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Top 7 – Popular Altcoins to Invest Right Now


Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future. Among them, Bitcoin is the oldest and the greatest one (market capitalization). They have indeed left a great impression on the investors. Its meteoric rise helped Cryptocurrency with the desired trust and confidence, especially among new investors. 

But there is a whole different world other than Bitcoins. Altcoins denote Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. They, too, are armed with many benefits, and like Bitcoin, they, too, promise you high growth. 

Are you thinking of investing in them? But before doing it, you must have knowledge of them. So here we discuss some of the most popular Altcoins. So let’s get started with the discussion here.

Top Popular Altcoins That You Can Choose To Invest Upon 

Bitcoin still remains the most popular Cryptocurrency. They brought with them many benefits like direct transfer, protection from fraud, great liquidity, and international transactions. But the values are highly volatile. Now the question is will Bitcoin rise again? Altcoins also have some popularity, and that makes them great for investment

Talk to the investors, and they will advise you to diversify your investment portfolio. Here we discuss some of the major altcoins you can invest in safely. Altcoins are brimmed with promises, and they can help you diversify your investment. So let us kick start with the discussion. 


Cardano was one of the oldest digital coins that adopted a proof-of-stake mechanism. The proof of stake approach to mining Cryptocurrency worked to speed up the transaction time by removing the energy-intensive issue associated with proof of work mechanism. 

Polygon (MATIC) 

The Polygon is an Ethereum-based platform allowing developers to build dApps with low transaction fees. 

The particular currency increased efficiency and saved quite a lot on transaction fees. The gas fee is cheaper with Polygon than that with Ethereum.


According to the altcoin experts, Tomadoge is a brand new project, but its utility has been highly successful. Tomadoge is promising so far as ROI is concerned. It capitalizes on brands like Dogecoins. It denotes the growth can be parabolic once it hits the top exchanges. Consider it a great altcoin for investment.

Biance Cons 

The Market Capitalization of the altcoin is close to 47 billion USD. They are coins that you can use as trading fees. Trust it and get discounted trades on the Binance exchange. 

The best thing is that you can even use the BNB outside the Binance Cryptocurrency exchange to process payments. The BNB isn’t as decentralized as the other altcoins. This is the only matter of concern. All other points are really encouraging; there is no doubt about it. 


The market capitalization of the digital coin is around 199 billion USD. Ethereum is the biggest altcoin, with over 20000 crypto assets available today. It is strikingly different from Bitcoin. 

While Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, Ethereum can be taken as a distributed computing network where the users can use the Blockchain to run the dApps. They can also hold smart contracts. Start trading in Ethereum using bitcoin freedom, a safe software. 

Solana (SOL)

The market capitalization of Solano is $8.3 billion. Solano works on the proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanism that can process transactions securely. 

Think of the fastest Blockchains, and Solano is right there. Solano is highly centralized, and this is one vital point that comes under the radar of the critics. But the low fees make it a highly scalable blockchain solution. Hence one can say that Solana holds high promise among the altcoins. 


The Litecoin came as the improved version of Bitcoin. The main problems that Litecoin overcame include slow processing speeds and mining monopolies. 

The LTC is built to be used in daily transactions. So it does not only bear certain characteristics of Bitcoin, but becomes an improved version of it. Therefore you have to consider that Litecoin is unquestionably a strong Cryptocurrency. 


Altcoins also have advantages, which is why they are becoming popular among investors. The best thing with Altcon is that you have new technology in place that supports the green initiative. Hence, you can bank on them and get a good opportunity for growth in the long term. Altcoin is unquestionably safe for investment. 

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