Indian Penny Stocks List for 2022

Indian Penny Stocks List with good fundamentals-Top Penny Stocks in India-Stocks below Rs 20-Stocks Under 20 Rupee

A very high probability exists that a penny stock will go bankrupt. It is possible that the company will be forced to shut suddenly, or that the chances of it continuing in operation are very slim. Ideally, no more than 2 to 3 percent of a person’s total portfolio value should be devoted to ultra-penny and penny stocks.

Undervaluation is defined as a business that is selling at a single-digit PE multiple while the market is trading at more than 20 times on a trailing basis. For example: when a stock is trading at a price lower than the intrinsic value of the stock. In reality, however, this is not always a compelling reason to invest in the stock of a specific business. A number of other criteria must be considered in order to determine whether or not it offers good value.

What are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks means any shares that trade at a low price shares under 20 Rupees in the stock market or exchanges. It is conceivable that the price of such penny stocks below 20 Rupees, which would attract investors’ attention, but the risk will also be considerable.

Although this is the primary criteria to examine, as you can see from the definition, it does not mean that it is the only one to evaluate. Investors should avoid investing in stocks if the company’s financial condition is in bad shape.

These stocks are illiquid and not well-liked by institutional investors, who prefer to hold cash. As a result of the limited quantity of information accessible, doing research and analysis on these businesses may be very difficult.

The potential for such businesses to become multibaggers, delivering huge returns for investors in a relatively short period of time, is significant. if you are a beginner then you would also be interested in best mutual funds to invest for long term.

Given the low volume of trading in these stocks, it is more probable that they will have a longer circuit in their transaction. When it comes to finding a business with solid foundations and buying it at an extremely low price, however, one will not be let down by the experience.

First and foremost, you must devote a significant amount of time to studying the PBV and PE, maybe as much as three years. This is due to the possibility that a year’s performance may be unintentionally stage-managed or stage-managed by others.

Furthermore, the fact that the price-based criteria are low is not adequate in and of themselves. Improved building blocks, which serve as the foundation for these ratios, are essential to their long-term viability.

List of Indian Penny Stocks with Strong Fundamentals in 2022

You should also consider best stocks to buy for long term if you are interested. Consider the following list of Indian penny stocks with good fundamentals in 2022 that have generated profits in the past year, and who, based on their past performance, one might consider purchasing at a low price penny stocks in India for 2022 in order to benefit from the current market conditions. To better understand penny stocks, let’s take a look at it.

Sr. No.Name Of Company
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Earning Per Share (EPS)Price to Earning (P/E)Intrinsic Value (IV) (Rs.)Book Value (BV) (Rs.)1-Year Return (%)
1Intec Capital Limited8.692.2249.9335.8617.38%
2Banas Finance Limited5.892.2270.8131.66170.60%
3Sri Kpr Industries Limited5.743.3453.6854.49175.94%
4Bhilwara Technical Textiles Limited3.494.1890.9923.75292.72%
5Swarnsarita Gems Limited3.724.7038.4849.79174.37%
6Titan Securities Limited3.714.8640.9319.0889.64%
7Jump Networks Limited0.465.363.603.06-91.41%
8S.A.L. Steel Limited1.865.389.373.08284.62%
9India Finsec Limited1.648.2532.8121.05-10.30%
10Super Tannery Limited0.549.105.707.5792.13%
11Kallam Textiles Limited1.569.4624.0546.42162.18%
12Basant Agro Tech (India) Limited1.1910.1111.9214.88146.83%
13Bhandari Hosiery Exports Limited0.3610.494.665.15240.91%
14Celebrity Fashions Limited1.0011.147.156.41138.71%
15Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited1.5011.1520.2334.1540.34%
16Supreme Holdings & Hospitality (India) Limited1.1011.1922.8325.36-8.89%
17Oswal Agro Mills Limited1.5311.4526.8258.80101.15%
18Century Extrusions Limited0.7811.789.396.61148.65%
19Inventure Growth & Securities Limited0.2111.914.382.2046.55%
20Shri Krishna Devcon Limited1.2011.9215.4324.86-40.58%
21Zee Media Corporation Limited1.1612.1311.758.26197.75%
22Shyam Century Ferrous Limited0.3912.335.625.31281.33%
23Vaswani Industries Limited1.3513.2623.8034.12307.95%
24Birla Precision Technologies Limited1.5913.3314.4216.33269.79%
25Beardsell Limited1.0513.7111.7614.0580.50%
26Sacheta Metals Limited1.1415.7519.8017.4820.88%
27Surat Textile Mills Limited0.6215.926.796.22287.01%
28MSP Steel & Power Limited0.6116.359.487.9662.30%
29Skyline Millars Limited0.5616.788.296.68113.77%
30Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Limited1.0717.3011.4215.24362.50%
31Lkp Securities Limited0.8617.3712.125.95188.26%
32U. Y. Fincorp Limited0.8617.759.2512.41576.99%
33Himalaya Food International Limited0.9817.909.1910.73135.29%
34Manaksia Aluminium Company Limited1.0818.3412.0016.59165.33%
35Mercantile Ventures Limited0.8618.9119.7427.08122.30%
36Genus Paper & Boards Limited0.6419.3613.0714.21169.57%
37Gennex Laboratories Limited0.4019.534.203.1598.97%
38BLB Limited0.6220.7530.3814.79139.81%
39Baba Arts Limited0.7620.944.743.6999.62%
40Alankit Limited0.8320.9827.246.605.12%
41Sakuma Exports Limited0.5021.4911.4814.8979.49%
42Capital Trade Links Limited0.2922.034.073.68-0.68%
43Reliance Power Limited0.8722.8115.8036.04533.33%
44Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited0.3624.035.249.49136.96%
45Sambhaav Media Limited0.1224.852.454.4661.11%
46Shree Rama Multi-Tech Limited0.5525.404.905.5099.28%
47Amrapali Industries Limited0.4925.6215.575.87236.76%
48Compucom Software Limited0.6327.469.0016.04139.31%
49Emerald Leasing Finance & Investment Company Limited0.6227.6721.585.4885.61%
50Gcm Securities Limited0.0928.070.690.62-75.60%
51Syncom Formulations (India) Limited0.4028.874.742.14684.29%
52White Organic Agro Limited0.2930.5525.0918.5674.90%
53Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics Limited0.1930.722.491.6580%
54Surana Telecom and Power Limited0.3231.464.588.11167.11%
55PIL ITALICA LIFESTYLE LIMITED0.2332.203.672.7210.45%
56IL&FS Investment Managers Limited0.1734.893.036.6818.81%
57GTN Industries Limited0.5436.2010.5826.09169.44%
58Arnold Holdings Limited0.3636.4020.8317.99-55.50%
59Polylink Polymers (India) Limited0.4738.646.8211.1264.57%
60Smiths & Founders (India) Limited0.1138.960.720.35514.49%
61DB (International) Stock Brokers Limited0.4540.0214.1711.9999.44%
62Zeal Aqua Limited0.1945.287.314.6143.09%
63LGB Forge Limited0.1447.571.311.50178.72%
64Sharika Enterprises Limited0.3147.708.746.0770.73%
65Kesar Petroproducts Limited0.1048.683.649.1335.90%
66Megasoft Limited0.3750.727.5219.20187.69%
67Scanpoint Geomatics Limited0.3451.5010.138.3212.42%
68Arc Finance Limited0.1351.843.3010.09558.49%
69Pmc Fincorp Limited0.0353.210.631.41478.12%
70Ccl International Limited0.3061.517.6023.9225.23%
71North Eastern Carrying Corporation Limited0.2866.816.8218.87140.76%
72Facor Alloys Limited0.0966.894.177.90268.29%
73Wep Solutions Limited0.2867.635.0411.1633.77%
74UCO Bank0.2369.115.5716.7325.44%
75Paramount Communications Limited0.2070.473.969.9481.21%
76Diligent Industries Limited0.1972.072.855.41N/A
77Zenith Health Care Limited0.0979.671.991.2771.04%
78Isf Limited0.0583.921.281.43324%
79Generic Pharmasec Limited0.0984.061.710.75-38.79%
80Indowind Energy Limited0.1090.764.4825.55212.28%
81Saptarishi Agro Industries Limited0.1691.431.251.2271.72%
82Filatex Fashions Limited0.0495.912.007.0388.50%
83Nila Infrastructures Limited0.0798.121.963.4369.51%
84Nivaka Fashions Limited0.05139.270.750.98-27.67%
85Shalimar Productions LimitedN/A146.150.171.03N/A
86Tilak Ventures Limited0.12150.614.481.98641.45%
87Landmark Property Development Company Limited0.03172.221.014.62251.85%
88Urja Global Limited0.04181.650.952.92155.81%
89Toyam Industries Limited0.02201.190.280.66-11.40%
90Cybermate Infotek Limited0.01223.361.0710.16247.25%
91Kanani Industries Limited0.04223.851.365.71101.11%
92Kavit Industries Limited0.05281.841.122.57-51.42%
93Fervent Synergies Limited0.05331.882.4714.35100.91%
94Lesha Industries Limited0.10508.203.191.61445.67%
95Triveni Enterprises Limited0.02606.200.471.59-78.69%
96Blue Cloud Softech Solutions Limited0.03659.000.501.27
97Mangalam Industrial Finance LimitedN/A975.710.110.331241.94%
98Pcs Technology Limited0.331,118.007.6321.77207.88%
99Winsome Breweries Limited0.011,740.500.8612.90199.52%
100VIP Clothing LimitedN/A7,124.000.5616.3593.82%

Why to Invest in Penny Stocks for Beginners?

Because the general investing public is disinterested in penny stocks and wants to exit the market as soon as they produce a fair return, penny stocks trade at such low prices. There has been a lot of evidence that they are in breach of the exchange regulations and lacking in openness.

There is no movement in ultra-penny stocks until there is some sort of news or a turnaround event taking place. The speculation results in an increase in trading volumes, which in turn drives prices to soar to unprecedented heights.

The majority of them, nevertheless, end out to be incorrect or really fundamentally stronger than the most of them. Price decreases as a result of any negative news that comes out.


Investors which has a majority interest in the business, have continued to hold on to their shares because of the dividends they get. The consequence is that buying the shares from list of penny stocks in India for 2022 is not necessarily synonymous with value investment. Aspects of it include having the capacity to choose a stock that has the potential to increase in value over time.

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