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Top 30 – Ideas / Ways – How to Become Millionaire in India


While some claim that money cannot buy happiness, a Mercedes is more desirable than a Cadillac. That is correct, isn’t it? There are few better ways to live a nice living while generating a big income from your business than this. This topic will aid you on how to become millionaire in India and how to become a millionaire in 1 to 7 year. This will help you in choosing the most ethical and successful methods of money accumulation.

To get wealthy, one must first create a thorough financial strategy and then master the art of investing. Investing early in life is one of the simplest ways to accumulate money. Compounding takes care of the residue, leaving you with a lovely corpus.

Top 30 – Ways on How to Become Millionaire in India

There are several things you can do to maximize the value of your money. Regardless of what you know, these facts will assist you in different ways on how to become millionaire in India. Apart from sound investments, there are additional elements to consider while plotting a road to wealth.

Create YouTube Video Tutorials

This is a long-term strategy on how to become millionaire in India. It has the potential to earn you a great deal of money and fame. Your compensation would be contingent upon the amount of views on your videos.

Additionally, you may promote your videos on Twitter and Facebook. To begin creating a film, select a subject that interests you, such as cuisine, humour, relationships, or education. If others find it entertaining and instructive, you may not only earn a lot of money, but also get a lot of notoriety.

While creating videos involves time and work, the rewards are magnificent if done consistently and with high-quality content. This gives you an opportunity to fulfil your dreams on how to become a millionaire with no money. Tanmay Bhat, Amit Badhana, and Nisha Madhulika are just a few of the Indians who have amassed millions of dollars through the establishment of a YouTube channel.

Develop a Mobile Application

If you are technologically savvy, this might be one of the best methods to become millionaire. While developing an app requires some knowledge, if it is successful, it may be a reliable source of cash. By developing an app, you may connect with a big number of smartphone users.

The first stage is to do in-depth market research on the application in question. For instance, various persons developed cleaning software, including the widely used UrbanClap. The Indian who created Byju’s educational programme is now worth a billion dollars in the world. Therefore, if you have any fresh ideas, you should immediately begin developing the app.

Use OYO Rooms to Rent Out Your House

If you own a house, renting it out on OYO rooms might provide you with a stable income. Due to OYO’s popularity, you may rent out your entire home or just a few rooms.

It is a simple and quick way to earn money. While you will not become a billionaire overnight, this is an excellent way to earn a substantial amount of money on a consistent basis. Your income potential will increase significantly if you live in a tourist location.

You just need to undertake sufficient study to choose your own pricing. It may be challenging at first due to the lack of reviews; nevertheless, you must ensure that you deliver exceptional customer service in order to obtain favourable feedback.

Utilizing Email Marketing

It is now fundamental to the success of any internet business. Those serious about earning money online will need to use email marketing to accomplish their goals.

It must be done with caution, since you must first verify that the recipients are subscribers to your email list. As a result, if they did not choose you and you are only marketing to them, the results will be less than optimal.

Individuals that closely follow you and are invested in your message will provide good outcomes, increasing your chances of success. Additionally, this is a wonderful way to earn money, since the more followers and viewers you have, the more money you earn.

Invest in the Stock Market

If you are looking for how to become a millionaire in 1 year then; Investing in stocks, bonds, shares, and other financial products has the potential to generate significant returns. Trading is one of the most dependable methods of accumulating cash. Additionally, you may swap for silver, gold, and other valuables.

Thus, if you understand how to invest successfully and ethically in the stock market, you may benefit monetarily. You should not be mislead by traders who say that trading binary options is straightforward. You should look for ways to become rich in Indian stock market before diving into it.

Trading, like all other activities, requires time and knowledge. Invest for the long term in firms with solid fundamentals and a clear path to industry leadership. Never be concerned about your stock market fluctuations; simply let them to ride out the storm. Investing prudently in a respectable organization will pay you in the long run.

Educating Oneself

With knowledge and skills, you can easily become a millionaire before 30 years. You must make an effort, but with competence and a sound education, you may flourish in your work and outperform your opponents.

Before settling on a career, research the typical income for a variety of jobs. A poor career choice reduces your chances of getting affluent. The second thing you should seek for is a region with a high concentration of decent jobs.

If you’re considering a career as a nutritionist, for example, you may want to consider living in a major metropolis rather than a small town. Once you’ve landed a solid job, stick with it until you’ve accumulated the required experience. You may be able to grow in your job with experience.

Blogging / Vlogging

Many people aspire to riches but are unsure how to get it. Blogging is one of the ways you may begin and earn money in India. This is one of the best work from home jobs for moms with higher income. The most appealing aspect of blogging is that it allows you earn money from home without having to spend any money.

Numerous people make it their full-time career and live comfortably as a result. According to others, blogging requires both proficiency in English and a solid grasp of website design.

This is no longer true, as blogging can be accomplished with little or no expertise of web design or English. Whatever language you speak, the only thing that matters now is knowing how to explain yourself and writing it down.

Participate in a Game Show, Such as “KBC.”

If you have skills, you can use Kaun Banega Crorepati or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or similar shows on how to become millionaire in India. You may earn a significant amount of money in a relatively short period of time, potentially as little as a few hours. Both information and good fortune are crucial in this case.

Numerous people’s lives have been transformed as a consequence of this technique, and they have amassed substantial wealth. In this scenario, you may apply to enrol in the programme provided you possess the necessary expertise and education. It proves that education is a sound investment and lays the groundwork for financial success.

A Recycling Business is One That Recycles

If you have a concept for repurposing waste, no one can stop you from becoming millionaire in a business in severe need of financing. Metal, paper, and plastic recyclers are in high demand in India.

This might be an excellent opportunity for you if you have a novel idea for recycling it or creating something useful from it. Garbage might assist you in climbing the corporate ladder and earning a big number of money.

You may establish a business that educates people about the dangers of plastic and how to properly dispose of it. You may also sell eco-friendly bags. Numerous industries use jute or paper bags, so you may also start a business there. As a consequence, you may benefit from recycling without making a significant financial investment.

Contribute a Diverse Perspective

This is true in virtually every sector and area of concern. Nobody can stop you from becoming a millionaire in 7 year, if you introduce a new product to the market that people want. It is important to assist others in resolving problems.

Lets take how to become millionaire in India example to understand it. Graham Bell, the telephone’s inventor, got millionaire by discovering and satisfying widespread needs. Google was formed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, and many others have made money by having an idea and pursuing it.

It is not always required to think big; you might start small with a food truck, garment rental, or healthy breakfast service, for example. Therefore, if you have an idea, pursue it aggressively and earn a lot of money in India.

Shift Your Focus Away From Spending

Because everyone who is millionaire does this, if you want to increase your fortune, you should invest more than you consume. To be affluent, you must invest more than you consume. If you have nothing left over at the end of the month, you will never be able to work again. Salaried individuals in India must follow these procedures to be successful.

What is more important than having more money is what you do with it. Millionaire folks ensure that they do not spend all of their money but rather invest it in order for it to increase exponentially. As with everyone else, you should take advantage of this opportunity and invest your gains in something worthwhile.

To answer your question on how to become millionaire in India in 7 years, you should abstain from purchasing luxury items and instead prioritise acquiring essentials. You may create a budget for your assets and expenses, as well as a plan for your income.

Natural and Organic Products are Quite Popular

Natural and organic products have long been the world’s preferred option. Everybody loves to consume and utilize products that are devoid of chemicals and grown and produced in a natural setting. Individuals value themselves yet make little effort to take adequate care of themselves.

You may gain from this by utilizing natural ingredients and manufacturing things that aid individuals in sustaining their health and appearance. Herbal products are popular not just because they look good, but also because they enable the skin to breathe.

These items are in high demand right now, so selling them might net you a tidy profit. These products sold profitably due to their high demand and limited supply.

Everybody is concerned with their health, skin quality, and skin tone, among other variables, and these organic products assist customers in achieving the best results. As such, it may be an ideal platform for you.

SCSS (Seniors Citizen Savings Scheme)

Seniors’ Savings Plans are a form of retirement savings plan designed specifically for seniors. (SCSS). SCSS’s contract is for five years with a three-year extension option.

This programme is for retirees and senior persons who have reached the age of 60. If you are 55 years old and looking forward to retirement, you can open a SCSS account within one month after receiving your government pension. The amount invested in this case should not exceed the retirement income obtained.

Utilize Your Card to Divide

Credit card users frequently spend more than they make. They assume they can return it with their next paycheck, and thus the cycle continues, preventing them from saving or investing.

Thus, the first step toward riches is to maintain a credit card just for emergencies. It appears that purchasing with a credit card is more convenient than paying with cash. By using your credit card less frequently, you can better manage your monthly expenditure, saving money and freeing up funds for future investments.

Make a Big Personal Goal for Yourself

One must dream about how to become millionaire in India within 1 year, create objectives, and consider the big picture. Greater goals must always take precedence over immediate objectives. Once you’ve selected where you want to go, only you can choose how to get there. Developing a strategy for achieving your aim incrementally is only possible if you set higher-level goals for yourself.

Dream big and work diligently to obtain your goals so that you can revel in the glory of your achievements. Establish a difficult aim that will require the use of all of your faculties. To become affluent, you must first be ambitious.

Gold Investment

Gold is one of the best investments option available to become millionaire in India. It has safeguarded investors through periods of economic hardship brought about by the conflict. Apart from pure gold and gold coins, investors can benefit from gold paper and gold exchange-traded instruments (ETPs).

In contrast to mutual funds, gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) invest client money in physical gold, with fund units reflecting the fund’s holdings.

Assist Others in Achieving Success

All affluent individuals have one thing in common: they are useful in their respective industries. Determine an area of finance, marketing, investing, or budgeting in which you have experience and have access to information.

Simply retain a firm grasp on and contribution to that particular business stream. It is certain to work and will result in your financial independence sooner rather than later. This is one of the sustainable answer to question how to become a millionaire in India for long-term.

Begin by Pursuing a Personal Endeavour

The top 10 wealthiest persons on the planet are all successful business entrepreneurs. Nobody is doing their duty. If you are looking towards how to become millionaire in India then start a business that solve a large problem.

Therefore, if you desire money, expansion, and growth, you must instantly discontinue working. It is vital, however, to design a clear company plan after carefully assessing the benefits and drawbacks of the market in which you desire to operate.

Take a risk! Decide to be your own boss. The only way to fulfil your life objectives is to start your own business and work for yourself.

Importance of Passive Income’s Value

In today’s industry, having a secondary line of business is crucial. As everything grows more expensive, it is more critical than ever to establish a side business during your spare time. This way, you may maximize your time while boosting your revenue and possibly become millionaire in India.

Establishing a blog, constructing your own website, refinancing your mortgage, investing in the stock market, annuities, selling leads, running display advertisements, creating a digital product, running YouTube advertising, and selling a business are all examples of passive income generation.

Publication of a Book

Are you familiar with J.K. Rowling? If you’re unfamiliar with her, she is one of the most renowned and imaginative authors in the world. She was raised in an impoverished home and would never attain prosperity. How? For the first time, she was able to create and publish novels. This did not take place overnight. After years of waiting, she is finally making billions. You read that correctly: ‘billions.’

If you possess the essential writing talents and expertise, you may now self-publish an e-book. Because e-books are so popular on Amazon and Flipkart, it is vital to understand how they function. You may become millionaire in 5 years through royalty income if your book becomes a best-seller.

Bank Fixed Deposits (FD)

Customers seeking to accumulate money while minimizing risk have traditionally used bank fixed deposits. This is one of the simplest and risk free investment to achieve your objectives on how to become millionaire in India.

A fixed deposit with a respected bank or financial organization that is not a bank is considered secure. This is because it is low-risk and guarantees a return on investment. FDs generally pay an annual interest rate of 6 to 7% on their principal. It is more suited to cautious investors.

Consider the Risks

Money cannot be made without taking certain risks. Both starting a new business and investing in the stock market involve risk. You should also read secrets of the millionaire mind principles to understand followed by wealthy people.

However, the proper amount of risk associated must be pre-calculated. Prior to making any judgments, it is vital to ensure that all alternatives have been properly analysed and scrutinized. You will become millionaire in 1 year if you avoid losing money and maximize your investment return.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund)

To earn a steady rate of return on their stock market investments, investors must first grasp the concept of stock value. This may be demonstrated through the PE ratio. The price-earnings ratio indicates if the price of a stock is overly high.

Stocks have historically outperformed most other asset classes due to their propensity to provide inflation-adjusted returns. Diversification of your portfolio across industries and market capitalization helps mitigate the risk associated with stock investing.

Stock options can be used to diversify stock market assets for individuals with a high or moderate risk tolerance. Annual returns on equity investments typically range from 12 to 15%. Investing in stocks can help you achieve your goals towards how to become millionaire in India within 7 years.

Investors seeking high yearly returns of 25-35% may wish to consider investing in higher-risk securities over a longer time horizon. Individuals interested in directly trading equities can open a Demat account with the National Stock Exchange of India.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are one of the most profitable ways to invest in India’s stock market at the moment. To become a millionaire out of mutual funds, you should invest for at least three years.

Mutual funds allow investors to choose from a variety of risk categories. Investors can anticipate annual returns of between 12 and 30%, depending on their risk tolerance and fund selection.

Even if consumers have a little investment budget, mutual fund programmes enable them to diversify their portfolios. Individuals who invest in ELSS mutual funds may be able to minimise their tax obligation.

Mutual funds offer a varied range of risk and return characteristics. It is vital to recognise the direct relationship between risks and profits. Debt fund investments are a low-risk investment. Returns will be smaller than those earned by stock mutual funds, for instance (risk is slightly higher and return is also higher).

POMIS (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme)

The POMIS is widely recognised as a suitable solution for individuals seeking a stable income with a guaranteed rate of return. This investment is appropriate for risk cautious investors.

The five-year programme pays a 6.6 percent yearly interest rate on the principal. As a result, it is a fantastic pick for conservative investors.

PPF – Government Sponsored Scheme

Despite the availability of other investment vehicles, the PPF (Public Provident Fund) remains one of the most popular. Individuals may create a PPF account online with any major bank.

Additionally, the option of investing as little as Rs. 500 each year answers the issue, “How to become millionaire without money?”

Investors with a 15-year investment horizon can potentially quadruple their gains. After 15 years, the president may seek another five-year term extension. The initiative pays a 7.1 percent yearly interest rate. The plan’s interest and maturity distributions are tax-free.

RBI Bonds – Debt Issued by RBI

Reserve Bank of India bonds are one of various savings and investment vehicles available. They have a seven-year term and a 7.15 percent annual interest rate on their principal.

Fixed and guaranteed returns instill a sense of security among investors, which conservatives value. There is no cap on expenditures, and any resident Indian may participate alone or in a group. Parents and guardians may invest on their children’s behalf in these bonds.

Real Estate / Property

This is one of the most lucrative ways to become millionaire in India within 7 years, but act cautiously. Real estate investing is one of the most profitable long-term investments available. Typically, real estate investments create profits through both capital appreciation and rental revenue.

Depending on the area and the probability of price increases, investors may expect to double their initial investment. Additionally, the real estate business is extremely liquid. Real estate is a fantastic long-term investment. Individuals looking to quickly accumulate wealth may desire to investigate this rental income-generating investment option.

NPS (National Pension System)

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority is in charge of this system (PFRDA). Fixed deposits, stocks and bonds, corporate bonds, government funds, and liquid funds can be utilized for retirement planning.

The National Pension System (NPS) is a government-sponsored secure investment option. Individuals may participate in such a programme according to their risk tolerance and financial capability. Profits earned through this plan will be deductible.

Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin terminology become popular by many individuals interchangeably. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are just a few examples. Cryptocurrencies are intentionally difficult to forge. Now a days you can achieve your dreams on how to become millionaire in India by investing in bitcoins.

Bitcoin’s price has progressively increased over the years. Money creation is feasible, but unlikely. By 2014, the same amount would need a $24,000 investment. By January 2018, a $450,000 Bitcoin investment would have grown to $1.2 million. In March 2022, ten dollars in Bitcoin equaled one and a half million dollars.


Consistent investing and learning on how to become millionaire in India can aid in income growth. It significantly increases one’s purchasing power, aids in the attainment of financial goals, and elevates one’s level of living. There are several avenues for wealth accumulation in India; the choice is yours! Therefore, best of luck with your new starting today.

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