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How FTX Disaster Reshape the World Of Crypto?


The collapse of the top Cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, was indeed a shock to the business world. Nobody had a clue how the massive $32 bn exchange got completely shattered. The collapse left back debris of questions before the investors. A loss is a loss, but there is enough to learn from it. Experts looked at the event with optimism and hope that this will reshape the world of Cryptocurrency in the times to come.

But Notwithstanding the crash of the FTX, experts have pinned high hopes. One of the signs was maximum Cryptocurrency adoption. So you have sufficient reason to invest in them. What you need to do is play it safe with bitcoin millionaire. It is a safe platform that can help you in your Crypto trading. So let us discuss what positive comes out of the FTX disaster. 

Why Did FTX Collapse?

The collapse of the largest Crypto exchange was no less than a shock to Crypto investors. The question is quite common and pertinent among the business circle. Let us try to understand it in plain and simple terms.

Short Term

The collapse was attributed to the token called FTT. It was revealed that Alameda, the hedge fund of the group, was using these tokens to make risky loans to counter its rival exchange Binance. 

Medium Term 

The relations between the FTX and Almeda were deeply affected. It was found out that the customers did not have the liberty to send the funds directly to the exchange but to the chief Alameda. 

Alameda used the funds for its own use, and they were never passed to the exchange. During the emergency time, FTX did not find enough money. It might have resulted in the Collapse.

Long Term 

The company was a complete mess, and lack of regulations and an indisciplined attitude might be why the exchange met with such a disaster. 

So the root cause that evolved from the discussions is the lack of regulations and guidelines. 

How The Ftx Disaster Could Reshape The World Of Crypto

As mentioned above, the collapse of the FTX was no less than a disaster, as millions of dollars were at stake. But the disaster went on to teach some awareness to the concerned stakeholders related directly and indirectly to Crypto trading. Consider reading tips for keeping your digital assets safe We will try to understand how the reshaping can take place.


The cryptocurrency was largely unregulated. These were the reasons that previously attracted the investors. They needed someone to answer on the investment amount. It was really fun until the crash. 

Now they could go nowhere for any help. Largely unregulated investments left the Cryptocurrency without protection. Now things may undertake changes as the governments of the EU and America are taking steps to clean the markets. 

There have been wide-scale talks and discussions on the practicality and legitimacy of regulations. But after the crash, the experts and the investors have come on the same page. They now think that regulations must govern Cryptos. 


You might have heard that companies and projects emerged in the years to regulate Cryptocurrency trading. FTX was one of the major exchanges. Soon it went on to become one of the top two exchanges. 

Now that it has undergone a complete breakdown, the FTX, the thoughts, and ideas of complete consolidation have come into place. According to an observation, nearly 900000 Bitcoins flowed out of the exchange. 

With the breakdown of FTX, investors now have questions about the financial health of the other operating exchanges. Suspicions are now on Binance; investors fear insufficient financial resources with Binance and Coinbase. So the need for regulations and risk management is the need of the hour. 

Innovations Show the wave of hope

The stakeholders, like investors, hope that the depressed state of the Cryptocurrency markets can be run with the contribution of Web 3, a hypothetical Blockchain based internet. Lots of companies are eying digital innovations. They can handle the investment ecosystem with the capability and modern approach.  


The crash of the exchange pointed fingers at the need for accountability and discipline in handling such a large amount of resources. It also pointed out the need for Innovation and consolidation so that things could be brought on track. The crash, along with the massive loss of financial resources, shows a positive direction where digital currency must flow.

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