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Top 10 – Best Dividend Paying Stocks for Long Term in India 2023


There are people who are looking forward for best dividend paying stocks for the long term in India 2023 for retirement income. Investors mainly look forward for top dividend paying stocks in India 2023 for passive income. They mainly follow the historical data of highest dividend paying stocks in India in last 10 years and last 5 years for research and analysis purpose. Also there are people who are confused to conclude where to buy highest dividend paying penny stocks for investment or high dividend paying psu stocks or high dividend yield stocks blue chip for investment purpose.

Today we are going to discuss in detail based on top dividend paying stocks in India and high dividend yield stocks in India 2023-2024, so that you can take firm decision on your capital investment. When you are searching for best returns on investment for long term then you should first learn and take the knowledge on differences between high dividend yield stocks and stocks for long term investment.

You should also compare returns for best dividend paying stocks and best stocks for long term investment for analysis your portfolio. As you know everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. Let us firstly understand key important facts about best dividend paying stocks in India 2023 for your long term investment strategies.

Myths & Facts You Didn’t Know About Dividends

1) Inversely Proportion: Share price of the stocks is inversely proportion to dividend yield stocks / shares. For example: If dividend yield trend to move upwards then equity share value of the stock will gradually trend to move downwards.

2) Inconsistent Dividends: It is observed that dividend paying is not constant every year, it keeps on changing. It is rarely identified that companies who are listed among top dividend paying stocks in 2022 will also be listed under high yield dividend stocks for 2023 and 2024 years as well.

3) Falling in Bullish Market: Bullish trend of the market is the place where people trend to earn highest returns on their investment as share price moves in upward direction. In such cases dividend yield of the stocks will trend in downward direction, as stock price is inversely proportion to dividend of a stock.

4) Risk in Capital Appreciation: It is mainly observed that best dividend paying stocks for the long term may not give you as much as returns on investment as other stocks. When you choose to invest in top dividend stocks for long term, you can easily figure it out that returns in last 10 years for high yield dividend stocks is much lesser than ordinary equity stocks.

5) Misled to Investors: When company announces dividend rates and get listed in best long term dividend stocks, it is often that investor assumes that it’s a return on capital investment but it is not. Return on investment cannot be calculated based on high yield dividend stocks.

Let us further step inside and look deep into details to better understand this concept. Here we are going to list down best dividend stocks for the long term retirement income in India

Top 10 – Best Dividend Paying Stocks for the Long Term in India 2023

Below is the list of top 10 – best dividend paying stocks last 10 years for retirement income in India. Below table statistic is based on 2023 data. This list of top dividend stocks will assist you to choose which dividend paying stocks to buy for long term investment. This list may not be same when we look for top dividend stocks for 2023 or either year 2024 as it keeps on changing.

Sr.Company NameIV (Rs)P/E RatioEPSDividend PayoutAvg. 3 Yrs Dividend
1Bata India Limited242.3082.5222.71680.10212.72
2IDFC Limited45.1314.954.55249.3366.26
3Goodyear India Limited751.3423.1849.31224.22186.45
4Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited98.05269.804.56199.74105.23
5Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited153.2519.0512.79193.6664.57
6Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited150.6027.2215.37143.41120.68
7Tata Investment Corporation Limited1,223.9055.5948.50138.21108.86
8Esab India Limited887.9957.4858.18109.52124.87
9Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Limited27.2422.553.7599.3559.10
10Torrent Power Limited332.5713.5715.5995.2861.24

Return on Top Dividend Paying Stocks in India 2023

From best dividend and bonus paying stocks in India 2023, we have analyzed and calculated returns of high dividend yield stocks India 2023. Let us now look for the returns on capital investment, when invested in highest dividend paying stocks in India in last 10 years for long term.

Sr.Company NameJan’ 2013 Jan’ 2023Returns in 10 Years
1Bata India Limited139.001,874.001248%
2IDFC Limited33.0078.00136%
3Goodyear India Limited275.001,143.00316%
4Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited682.001,230.0080%
5Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited183.00244.0033%
6Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited38.00419.001003%
7Tata Investment Corporation Limited599.002,697.00350%
8Esab India Limited377.003,346.00788%
9Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Limited60.0085.0042%
10Torrent Power Limited129.00541.00319%
 Average Returns (%)432%

From the above calculation, we have observed that when you invest Rs.1,00,000 in high yield dividend stocks for long term in India, you can expect an average return of Rs.7,31,000/- (average 731% returns in last 10 years) on your investment apart for your dividend income.

You can also learn how to calculate stock market returns and check the calculation mentioned above. The data here look exciting when you compare with returns you get from your bank saving account interest rate. You can even read more about how to invest in stock market along with top 10 best investment plan in India.

When you compare this data from best stocks you may thing that your decision towards investment in best dividend stocks is inappropriate. To better understand, you should also check out best stocks for long term investment in India to see the difference on returns between best dividend paying stocks for the long term in India and best stocks to buy for long term. Hope you will get all your answers for your questions.

Top 100 – List of Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India 2023

Here are some of the other high dividend paying PSU stocks, dividend paying penny stocks with good fundamentals as well as dividend paying multibagger penny stocks in India for 2023. This below list exclude the above “Top 10 – Best Dividend Paying stocks in India 2023”. You can use this data for your analysis purpose.

Sr.Company NameIV (Rs)P/E RatioEPSDividend PayoutAvg. 3 Yrs Dividend
1Maharashtra Scooters Limited15,762.4044.05124.2564.07248.18
2TVS Electronics Limited89.0927.8010.3924.70247.34
3Compucom Software Limited21.4818.811.2924.79232.92
4Weizmann Limited30.2833.782.7422.85206.34
5Siyaram Silk Mills Limited393.379.1649.2020.28160.02
6Precision Camshafts Limited59.9346.624.5522.71154.44
7IIFL Wealth Management LimitedN/A26.8069.6584.44112.58
8Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited2,350.6082.60177.3790.21108.59
9Swaraj Engines Limited1,810.9717.9295.0088.7282.51
10Asm Technologies Limited113.7844.5812.9558.1880.41
11Selan Exploration Technology Limited284.1725.6311.4176.6177.43
12RITES Limited531.7712.3224.2279.1172.10
13Page Industries Limited9,239.2876.02656.8376.8970.35
14Ambuja Cements Limited228.2847.5311.9244.9970.10
15CRISIL Limited935.9746.5674.0671.9968.93
16Praveg Communications (India) Limited98.7525.529.4660.4467.41
17Jyothy Labs Limited66.3640.624.6156.6865.00
18VRL Logistics Limited198.9326.6124.4044.1464.24
19Menon Bearings Limited92.3323.074.7745.6662.52
20Cummins India Limited329.5839.6930.6257.8462.27
21Prime Securities Limited154.2622.195.2241.3262.23
22Ador Fontech Limited69.9613.066.5768.7961.66
23Coal India Limited528.636.2237.3660.3660.75
24Polyplex Corporation Limited3,133.5610.31205.2558.4660.17
25SJVN Limited38.0710.053.2067.5058.40
26Ingersoll Rand (India) Limited356.5954.2036.7457.3358.30
27Vinyl Chemicals (India) Limited430.5338.3421.5552.5057.28
28Praj Industries Limited146.9042.909.2251.3456.80
29Tata Elxsi Limited1,705.5588.6599.7248.1556.50
30Bosch Limited5,461.6538.93437.9450.9056.29
31Uniphos Enterprises Limited467.1921.126.7771.9756.23
32Container Corporation of India Limited204.1642.0917.9451.9755.54
33PTL Enterprises Limited34.6114.572.2880.2755.06
34Blue Star Limited229.3145.6123.8057.4254.34
35D.B.Corp Limited143.7111.9611.1062.1054.28
36Sunteck Realty Limited69.95140.173.2184.0354.23
37Hercules Hoists Limited87.5842.784.9655.6953.97
38Saven Technologies Limited38.7112.273.3865.8653.62
39Apcotex Industries Limited363.8229.1621.3126.2453.62
40Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited276.1427.4316.2173.3153.59
41Power Grid Corporation of India Limited186.9211.3920.9761.1653.54
42Asian Paints Limited620.3290.1236.2760.6152.57
43Foseco India Limited738.7731.8862.4348.9052.41
44Foseco India Limited738.7731.8862.4348.9052.41
45NHPC Limited33.0710.633.6451.6050.98
46Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited125.897.3114.4030.2449.90
47Wendt (India) Limited1,345.7353.97141.5048.0248.29
48Joindre Capital Services Limited94.098.713.6727.5947.01
49OnMobile Global Limited30.7562.811.9148.8046.79
50Mold-Tek Technologies Limited91.8420.174.6559.4745.91
51Pressman Advertising Limited24.1627.511.6452.1145.91
52Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Limited52.5733.125.6057.3145.70
53Trident Limited12.0025.071.4822.0045.01
54Grindwell Norton Limited459.8276.0729.2544.9444.80
55Apollo Tyres Limited196.7026.2211.0534.8144.77
56Control Print Limited420.3418.0126.4236.6544.68
57Onward Technologies Limited112.4634.537.4627.9044.41
58Redington (India) Limited229.948.8717.3940.3044.10
59Menon Pistons Limited45.1816.053.5721.3943.57
60Bharat Electronics Limited53.5829.653.7545.7143.18
61Kabra Extrusion Technik Limited102.8239.759.8132.0243.01
62Creative Castings Limited322.8021.2428.2339.6342.92
63Tata Chemicals Limited827.8318.2061.1725.3342.91
64Sinclairs Hotels Limited43.5524.814.7939.0642.00
65National Fittings Limited35.3923.282.5867.7641.04
66Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited198.2118.3919.1335.0540.80
67Unichem Laboratories Limited217.38130.183.0185.1840.15
68Stovec Industries Limited1,923.9221.23164.4240.1939.74
69Gandhi Special Tubes Limited552.1814.5031.9331.5339.37
70Tata Power Company Limited89.5135.126.7132.1139.09
71Sun TV Network Limited823.8311.5844.9333.0039.02
72Kajaria Ceramics Limited311.3245.2626.7846.4538.93
73Jamna Auto Industries Limited90.5429.593.9842.4538.89
74Mold-Tek Packaging Limited422.9244.7323.8539.2838.74
75Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited569.243.3540.9229.0238.34
76Morarka Finance Limited1,064.647.0118.9548.7838.00
77Aegis Logistics Limited212.9625.0811.2324.5437.99
78Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited444.0913.0835.2430.0237.88
79Lumax Auto Technologies Limited134.3122.2212.8834.3637.66
80Bharat Dynamics Limited370.1229.5930.5930.4337.61
81Kennametal India Limited1,072.1352.4352.1046.1137.39
82Pidilite Industries Limited402.87108.4326.3942.0937.38
83Maruti Suzuki India Limited2,156.0363.86147.0046.7136.53
84NTPC Limited192.479.7117.7440.7036.11
85BEML Limited735.6045.7233.7132.4336.02
86Thermax Limited321.7392.2727.6032.4535.90
87Elgi Equipments Limited98.6074.246.7920.4235.53
88Fluidomat Limited169.3712.4312.0831.4335.45
89Larsen & Toubro Limited945.0229.9965.4635.6635.26
90Cochin Shipyard Limited935.358.8245.8637.5635.09
91Atam Valves Limited48.0297.973.5256.9734.81
92Lumax Industries Limited1,020.7921.6664.1435.6334.81
93Morganite Crucible (India) Limited693.0616.2173.2169.6934.61
94United Breweries Limited362.7687.7018.7875.9634.36
95ABB India Limited445.77118.0638.7721.2034.35
96Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited55.5115.754.8633.0734.26
97CCL Products (India) Limited214.4432.7616.0332.5533.95
98Navneet Education Limited94.8816.6211.3025.8633.86
99GPT Infraprojects Limited122.0013.669.5335.8533.61
100Monte Carlo Fashions Limited831.6214.8958.0236.3633.26

In the above table you have observed Top 100 companies that are listed among best dividend paying stocks for the long term 2023 in India. If you are looking forward towards highest dividend paying stocks in India 2023, then you should definitely consider this above list for analyzing your data.

You also do research on best mutual funds to invest in India before you conclude yourself, you should thoroughly do research will much more information before thinking to investment in best dividend paying stocks for the long term in India.


As after reviewing top dividend paying stocks in India 2023, we can conclude that if you are looking forward for high yield dividend paying stocks then return on capital investment will be not so attractive as other stocks. I would recommend you to look forward for highest return stocks / shares rather than highest dividend stocks. But finally it depends upon everyone’s perception where to look for highest dividend paying stocks in India 2023 for long term investment with upside growth potential or good stocks to buy. Hope this learning course has enhance your knowledge and helped you to take right step in your capital investment.

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