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Benefits of Cryptocurrency to LGBTQ Community


There is a lot of discrimination and hatred when it comes to the gay, lesbian, and the entire LGBTQ community therefore, finding solutions to stick together and providing support to the community is important. The development of technology and benefits of cryptocurrency to LGBTQ community has brought the human race together. They now have access to the latest technologies that were not there decades ago.

Cryptocurrency has found unique solutions to help LGBTQ businesses and causes. It is very important to safeguard the monetary rights of the LGBTQ community and that’s when people from the community who own businesses can safely invest in Bitcoins to raise a good number of profits for themselves in the current economy.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency to LGBTQ Community

Let us see some of the benefits of Cryptocurrency to LGBTQ community in recent times. Recently, a new type of cryptocurrency has shown support towards the community being abundant and genuine but does blockchain grow forever is the big question.

1) A Hong Kong-oriented non-profit LGBTQ Foundation launched their digital token based on a Blockchain system which is aimed to provide support to the gay, lesbian and transgender community. 

2) The goal of the organization as explained by its president is to generate capital that would support the LGBTQ community and every individual suffering persecution across the globe. Many LGBTQ-run businesses in San Francisco have agreed to welcome “pink dollar” as a payment mode. 

3) The LGBT Token was notably the primary inclusive cryptocurrency to be launched in the market that is aimed to empower LGBT users and business deals regardless of the conventional currency. Ever since then, a large number of business markets have accepted the LGBT Token and several other alternatives to show their acceptance and support towards the LGBTQ community.

4) The advantage of transacting with these coins is that they can be marketed freely and hence they provide great liquidity to the investors.

5) Additionally, the foundation expects to raise a good amount of funds to be able to operate independently which will further support the LGBT-run businesses.

LGBTQ Crypto Colonists are Investing Elsewhere

Several cryptocurrency investors have pointed out that the environment for trading cryptocurrency and interactions in the crypto environment is more supportive and accepting in other places.

1) Whether embracing openly the sexual orientation of someone or gender identity, few investors have reported receiving any of the typical shaming or negative attitude that is often faced by the individuals in different online investment procedures.

2) Several members of the LGBTQ community have made considerable investments of their own in enhancing the crypto world. Amateurs can now trade easily you can check bit trader. Joe DiPasquale, the CEO of BitBull Capital has made investments into StartOut which is a non-profit group aimed to uplift the LGBTQ entrepreneurs in the technical world.

Playing Field for Investment is Leveled by Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an intrinsically online concept about trading digital currencies:

1) The cryptocurrency is not like other financial institutions that can harm or cease individuals from taking any actions, it is rather a fundamentally equalizing idea.

2) Due to the Blockchain technology of cryptocurrency, it provides more fluidity and independence to investors without having to worry about dealing with traditional infrastructure.

3) Although there are many other financial barriers towards the LGBTQ community, the nature of Cryptocurrency allows anyone to take action no matter what is their background and budget.

Blockchain Technology to Make ‘Pink Economy’ Visible

Blockchain can help the individuals of the LGBT community to show their economic power. Benefits benefits of cryptocurrency to LGBTQ community will provide them with the right to fight against any discrimination around the globe.

1) Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are powered by a Blockchain system and the LGBT Token scheme will use the same system to develop a digital structure that will make the economic power of the community more visible.

2) Since there is no accurate measure for global spending for the LGBTQ community, the “pink economy” is estimated at around $4.6 trillion per year which is even larger than Germany’s GDP.

3) Blockchain systems of cryptocurrencies are very difficult to tamper with and are maintained by a series of computerized networks without any centralized authority. The LGBT Token system will make the investing capacity of the LGBT community visible, which will provide them with greater economic weight without putting their privacy in danger. 

5) The scheme is expected to raise funds every year for the LGBTQ community by selling additional tokens each year. Developing a unified and detectable network will help the LGBTQ community to raise their voice against any kind of discrimination.


The cryptocurrency world has provided a free of judgement environment for all its investors to join and grow successively. The cryptocurrency and its Blockchain technology have provided the LGBTQ community with benefits around the globe. Benefits of cryptocurrency to LGBTQ community will show their economic strength and raise their voice against any discrimination. It will be beneficial for the community to move forward with their businesses in the long run.

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