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Top 5 – Best Tips to Buy Swift Insurance Online


Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the leading fuel-efficient cars in the Indian car segment. Both the variants of Swift, namely Diesel and Petrol, provide state-of-the-art features in parking, air-bag systems, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), etc. Before getting your car on the road, you must have heard that you need to get it insured as a legal requirement. Roads are full of perils and therefore one should be conscious enough to get their car insured to cover third party liabilities arising in an accident. Insurance policies, today, also provide a range of covers apart from third party liability. Own damage (OD), personal cover for injury or death of the driver or passengers, roadside assistance, damage due to man-made or natural disasters, et al. are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy.

You can now buy Swift insurance online. Whether you are buying a new policy or looking for a renewal, you can look up and compare insurance policies online at any hour. There are other factors that you should keep in mind while searching for a policy online. Let us have a look at some of the tips that can help you find the perfect Maruti car insurance policy for your requirements.

Top 5 – Tips to Buy Swift Insurance Online:

Let us take a quick walk through to understand what are the best ways to consider before buying car insurance online. Car Insurance is one of the mandatory documents required while driving. Initially you will find difficulties in buying online insurance, but next time once you will prefer online insurance. Its an convenient option to buy a car insurance.

1. Best Know Your Vehicle:

Insurance policies, to a great extent, depend upon the mechanics of your car. Assess the features of your Swift car to understand what kind of insurance policy would fit your vehicle in the optimum manner. Usually, the value of the car is a determinant factor in calculating the premium amount. Therefore, before buying car insurance online, do thorough research of your vehicle, its value, its estimated life, et al. to comprehensively compare the policies and its benefits online.

2. Understand the Policy:

For Swift Insurance, a comprehensive insurance policy that covers not only third party liabilities but also other, rarer damages and circumstances, such as natural disasters or theft. While comparing insurance policies online make sure you do not overpay for very little additional benefits and also do not go for cheap policies as they might not give you a comprehensive cover.

3. Search for Discounts or Benefits:

Buying an insurance policy online is beneficial because it can be purchased at a discount. On the other hand, look for policies that provide No Claim Bonuses (NCB) for the policy. NCB is essentially a reward for not filing a claiming for the whole policy period. Such benefits are transferred in as discount on the following year’s premium payment.

4. Study the Exclusions Carefully:

  • Insurance cannot be claimed if the driver is under the effect of any drug or alcohol.
  • Insurance policies get void if the policy claim is made on a staged accident to have unlawful gains.
  • Use of vehicle in illegal activities would make the claim void.
  • If your policy has expired, or the peril is of mechanical failure, or the car gets damaged due to day-to-day wear and tear, the insurance policy might not provide a risk cover.

5. Do Not Undervalue:

The premium amount of the insurance policy is determined based on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle. If you undervalue your vehicle to reduce the premium amounts, you may not get the apt risk cover. Therefore, it is advisable to not practice such undervaluation.

Prepare yourself with these five simple tips before you start looking for car insurance online. Bharti AXA GI offers a comprehensive Swift Insurance to fortify your car with all-round risk cover along with 24×7 assistance.

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