last 10 years is 1,382%
5 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. IT 628.00 2,640.00 420.38
6 HCL Technologies Ltd. IT 152.00 885.00 582.24
Average Return of Information Technologies Sector for Last 10 years is 501%
7 Motherson Sumi AUTO ANCILLARIES 14.00 380.00 2,714.29
8 Amara Raja Batteries. AUTO ANCILLARIES 27.00 835.00 3,092.59
Average Return of Automobile Sector for Last 10 years is 2,903%
9 HDFC Bank Ltd. FINANCIAL SERVICES 210.00 1,870.00 890.48
10 Kotak Mahindra Bank. FINANCIAL SERVICES 103.00 1015.00 985.44
Average Return of Financial Services Sector for 10 years is 938%
Average Returns of 10 Best Stocks held in your Portfolio (In Percentage) :  2,072.54

Note: To analyse best stocks to buy in India for long term we have re-valued the stocks based on the facts likes: bonus shares, split of the stocks, change of face value. These values are true and correct. You can also compare this values from moneycontrol site. For example: from best stocks for long term, If you consider Lupin stock, In some websites you will notice that on 05-Jan-2007 it’s value was Rs.602 whereas on 05-Jan-2017 it was valued at Rs.1,512.10. But in some of the websites like moneycontrol, you will notice that on 05-Jan-2017 it’s value was Rs.117. This is because of re-valuation based of stock splits, bonus, etc.

Wiki Finance pedia - e-learning course on Investment Wikipedia Chapter - Top 10 Best Stocks for Long Term Investment in IndiaLooking at the past performance of top stocks with top sectors, It conclude to me that if I diversify invest into sectors like Automobile, IT, Financial Services and Consumer Good, I can make a handsome of money which is well enough money for retirement.

Investing in stocks is one of the easiest ways of making handsome money for retirement with low risk in long run. Always have the habit of diversifying investment in different sectors so that you do not miss the good returns for other sectors. Assume that you wish to invest in best Indian stocks for next 10 years with Rs.10,00,000/- in year 2018, Let’s see how you can make more money by diversify investment based on the above past performance.

Year – 2018 Percent Returns Year – 2028
Sectors Allocation Amount Invested Expected Return Amount
AUTOMOBILE 40% 4,00,000.00 4638% 1,85,52,000.00
CONSUMER GOODS 20% 2,00,000.00 1382% 27,64,000.00
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES 15% 1,50,000.00 501% 7,51,500.00
AUTO ANCILLARIES 15% 1,50,000.00 2903% 43,54,500.00
FINANCIAL SERVICES 10% 1,00,000.00 938% 9,38,000.00
Total : 10,00,000.00 2,73,60,000.00


Investment Amount in year 2018 Percent Returns Investment Returns in 2028
10,00,000.00 2,072.54% 2,73,60,000.00
Investment Amount in year 2028 Percent Returns Investment Returns in 2038
2,73,60,000.00 2,072.54% 42,95,42,205.00

Above calculation results are quite amazing:

Since every investors has a different choice. Some investors are more interested in best dividend stocks for long term income rather than best shares to invest. Its everyone perception to choose the best investment way according to your financial planning. Here I would like to share Best Dividend Paying Stocks in India. This article will also guide you towards difference between investing in best stocks and investing in best dividend stocks. I hope reading this would help you lot in your investment planning.

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In this top 10 best stocks for long term investment article we have seen which stock is good for long term investment in India. Year 2018-2019 are the best years for investment in Indian stock market as India’s market is growing at the faster pace. You may also have noticed that in-spite of global slowdown, you may see the stock market is rising and the Indian stocks are giving good returns year on year. If you intend from best Indian stocks to buy for long term investment with above sector and above allocation method, then you can expect to earn returns between 1900% to 2100% with best Indian stocks for next 10 years investment which is descent. If you plan to retire in next 20 years then expect to earn good returns more than 42,954% which is really awesome and top of the world and you can live your life happily for couple of centuries post retirement.


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Top 10 Best Stocks for Long Term Investment in India 2018
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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Stocks for Long Term Investment in India 2018

  • Prakash

    Very informative and encouraging to invest in stocks. I would like to know to achieve above whether one need to open a DEMAT account only? (or Demat + Trading account?)
    Thanking you in anticipation

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Demat account only holds shares / stocks / securities or any other financial instruments in electronic form. You need to have trading account to buy or sell stocks. Through trading account you can either perform intraday trading or delivery trading. When you are undergo delivery trading, your stocks or shares are held in demat account.

        • Wikifinancepedia Team

          Exactly. You will need to have trading account along with demat account for delivery base trading in stock market.

        • Crissy

          Pretty component of content. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to assert that I acquire in fact loved your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds and will meet soon!

  • Indranil Chakraborty

    Very informative, I have a query though. Currently, Lupin Ltd. in pharma sector is already at 1492. So, is it recommended to further invest in the same as we see major returns are already generated. This query implies to usually all those stocks which are already touching the targets as forecasted by the financial institutions. Eg. Yes Bank. Please advice if it is ok to invest further into these stocks- Lupin/Yes Bank etc.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Thanks for your feedback. All the financial institutions uses historical data for predicting future returns. Ups and downs are the part of the financial markets but in the end what you are getting after 10 years matters. If you consider last 10 years, then we have seem lots of market swings but still stocks achieve to give good returns. Since this companies are huge and making profit year on year, so you should not worry during financial crisis. You should feel happy and invest further for long term returns.

  • Debanjan

    I want to buy infosys at the rate 970/- per share. Please advice if it is ok to invest in this time or invest after the price will further decreses. Is there any probability to price will tend to below 950?

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      When you are looking forward for stocks to buy then you should consider some of the important points. Firstly fundamental conditions of economic. (for example: Due to US presidential election its obviously that market may hugely turn into bullish or bearish, it is not recommended to invest during such situations). Secondly fundamental aspects of sector (for example: Due to rise in dollar price, IT industry are struggle for profits. Even this is not the right time for investment in IT sector). And lastly when fundamental aspects clue towards positive outlook. One should start investment in smaller lots on every fall of stock rise greater than 3 percentage. I hope this would assist you always when evaluation or buying any stocks from financial markets.

  • Sekhar

    Dear Sir,

    I’m new to invest my saving in Stock, but I was made investment in one stock when I was working in that company i.e.,L&T Finance, i was invested in 1531 shares at Rs.50/each in the year 2010. after that i was not made any savings, recently i started small savings through RD and SIPs (Rs.5k -RD & Rs.7K SIPs). Now I want to invest in stock, I’m interested to follow as per your suggestion in terms of sector allocation through diversification.
    Objective is to create wealth and children education.
    I planning to invest in following stocks 1) LUPIN – Rs20k, SUN Pharma-Rs.10K, Aurobind-Rs.10K, Sun Pharma Adv Res-Rs.5K
    2) ITC-Rs.10K, Asian Paints-Rs.10K, IFB-Rs.5K.
    3) HCL-Rs.10K ,
    4) Exide-Rs.10K, TATA Motors-Rs.10K, Ashok Leyland-Rs.5k
    5) Axis Bank- Rs.10k, HDFC LTD-10k, BoB-Rs.5k, SBI-Rs10k, PNB-Rs.5k
    Plz suggest me ur options on my plan.
    Note: which option of brokerage is batter {full service% / discounted (Fixed)}

    Name: Sekhar, 33yrs, Annual income Rs.5.00Lac, Pvt employee.
    Wife is not working, one child age <one year.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Great! If you are looking for long term benefits then your plan is admirable. Investing in large and midcap stocks are always preferable with long run perspective. Regarding best Indian broker I would recommend to go with Zerodha – A Biggest Discount Broker in India. We have savored and felt ultimate with rest to all the areas whether its pricing or services. You can surely give it a try. Thanks for writing us 🙂

  • Anand Kishore

    Hi Team, I appreciate all the informative responses in the blog. My name is Anand and I am 33. I am the only earning person, and we have a new born child. As of now I only have 2 traditional insurance policies of 5 lakhs sum assured each. I want to invest in stocks. My question is how do we know if its a good time to invest in any stock after deciding the stock. For example if a stock is already at its best incresed price looking at its last 5 yrs trend, how can we assess if the stock still has capability to give similar returns that it did in past 5 yrs. Ex: Maruti stock. This has grown tremendously in last 4,5 yrs. How do I invest in this and know if the stock will give same returns in the future.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Best past performance of stocks shows the strength of the share which means it gives the indication to buy a stock in stock market. There is 80% probability that it will continue as per past data but for the rest 20% of probability you have to built your own strategy. For example: Stop-loss is the best and well-known strategy to protect investors capital once you buy the stock. Hope this information would have helped you!

  • Nithin

    Dear sir, my self nithin am 29 year old I want to invest in stock market in sip mode in equity stocks upto 15 years, So please suggest some of good equity stocks to invest.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      There are many good stocks. I would suggest you to check out the past 10 years performance and then you can stay invested into it. Just to highlight on one question arises, does past performance guarantee future performance? Answer is “No” but you can apply varieties to tricks to protect your capital investment in-case it fails to act like past performance. The best strategy is to keep stop-loss at 15% – 20% from the highest level of stock. You can selloff the stocks if it hits the stop-loss. I hope this can help you to grow faster.

  • Dr Vikas tripathi

    Sir I m new to stock market and do not know about trading .i had invested 25000 per month sip in different mutual funds since last 1 year for 3 years.
    I want to invest in shares market for long term investment means for period of 5 to 10 years for attaining future goals like child marriage etc. as I got some salary arrears
    I want to invest 1 to 2 lakh as lumsum stat and also may invest in lumsum in different periods also for long term horizon.
    Kindly suggest me different stocks to buy for investment in different sectors for 10 year period for above amount.i have Demat account with icicle bank.
    My age is 46 years and my salary at present is 1.75 lakh per month with loan liability of 25000/= per month.
    I m in government job with service balance of 15 years.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      After reading your post Vikas, I guess you are not much aware of financial markets. I would suggest you to continue with SIP investment. In-case of excess funds, you can also invest small-mid cap funds or diversified funds. Even these funds are capable of giving you good returns in long term, also peace of mind when fund managers will take care in-case any stock turns into bad performance. Meanwhile I will suggest you to read some books related to stock analysis and strategies which will help you to figure it out by yourself regarding how to set stop-loss incase of stock doesn’t reflect the past performance in the mirror look. Hope this secret would be useful to you!

  • Chakra

    Hi Sir,
    After along time I saw a really good article regarding investing in stocks. I will be retiring in 20yrs and hence looking for investing 10L today for wealth generation after retirement. I saw the beak-ups in the article for different sector you have suggested. Can you please suggest which other sectors do you think can give me annualized 10% return. Reason I am asking is I am not comfortable about IT and Financial sector.

    Thanks & Regards

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Thanks for your feedback Chakra 🙂
      Its absolutely fine, each person has different perceptions. If you are not comfortable with sector-based funds then you should check returns for small-mid cap funds / large cap funds / diversified funds. As per our research & study, we can surely say that this funds have the capability to become a best asset for your portfolio when considering returns with long term goals.

    • Sudip Adhikary

      I think you can go with Automobile, Metals, Infrastructure, Pharma and FMCG. Since these are also good sector you will definitely get 10-12% plus if you can stay for five plus years.

  • Multibagger_Picker

    Hello Kiran Mehta,
    Thanks for sharing nice piece of information here. Will you please share your view on Multibagger energy stocks in India.

  • Amol Shelankar

    Dear Sir,
    I’m based in Qatar. I just read your article about Top 10 Best Stocks for Long Term Investment in India 2017
    My question is if I invest Lump sum Rs.100,000.00 today in the stocks shortlisted by you and as per your the % allocation mentioned above and forget for the next 10 years, I will get Rs. 1,03,72,542.00 returns?

    I have approached ProStocks as a broker to open my Trading and Demat Account thru Yes Bank.

    Anticipating your return mail.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Thank-you for writing us. The data and price mentioned on the website are true and correct. Also the calculation is done based on past performance of the real stocks. On the lighter note, I would mention that technical analysis rely / or take action based on past performance data. No one can guarantee the future returns but one has to take calculated risk base on the past data, this is what analyst or broker or any investor take into consideration. I hope you got the answer for your question.

  • Vishnu Reddy

    Good information and also good readability article long term is the best option on those companies because :
    Longterm is a safety game. If you prefer to choose the right stock with proper analysis then the profit range will be higher. A companies stock growth can be calculated with the popularity of the product, debts, its previous value, market cap etc. Calculating the longterm stock will be quite easier than the intraday trading.

  • Akhil

    Hi ,
    Its a nice article and true in number also . its boost me to invest in stock instead of MF.
    I am planning to invest 5 Lakhs for long term ( 5 yrs to 10 yrs) can you please suggest few funds from where I can see some growth.
    currently I have below funds:
    1. SBI – 190 Unit – on average of 306
    2. Tata Motors – 50 unit – on average of 424
    3.GIC – 82 Unit – on average of 807
    4. unitech – 200 unit on average of 8.5
    5. Fotis health care – 70 unit- On average of 148
    6. Reliance communication – 500 unit – on average of 40
    can you please also suggest should I keep them for long term or should I sell when I feel some profit.

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      We mainly do research on stock market sector’s rather than individual stocks. We do not recommend but we guide you to choose the best from the rest. Investing in equity sector’s like: Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Automobiles, Energy, Power, Steel is a wise decision. At the same time investment allocation in Real Estate, Telecommunication is not a good option for long-term growth. Apart from this, we would recommend you to learn investing with stoploss strategy (longterm stoploss method) on every stock buying. This will limit your losses, remove the worst performing stocks and enlarge your portfolio with good return stocks. Hope this information would be helpful to you.


















    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Salute Sir, we are glad that our knowledge base is liked by many of the folks around. Previously there were many people who have asked us to provide more information on various stocks. So finally we have thought and provided additional knowledge keeping our readers in mind. You check some of research work for Best Mid Cap Stocks and Best Small Cap Stocks in India. Hope this information you would be liking it as you liked before.

  • Abhijeet

    Hello Sir,
    I want to Build my stock portfolio for long term i.e. atleast for 15 to 20 years. I am also ready to invest 2 to 3 lakhs as a lumpsum. So i would love to here your opinion for about mentioned this, that
    1. How to Invest?
    2. Where to Invest?
    3. Is there any option like Equity SIP available in the Indian Market?
    4. Is (one time) lumpsum investment is better or periodic investments?
    5. Which are the good stocks or which stocks could give me higher returns?
    5. How to do financial planning?

    • WikiFinancepedia Team

      Thank you for writing to us. We have published the series of tutorial courses regarding Financing Planning, Investment Planning. I would suggest you to go through our Financial Courses. I am sure your most of the queries will be resolved. Check it out!