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Different Types of Insurance Policies: Insurance Basics


An Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Auto Insurance, Travel Insurance or Property Insurance are not only the types of insurance policies available in the market. However the fact is insurance products are available wherever risk is involved. In today’s world there are number of risks involved and for mostly any type of risk solution, there are “different types of insurance policies offered by insurance companies”.

“Different Types of Insurance Policies”:

Let us check it out, some other types of insurance policies available in today’s market.

Credit Insurance:

Credit insurance protects lenders financial losses. In case borrower is unable to pay debts due to disability, unemployment, death or any other misfortunes.

  • Mortgage Insurance protects lender against borrower getting defaulters.
  • Trade Credit Insurance protects business from default on payments over receivable accounts.
  • Credit protection plans offer protection against payments made via credit / debit cards.

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance is a form of insurance which protects you from third party legal claims. For example: Auto Insurance provides liability coverage to protect you against third party lives / health / property claims in the event of any vehicle accident or crashing.

  • Public Liability Insurance protects business owners or organisation against claims arising from public injuries or property damages.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance is a liability insurance to protect against claims due to errors and omissions. Such types of policies mostly brought by business / art makers / tourists professionals, etc.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is also known as professional indemnity (PI). This insurance is liability insurance for professional like architectures or medical practitioners to protect against claims occurrence made by clients or patients.

Casualty Insurance:

Casualty insurance is a very broader term. Casualty insurance protects insured against accidents. For example: Auto Insurance covers casualties only in the event of vehicle accidents.

  • Crime Insurance protect insurer against financial losses due to criminal activities like theft, etc.
  • Terrorism Insurance protect policy holder against losses or damages occurred due to terrorist activities. For example: World Trade Center attack (US), Taj Hotel attack (India), etc.
  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance cover individuals, organisation or business operating at high risk areas against extortions, kidnaps, hijacking or any wrongful arrest.
  • Political Risk Insurance helps business and operations to protect against risk of losses in the event of political activities. For example: damages due to political rallies, political war, etc.

Property Insurance:

Property insurance protects you against financial losses occurrence against risk of property. For example: property insurance covers against fire, theft, weather, etc. Some special property insurance available in the market includes flood insurance, home insurance, earthquake insurance, boiler insurance, inland marine insurance and many more.

Burial Insurance:

One of the oldest forms of insurance is burial insurance. Burial insurance protect family against arisen of financial expenses upon death. For example: cost of funeral, etc. Burial insurance was first started in Romans and Greeks in 600 CE.

Specified Disease Insurance:

If you are planning to go beyond health insurance then specified disease insurance can be your next choice. Specified Disease Insurance safeguards people against huge financial losses due to long-term diseases or health conditions. Specified disease insurance contains policies like Alzheimer insurance, Cancer insurance, etc. These types of policies provide cash benefits for hospitalisations, treatments and drugs. Before you consider, you should get in touch with insurance representative and get clarified on waiting period of benefits, maximum length, exact definition of disease, etc.

Other Insurances:

There are various other insurance products available. Some of the common and frequently opted insurance products are listed below:

  • Divorce Insurance: One of form of liability insurance is divorce insurance which protect insured against cash benefits in the event of divorce as a result of marriage.
  • Interest Rate Insurance: It protects individuals, corporate, business or organisations from the operational risk arisen due to change in interest rates.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: It covers business against financial losses due to interruptions in business operations like worker strikes, etc.
  • Pet Insurance: It safeguards pets owner with any losses or expenses against accidents, wellness care, illness, burial, etc.
  • Title Insurance: One of the forms of property insurance offers title insurance. It protects you against financial losses arisen with connection to the title of the property. These kinds of policies are mostly purchased during search performed for real estate transactions.

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