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Why Did China Ban Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency?


Recently, what happened was that China banned the moment and the use of cryptocurrencies in the country altogether. They did it in September 2021 and banned all cryptocurrency transactions entirely. Before that, in 2020, China ban bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading operations. Most of them might have already moved to the USA, Russia and Kazakhstan. But why does China do this? Has it been environmental concerns or financial concerns? If you are unsure about it, we will give you some first-tier details.

It led to a lot of essential concerns in the BTC blockchain. Bitcoin and every cryptocurrency are banned in China, which is essential for the cryptocurrency enthusiast living there. They cannot mine in cryptocurrencies or use them for anything at https://bitcoin-profit.com/. Therefore, many people and cryptocurrency mining firms decided to shift their operations to other countries.


Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, are becoming the new method of making transactions for many people worldwide. It is a peer to peer medium of making transactions or purchasing anything you want from the Internet. Also, every person you are willing to sell your bitcoins to is always willing to accept the bitcoin.

Therefore, making a payment using bitcoin or accepting payment using bitcoin is straightforward and sophisticated. Also, you do not have to involve any government to make a transaction. The trust mechanism of bitcoin works on the system of faith. If you have faith in cryptocurrencies, you will accept payment. If you do not have faith in cryptocurrencies, you can easily about the cryptocurrency transactions all you want.

Why did China Ban Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency?

You should know why modern business owners accept bitcoin as its one of the important payment methods of modern world. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have slumped again after a great start to the year. Isn’t it a deliberate strategy to lower the value of bitcoin in order to buy it at a lower price? There’s more to it than meets the eye, as ludicrous as it may appear. Let us look into more details about why did China ban bitcoin.

Carbon Emissions

China said that these digital currencies are fatal for the whole environmental system to ban cryptocurrency mining and trading in the country. China says that the main reason they are banning the whole cryptocurrency system is carbon emissions.

For creating new blocks for the bitcoin, there has to be done mining, and it is a process that requires a lot of electricity. Due to the electricity consumption as the running of many machines, carbon omissions increase, which is very harmful to the environment.

China’s carbon emissions into the environment were already very high but, it wants to lower them to 0. Therefore, to achieve the target of zero carbon Emissions in future, it banned cryptocurrency mining and trading.         

Electricity Shortage

Earlier, the electricity supply to the whole industrial system in China was very cheap. However, due to the large electricity consumption by cryptocurrency mining firms, China decided to impose heavy taxes. After banning cryptocurrency trading, China decided to increase the taxes on electricity consumed by the mining companies.

Because of this, most mining companies were not even able to handle the charges. It became one of the important reasons for many companies to shut down. Also, China said that due to the electricity consumption of the bitcoin mining system, the country is facing an electricity shortage.

Financial Threat

China already believes that the financial system is at a huge threat due to the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Most people were investing in bitcoins due to advantages of bitcoin and not in the traditionally existing commodities that the government regulates. Therefore, the government was not even able to generate enough funds for the common good of people.

It is a reason given by the Chinese government for banning the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin entirely in the country. They believe people will focus more on government-controlled assets once private cryptocurrencies are banned.

Launch of CBDC

According to the experts, China’s central bank digital currency launch is essential for banning bitcoin. Earlier, the bitcoin network for making a lot of benefits from the people of China. Also, China was home to about 65% of the world’s total BTC mining. However, it was not at all suitable for the Chinese digital currency.

Therefore, China decided to take hold of the whole blockchain network to launch the central bank-driven digital currency. As a result, it decided to ban the very popular bitcoin, and it did so in the year 2021. Moreover, China wanted to create a monopoly of the central bank digital currency to flourish without competition.


Even as China continues to suffocate cryptos with sanctioned prohibitions, it’s good to see that the decentralized, transparent, and irreversible concept’s worldwide popularity is growing.

Why did China ban Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency? The Chinese government is concerned about the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment, as well as individuals who use digital currency for illegal activity and money laundering. The country’s own digital currency is now being marketed and developed for consumer use.

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