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Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Plan in India 2024 | Claim Ratio Comparison


Do you have a question like: How to choose Best Term Insurance Plan in India for 2024? or Which are the best term plans in India for 2024-2025? Then you are going to learn a lot today. Here in this article we will showcase the “Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Plan in India 2024”. Here we will see the best term plans in India of health insurance companies based on IRDA claim settlement ratio 2020-21 term insurance. If you are going to buy best term insurance plan in India 2024 then you have to make primary decision based on IRDA claim settlement ratio 2020-21 life insurance.

IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has made compulsory to send claim settlement ratio report to them so that, they can publish publicly to benefit individuals as well as organizations. There are 20+ life insurance policy providers selling policies online as well as offline. Sometime it becomes hard to sell best term insurance policies in India 2024 in-case your claim settlement ratio is lower.


Just to get some overview about what is term insurance policy. It is a proven fact that a term plan provides the monetary value to the nominee in the form that is basic of insurance where a fixed sum assured is compensated on the death of policyholder. The insured gets nothing in return in-case of survival of policy term in term insurance.

The premium on the term insurance plan is mostly based on factors like: age, duration of policy, sum assured, smoker / non-smoker person, additional riders. I assure you that today after reading more about best term insurance company as well as this their best term insurance plan in India for 2024, you will be surely be able to figure out the best policy to buy in India.

Claim settlement ratio has been chosen to rate the insurance companies because it is the only ratio where customers can trust while they select the life insurance policies. High claim settlement ratio shows the insurer is reliable and trustworthy to take term plans whereas, the ratio that is low that the credibility of insurer is less.

Therefore those insurance companies will not attract many clients because of their inability to be in claims. You can also check different types of term insurance policy for more details and analysis purpose. Now as you know exactly what term insurance coverage means. Let us move ahead to understandsome important facts based on the IRDA data available as of date.

Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Companies in India 2024

Most tricky part is to understand terms and considers of any of the insurance provider in their products which are not easy to relate to. This is one of the main reasons why IRDA has made it mandate to publish Claim Settlement Ratio in their annual report. Insurance provider provides best term insurance plan in India with duration of 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and more sometimes.

Below is the list of few more best term insurance plan in India 2024 based on IRDA claim settlement ratio 2020-21 life insurance paid by companies. This is a list of Best Term Insurance Companies in India which is consistently performing well, they are:

Sr. No.Insurance ProviderDeath Claims receivedDeath Claims PaidClaim Settlement Ratio
1Max Life20,05219,92299.35%
2Tata AIA Life4,6484,55698.02%
5Reliance Nippon9,4169,27498.49%
6Kotak Mahindra4,4024,33698.50%
7Bharti Axa1,8931,87599.05%
8Aditya Birla Sun Life6,4746,34798.04%
9Exide Life5,0524,97898.54%
10ICICI Prudential14,82914,51897.90%

Other Best Term Insurance Providers in India 2024 – Based on IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio

First steps majorly is to considered IRDA claim settlement ratio 2021-22 term insurance when buying a term insurance coverage plan. Claim Settlement ratio of a company informs you about the number of policies that are settled against the death claims. This is a list of Best Term Insurance Provider in India which are upcoming or performing well in recent years and hope they would be maintaining their same reputation year on year basis.

Sr. No.Insurance ProviderDeath Claims receivedDeath Claims PaidClaim Settlement Ratio
2PNB Met Life5,3155,21898.17%
4Edelweiss Tokyo50248797.01%
5IDBI Federal1,3061,25195.79%
6Future Generali1,2261,16394.86%
7Bajaj Allianz14,33314,11598.48%
8Canara HSBC OBC1,8991,84497.14%
9Star Union1,6351,56995.96%
10SBI Life34,21931,85593.09%

Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Plan in India 2024

When you ask me a question “How to choose Best Term Insurance Plan in India”, I will tell you answer of this in simple way. These are three important things which I will analyse first before buying any policy or plans.

  • Firstly you should understand your requirement to fix the amount of cover you required.
  • Secondly, be specific about the duration for which you require coverage. For example: If I am 40 years of age, I would prefer to buy policy for 40 years. This means that want to cover myself till 80 years of age, which is higher than life expectancy rate.
  • Lastly, you should consider inflation when you are buying any insurance. For example: 1 crore of cover looks huge now but after 40 years, interest on principle may not cover your daily expenses.

Here is the list of Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Plan in India 2024 – 2025. This ranking is based on the multiple factors like: IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio, Policy Benefits and much more. Check this out:

ListBest Term Plan in IndiaEntry Age (Min-Max)Policy Term (Min-Max)Accidental Death BenefitsCritical Illness Benefit
1LIC – E-term Plan18 – 60 years10 – 35 yearsN/AN/A
2Max Life – Online term Plan Plus18 – 60 years10 – 40 yearsPaidN/A
3HDFC Life – 3D Plus Life Option18 – 65 years10 – 40 yearsPaidPaid
4IDBI Federal – iSurance Flexi Term18 – 60 Years10 – 62 yearsPaidFree
5Aegon Life – iTerm Plan18 – 65 years5 – 40 yearsPaidN/A
6SBI Life – eShield Plan18 – 65 years5 – 30 yearsPaidN/A
7ICICI Prudential – iProtect Smart18 – 60 Years5 – 40 yearsPaidN/A
8TATA AIA – Sampoorna Raksha18 – 70 years10 – 40 yearsN/AN/A
9Reliance – Online Term Plan18 – 65 Years10 – 35 yearsPaidPaid
10Bajaj Allianz – eTouch Lumpsum18 – 65 years10 – 40 yearsPaidPaid

Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Plan Comparison in India 2024 – Based on Insurance Premium

One of the top benefits of this plans are they are purely a life cover plan and due to which you get it at cheaper rate. Another crucial benefit is that, you get cover for critical illness and permanent disability as well as a part of comprehensive plan along with policy.

Here we are going to present Top 10 – Best Term Insurance Comparison in India based on premium amount. Below list is based on the example that Mr. John is of age 30 years and willing to buy Term Insurance Policy for 1 Crore with the policy duration of 35 years (till the age of 65 years). Let’s compare term insurance premium in India.

ListInsurance CompanyTerm Insurance PlanPremium Amount
1Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)E-term Plan₹21,000.00
2Bajaj Allianz General InsuranceeTouch Lumpsum₹13,000.00
3SBI Life Insurance CompanyeShield Plan₹12,000.00
4HDFC Life3D Plus Life Option₹11,500.00
5 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance iProtect Smart₹11,500.00
6IDBI Federal Life InsuranceiSurance Flexi Term₹11,000.00
7TATA AIASampoorna Raksha₹10,000.00
8Max Life InsuranceOnline Term Plus₹9,500.00
9Reliance Life InsuranceOnline Term Plan₹8,500.00
10Aegon Life Insurance CompanyiTerm Plan₹8,500.00


Frankly speaking, such life cover insurance plans are really sufficient to cover one’s person life or even family at very cheapest premium. You can even make these plan more cheaper by pay premium on either monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis. Also its simple to understand as investment link to life insurance policy are many time confusing to customers and premium for such policies are also on quite higher side.

It is a suggestion to all the new policy buyers that they make their choices sensibly based in the performance evaluated through their Claim Settlement Ratios. The information provided here is good enough to choose the Best Term Insurance Plan in India.

Here my motto with this article through is to provide you awareness reading how to shortlist and conclude yourself to choose the best from the rest. After reading this list of Top 10 – Best Insurance Plan in India 2024 – 2025. I am pretty assured that you will be able to analyse and well figure it out. Give your valuable feedback so that we can provide better reading materials to our readers.

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