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What You Can Do Now to Kick off Next Years Earnings Season?


For any veteran Investor Relations Officer, the end of Q4 means one thing: another earnings season is on its way. And with it, the first earnings call of next year will be scheduled sooner than you might think.

As your team prepares for these important communications, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your webcasting tools. With the right IR technology on your side, you’ll find it easier to share your IR narrative, year-end performance, and forward-looking strategy for the year ahead.

What Time Does Earnings Season Start?

The time of year when many publicly tradable companies release their quarterly earnings reports is refer as earnings season. Typically, the earnings season starts a month or two after the end of each quarter (December, March, June, and September).

As a result, early to mid-January, April, July, and October will be when the majority of publicly tradable companies report their earnings. Because the precise date of an earnings release is determine by the conclusion of the specific company’s fiscal quarter.

It is significant to note that not all companies report during earnings season. Invest in stock market register companies frequently release earnings reports between earnings seasons as a result.

What You Can Do Now to Kick off Next Year’s Earnings Season?

The release of earnings by Alcoa (NYSE: AA), a significant aluminum manufacturer and component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, signals the unofficial start of earnings season. One of the first notable companies to report earnings after the end of each quarter is Alcoa.

Additionally, it takes place at a time when an increasing number of earnings reports are being released. The earnings season does not have a set end date. But it is frequently regard as having ended when the majority of large corporations have released their quarterly earnings reports, which occurs about six weeks after the season begins.

Earnings Calls Are Critical to Your IR Narrative

Sometime in early 2023, your team will be expected to release its earnings for the last quarter of 2022. Sharing key performance indicators like net income and earnings per share.

No earnings season would be complete without an accompanying conference call between your C-Suite execs, market analysts, investors, and the media.

These meetings are prime opportunities for management to celebrate your financial successes over Q4 and the previous year at large. They’re also a chance for your team to explain potential red flags in your earnings to preserve confidence in your funds.

Update Your Webcasting Tools So You Aren’t Left Behind

While the term “earnings call” suggests teleconferencing over the phone with multiple people. This is an outdated way to deliver your quarterly reports. Most stock market IPOs and public companies today rely on webcasting tools to share an interactive experience online during earnings seasons.

Those brands that still opt for phone calls stick out to investors for all the wrong reasons. But let’s face it – you’re probably already using webcasting tools to help you host capital markets events, including your quarterly earnings calls.

However, not all webcasting tools are made equal. Outdated IR technology can work against your image just as much as an old-fashioned phone call. You need a purpose-built capital markets events platform to prove you’re a leading-edge company.

Benefits of Updating Your Capital Markets Events Platform

Besides an issue of optics, your choice of webcasting tools plays an enormous role in your overall investor relations strategy. By switching to a state-of-the-art webcasting platform in time for the next earnings season. You stand to capitalize on the following benefits:

Integrative Data

If you’re still using a webcasting platform siloed from the rest of your IR tools, you’re playing at a disadvantage. It’s harder to compare your event’s strategic touchpoints to the rest of your IR intelligence.

For greater insights into your performance, look for a sophisticated webcasting platform, like the one that belongs to the suite of investor tools from Q4. This holistic IR technology makes it possible to integrate data collected from your capital markets events into your broader IR strategy.

Using state-of-the-art engagement analytics, you can use critical event data to help you measure your impact and prioritize the right investors.

High-Quality Investor Experience

In addition to the operational advantage of greater data, a better investor experience is guarantee when you update your webcasting tools. The latest IR technology supports fully brand capital markets events with flawless audio and video streaming quality. You can easily share multimedia slides and videos; host polls, surveys, and Q&As; and share pre-recorded sessions and downloadable resources.

Kick Off the Season Right

With earnings season on its way, you don’t have much longer before you’re expected to deliver. Take a moment now to update your tech to include a purpose-built investor relations webcasting platform. It can help you stay relevant at such a critical moment in your communications IR calendar.


When making investment decisions, it is essential to consider information about the financial performance and health of large organisations, which is provided by the financial earnings season. Keep an eye on important events like Amazon’s financial results or Apple’s quarterly report on the financial calendar to stay up to date with financial news headlines during the U.S. earnings season.

The dates that businesses release their earnings are register on the stock exchange website. Understanding what is in an earnings report and what it means for investors is also essential if the financial advantages of this significant financial event are to benefit the overall investment plan.

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