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How to Trade in Bitcoin in Easy Steps for Beginners


Learning and trading bitcoin revolution or other cryptocurrencies seem way too easy these days due to the latest apps that promote their platform with these promotional ads which make making money out of this market really easy. But making you aware of the reality is not as easy as it seems.

This market is really complex and full of risks, but it recognizes the fact that you can make an unimaginable profit as well. This article will deal with steps that will make your bitcoin trading journey easy and smooth. Take a quick tour of the following to clear all your doubts regarding the process and get adequate help in becoming and experienced bitcoin trader now.

Learning Bitcoin Trading in Easy Steps

A market that never sleeps sets the price of bitcoin second by second and day by day. Since Bitcoin is a stand-alone digital asset valued on an open market, it faces unique volatility issues that most other currencies do not. Crypto future predictions is impossible without proper strategy and knowledge of it. Beginners need to have a firm grasp of how the crypto-asset markets function in order to navigate the markets safely.

Trading bitcoins can be as simple as withdrawing funds in a fiat currency, such as the US dollar, or as complex as successfully riding the market to grow one’s investment portfolio. Naturally, as the size and complexity of a cryptocurrency transaction increase, so does the trader’s risk exposure.

Step 1

Choosing the right trading platform should be the top priority of any beginner. As complex as this market looks, trading on the right platform will significantly decrease some of the risks involved in the process.

There are hundreds of platforms already launched that allow you to trade bitcoin on them and thousands are still yet to be launched. You need to understand that some of the platforms are only in the market to milk out investments from beginners and they will most probably end up running away with all your funds. 

You should get to know about its parent company if there is any and what other businesses does it carry out? If it has come out of nowhere then that is your 1st red flag. 

Step 2

Once you are done choosing a platform for yourself the next step should be choosing the type of wallet that you will be using and the mode of payment that is to be linked to your account. You need to know that there are 2 types of wallets in this space, one is called a hot wallet while the other is a cold wallet. 

A hot wallet is one that can be connected to the internet and is considered less secure than a cold wallet which cannot be connected to the internet. A cold wallet is considered to be a better option for bitcoin traders as it protects your investment from online fraudsters or hackers. 

Then you should choose your payment mode which you’ll have to add to the platform. It is advised to add that account or card which is not linked to your primary bank account. If you are using money-transferring apps then make sure to turn on the 2-factor authentication for enhanced security. 

Step 3

Identify the type of trading you want to go ahead with and master it. Some follow scalping while some stay in the market for long-term and some do day trading. You need to study well on the type of trading that you are comfortable with and practice until you master that technique.

It is also advised by experts to start learning with a really small investment and play around with it to get a better understanding of the market. Once you are aware of the field only then enter with substantial investments.

Step 4

The fourth step which is also one of the most important steps for a beginner is to get well aware of the trading tools. There are hundreds of tools and indicators on every reputed platform.

So, after choosing the right platform look for indicators and tools in it and try to understand the significance of each of them. These tools use historical data to predict the market and make your decision-making better.

Step 5

Keeping a versatile portfolio can also mitigate your losses. Keeping a mix of different cryptocurrencies can help an investor reduce their risks.

As they say,” do not keep all the eggs in one basket”, so it applies in this market as well. That is why it is said to have a diversified portfolio so that your investments are saved from any unforeseen situation.


To sum it all up there are no shortcuts to learning bitcoin trading and one needs to definitely work hard but if one chooses the right ways then the hard work can definitely decrease. The first and most important step that is choosing the right platform is considered to be the stepping stone of this journey and that is why one should focus on this step.

Platforms like bitcoin-champion are considered to be one of the most reliable platforms and beginners may face no problems here. Register yourself today and start your journey keeping all the steps mentioned above in your mind. 

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