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Will Bitcoin Rise Again? A Time Traveler Guide


Bitcoin is the oldest Cryptocurrency. Millions of investors have trusted digital currency because of the future it holds for them. The astounding growth that it achieved in the year 2021 slides down. According to facts and observations, the value of Bitcoin went down 65%. It can shock anybody.

Furthermore, events like the crash of Crypto exchanges like FTX further dampened investors’ confidence. They are now skeptical about the future, and the concerns are quite justifiable. Are you a new investor and trying to begin your investment in Bitcoin? Yes, you have to be aware, and at the same time, you also need to be prepared with adequate knowledge. 

The question that dangles everywhere in the business circle is whether Crypto will rise again. We will try to get an answer to it with the help of the article. So please lend your precious time. 

Will Bitcoin Rise Again? 

It seems that the winter of Bitcoin still persists in the market, and therefore it’s high time businesses will have to rethink their investment decisions. Therefore, let’s try to understand the situation before investing and clarify things. 

The Journey of Success of Bitcoin 

Bitcoin took a giant leap if we look at the price obtained from 2013 to 2021. The price of Bitcoin, according to the observation of Statista, was around the 133 USD. But when they reached 2021, the value reached a massive   

61837.26 USD (October 2021). This rise is historical, no exaggeration. The hearsay that Crypto transformed people from rags to riches was a reality indeed. But after the rise came the period of downfall in late 2022. By December 2022, the value of Bitcoin went down as low as 16604.02 USD. So the great fall remained a matter of deep concern for the investors. 

The Bitcoin Gained Positive Signals 

This must be noted that once the prices of Bitcoin reached the 16000 USD mark, the prices started picking up again. It brought lots of hope for the investors. Therefore, one can hope that the pictures stabilize as the investors again bank on Cryptocurrency. The technical indicators of Bitcoin depict some signals that are quite pronounced. 

  • Hourly Related Strength Index for the BTC at 70 levels.
  • The support levels- Above $ 22500.
  • Resistance Levels- $22000.
  • Strong hourly moving average.

These signals are strong enough to provide you with a clear prediction of growth and stability in the future. Therefore there is ample hope for existing and new investors. So invest in Bitcoin with the help of trading software like immediate connect. They can help you with your trade safely, and you can expect high growth and strong ROI in the future.  

Industry Needs Regulations

The traders held the Bitcoins mainly because they were out of regulations. But great falls in value have compelled them to change their mind. After losing millions, they regulated their investment. Regulations can pave the way for returning or disbursing the lost investment.

According to a survey, around 28% of adults believe cryptocurrencies must be regulated like other financial assets. The desire for the regulations has been stable since May. Though you may find some investors who are not yet ready for the regulation, the new investors want them so that their hard-earned investment can be secured. This might bring back the confidence of the investors. 

The Ray of Hope: Highest-Ever Crypto Adoption!

According to the prediction of the Crypto pundits, people’s confidence has not been completely erased from the Cryptos. It’s just the opposite. Notwithstanding the fall, people are still optimistic about it. 

The year 2023 could be the highest in terms of Crypto adoption. The adoption of the Cryptos can be around. Millions of people will show interest in Bitcoins, and their value could even reach a massive 100000 USD. Therefore there is hope for the investors in the days to come. 


It is worth reading how FTX disaster reshape the world of crypto for additional knowledge. Bitcoins have been the greatest of all the Cryptos in market capitalization. They remain the same in the present times. Therefore, as a new investor, you must keep your confidence intact in the digital currency and try your best to reap the benefits. 

The Bitcoins’ value will rise again to its own glory. Therefore it’s high time that you need to start your investment and show your confidence in Bitcoins. Things will change with time.

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