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Top 10 – Best Small Cap Stocks to Buy for Long Term in India 2023


There are lots of questions in persons mind when we talk about small cap stocks. Firstly people ask for what is small cap stocks meaning and then they jump with questions like which is the best small cap stocks to buy and hold or best small cap stocks to buy in India for long term 2023. As mostly everyone is only aware of it that small cap stocks are high risky and they gives you the higher returns as well.

In this article we have focused to guide you towards top small cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023, what time frame one should consider when you invest for long term along with top 10 best small cap stocks in India for 2023. After reading this article you will be in position to understand which are the Indian small cap stocks with big potential and then, take your own decision towards best small cap stocks for 2023 to buy, sell, hold or invest in small cap stocks for long term.

Small Cap Stocks Definition

What are Small Cap stocks? Small cap stocks are stocks that move very rapidly up as well as down. Their market cap is much lower than the large or mid cap. They have a tendency to be extremely unpredictable. If you have a strong likes towards playing with higher risk, then these small cap stocks is the place where you would like to be in. In Indian stock market, best small cap stocks in 2023 like Dixon Technologies, Nilkamal, Venkys India, Birlasoft, Welspun India, Raymond, GE Shipping, etc. are few of the examples of small cap stocks. Of course, there are a large list of small cap companies, you can visit the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or NSE (National Stock Exchange) website and check for the same.

It means, lying at the lowest end of market capitalization. Small-cap companies have smaller income, client or customer bases, and usually include the start-ups or companies in the early stage of development. small cap stocks with big potential have high returns as they are yet to be discovered within the sector and can show growth potential. Such list of companies stock is known as small cap stocks.

However, as these companies are doing businesses at small scale, its advised to do research for these best small companies to invest in 2023 India very carefully. After research, you may have shortlisted some of the top small cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023. Also it should be considered that small companies don’t have enough finance or quality to survive during bearish market or in bad times. It is essential that one should completely research with respect to the certifications, promoters, administration and reputation before you decide to invest in small cap stocks.

Top 10 – Top Small Cap Stocks to Buy for Long Term 2023

Small caps are frequently expressed as Indian small cap stocks with big potential to make huge returns. We would state that small caps can turn out to be an exceptionally good stock for long term investment if the small cap stock pick or small company are doing really a great and well-managed business. You can also analyze good stocks from best cheap stocks list of India for 2023.

When we say best small cap stocks for long term investment, it is advised to consider that one should select best small cap stocks to buy and hold for not more than 1 to 2 years. The list of small cap stocks provided below is based on EPS Ratio (Earnings Per Share Ratio) from highest to lowest also you can view Profit-Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio) and P/BV (Price to Book Value) for your analysis. Read what is EPS ratio with examples and what is P/E ratio with examples to understand better.

Observe the top small cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023 for long term investment from below table to get better idea. Your should perform more research and gain knowledge about these stocks before making any decision. On top of this, you should analyze stock based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis and charting skills to guide you in selecting Indian small cap stocks with big potential.

Sr.Company NameBV (Rs)Intrinsic Value (Rs)P/E RatioEPS1-Year Return (%)
1Hemang Resources Limited14.4946.712.4118.821,162.78
2Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited90.03307.7525.7322.49542.78
3Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Limited52.11534.8674.7221.02464.37
4Samrat Pharmachem Limited151.541,288.8013.9482.86448.30
5Magellanic Cloud Limited30.67167.6522.4415.26405.53
6K.P. Energy Limited83.01222.2017.2125.87330.42
7Gujarat Containers Limited41.96321.979.9021.15294.75
8Vinyl Chemicals (India) Limited52.36430.5338.3421.55294.33
9GTN Industries Limited45.89123.312.0228.64286.76
10Available Finance Limited726.511,191.771.20244.37281.00

Note: Above ratios and values are established from January 2023 data. This list will assist you in your research like: stocks with low P/E ratio, stocks with high EPS ratio, stocks with high EPS and low PE ratio in 2023.

Top 50 – Best Small Cap Stocks for 2023 with Big Potential:

We are presenting here small cap companies list which will assist you in your deep research. From the list of Indian small cap stocks with big potential companies you can choose which is best suitable for your portfolio. Below mentioned Top 50 – List of best small cap stocks to buy in India for long term 2023. This list does not includes “Top Small Cap Stocks to Buy” which is mentioned above.

Sr.Company NameBV (Rs)Intrinsic Value (Rs)P/E RatioEPS1-Year Return (%)
1Shah Alloys Limited13.84158.851.4639.79208.61
2Shri Keshav Cements And Infra Limited18.36115.175.2626.34132.38
3Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited18.88114.776.9822.0071.39
4Flomic Global Logistics Limited44.69312.397.7316.7475.43
5Royal Orchid Hotels Limited45.6596.3031.4317.84181.86
6ISMT Limited46.14318.9722.6077.45100.36
7Indsil Hydro Power And Manganese Limited46.30120.001.7031.24122.63
8Sky Gold Limited48.85152.209.3315.8158.92
9Maris Spinners Limited51.01121.014.3817.0735.62
10Gravita India Limited56.03341.3414.3223.1971.42
11Dynacons Systems & Solutions Limited60.17368.9719.1116.07109.63
12Vadilal Enterprises Limited61.20449.0818.60211.08124.24
13Maan Aluminium Limited62.40359.719.6418.6233.81
14Aditya Vision Limited65.42574.6131.8944.4861.09
15Suraj Products Limited68.68260.854.4520.2332.58
16Sheetal Cool Products Limited69.73226.9730.0017.55252.45
17Tiger Logistics (India) Limited70.40176.767.1931.6782.44
18Sagar Diamonds Limited71.19728.951.7323.0044.20
19Sunshield Chemicals Limited72.99198.1126.3520.3759.61
20Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited75.91150.6027.2215.37130.68
21Xpro India Limited76.01164.3022.8333.02137.71
22Apcotex Industries Limited76.41363.8229.1621.3157.85
23TIPS Industries Limited78.77411.1327.9358.1951.29
24Cg-Vak Software & Exports Limited81.05320.8820.5520.53187.25
25Max Ventures and Industries Limited81.17337.905.5925.2150.13
26Hisar Metal Industries Limited81.19181.125.2926.4410.91
27Avonmore Capital & Management Services Limited84.98281.441.8652.60161.81
28Cenlub Industries Limited86.94160.657.9317.5280.96
29Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited87.26609.244.61245.7259.99
30Srg Housing Finance Limited87.49320.9414.7916.2738.53
31Refex Industries Limited87.59821.279.0924.8223.15
32Lambodhara Textiles Limited87.93152.806.3217.5531.34
33Pitti Engineering Limited88.60382.6116.8717.4698.39
34IVP Limited88.81267.647.4820.1929.82
35Tyroon Tea Co.Limited91.83148.004.5122.8741.96
36Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd96.32508.8310.2325.2912.09
37Sunflag Iron And Steel Company Limited97.05355.189.0859.3611.17
38Cantabil Retail India Limited98.04485.8443.3332.90198.18
39Duncan Engineering Limited99.22244.9913.6320.2729.92
40GSS Infotech Limited100.53127.2381.6120.13180.89
41Diamines & Chemicals Limited102.46421.8721.0424.5663.60
42Vippy Spinpro Limited102.86228.295.0426.2063.51
43Agi Infra Limited103.05412.7315.4333.74203.06
44Safari Industries (India) Limited104.08324.1071.0421.3989.49
45Kpt Industries Limited105.29266.738.8817.7957.61
46Chandra Prabhu International Limited105.681,614.023.1358.2521.25
47Vimta Labs Limited105.69325.9217.0120.3523.46
48Bharat Gears Limited105.70302.2611.6823.2362.84
49G M Polyplast Limited106.20549.0517.9821.79109.27
50Hindustan Adhesives Limited107.21543.8819.9824.6993.52
51Salona Cotspin Limited108.77524.127.3040.7031.92
52Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited109.81198.2118.3919.1384.99
53The Tinplate Company of India Limited111.88787.749.6335.2822.68
54The Andhra Sugars Limited112.04198.537.3019.6630.28
55Apollo Finvest (India) Limited112.27940.9117.3736.6112.40
56G.G.Dandekar Machine Works Limited114.95176.942.1634.0429.10
57Cochin Minerals & Rutile Limited116.92349.6111.3719.8978.87
58Winsome Textile Industries Limited116.96203.663.3426.7467.94
59Banswara Syntex Limited117.00153.485.8618.2629.29
60Uttam Sugar Mills Limited118.13400.857.0336.2736.04
61Dollar Industries Limited119.16301.6819.5326.5637.55
62Gokaldas Exports Limited120.08291.6412.9728.5376.73
63Lohia Securities Limited124.341,112.163.4154.2488.44
64Universal Starch-Chem Allied Limited124.50343.695.9228.3157.75
65Shiva Mills Limited124.65178.256.1620.0545.25
66Goa Carbon Limited125.22338.717.8456.9823.40
67Hitech Corporation Limited126.32178.2413.3921.0911.80
68Panama Petrochem Limited126.991,063.468.0739.1515.84
69Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Limited127.05310.1613.6918.2317.84
70Kitex Garments Limited128.53299.819.8521.5224.47
71Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited131.44311.3574.8215.9061.79
72Snl Bearings Limited133.79335.7112.9924.2832.68
73Indo Tech Transformers Limited136.65139.4412.3517.7941.88
74Allsec Technologies Limited137.44338.9913.3937.5812.27
75Master Trust Limited137.84661.695.1826.0342.17
76Share India Securities Limited139.991,895.6718.1770.80133.87
77Mold-Tek Packaging Limited140.22422.9244.7323.8579.67
78Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited143.95267.3516.1015.4815.78
79Rushil Decor Limited144.12184.4620.3028.98124.18
80Thakkers Developers Limited148.27439.775.4241.93192.56
81Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited149.90181.196.7822.40126.51
82Ansal Buildwell Limited150.92400.575.9715.9558.18
83Yasho Industries Limited152.23944.4730.6755.30126.28
84Indian Toners & Developers Limited152.39208.969.0622.2131.79
85Fredun Pharmaceuticals Limited153.07335.1468.3416.13125.47
86De Nora India Limited154.24551.2224.6933.61149.41
87Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Limited154.53337.7819.3923.6220.79
88RPG Life Sciences Limited154.65521.6023.6333.9312.34
89Nitin Spinners Limited155.78664.443.9559.0018.27
90Control Print Limited157.33420.3418.0126.4240.11
91Manaksia Limited162.08230.373.2225.3423.48
92Binny Limited164.24208.7614.5526.7853.38
93Sangam (India) Limited164.94245.577.1641.50100.61
94Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital Limited166.32520.4214.3372.17130.38
95TD Power Systems Limited170.33311.6326.1226.29104.63
96Itl Industries Limited171.05425.987.7920.3215.09
97Frontier Springs Limited171.21491.4722.7617.1422.18
98Swastika Investmart Limited171.94397.395.2634.7736.42
99Aurionpro Solutions Limited174.06242.2411.2335.0998.93
100Neogen Chemicals Limited176.16734.4876.9520.0317.07

Note: This would be ideal for research and analysis purpose. Stock Price and Financial Ratios are based on January 2023 data.

If you are new to technical indicators then you should prefer reading what are technical indicators, different types of technical indicators, what is support, what is volume, what is moving average and more about basics of technical analysis while researching best small cap stocks to buy and hold with big potential.

You can also grab more knowledge on other analysis for example: what is fundamental analysis, what are qualitative factors, what are qualitative data analysis, how to analyze annual report of a company, what are financial ratios of the companies. You can go through our free tutorial course on basics of fundamental analysis to gain education as a first step. This will provide you deep understanding when picking best small cap stocks for 2023 and then you can decide on whether these small cap stocks to buy and hold for long term or for short term.


Here we have seen top 10 best small cap stocks to buy for long term investment in India 2023-2024. This article should be considered purely be an informational purpose for best small companies to invest in 2023 rather than small cap stock recommendations. Our motto here is to provide you the list of top small cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023 to watch on. Take a look at it, you will get better ideas when picking best Indian small cap stocks to buy and hold with big potential. Hope you find this interesting and you are welcomed to share your feedback.

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