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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator


Our SIP with Inflation Calculator is mainly known as All-In-One SIP calculator. It is an excel and google spreadsheet based tool with wide range of features. This calculator can be use to calculate systematic investment, extra investment at intervals and more. It can be use as Interest on Investment Calculator, Investment Calculator, Future Value Calculator, ROI Calculator, Compounding Interest Calculator and more. You can use it as Lump Sum Calculator, Mutual Funds SIP with Inflation Calculator, Fixed Deposit Calculator, Recurring Deposit Calculator, CD Calculator, Stock Market SIP with Inflation Calculator, FD Calculator and many more types of investing calculators.

Note: (1) When you see “Protected View” message, you need to click on “Enable Editing” in excel spreadsheet. (2) Many of the excel based functions do not work with google spreadsheets. Keeping this in mind, we have provided 3 different templates compatible with google spreadsheet.

What is SIP?

SIP means a method of investment offer by mutual funds to systematically invest your funds. Investor can invest a fix investment amount at predefined intervals (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or lump-sum). SIP full form is Systematic Investment Plan. Investment amount could be as little as 500 per month. Fixed amount is auto-debited from account and invested in chosen mutual fund scheme.

SIP helps investors to invest money in disciplined manner without worrying towards market dynamics and timing. As SIP provides flexibility to investors, they can increase their investment amount or discontinue the plan at any point of time.

Why should I Invest in SIP?

Let us understand Important points to be consider prior investing in SIP. You can evaluate your result based on SIP calculator, Lump Sum Calculator and SIP with inflation calculator.

  • SIP helps individuals to invest a fixed sum of money individually irrespective of market condition which benefits from power of compounding interest.
  • Inflation can burn your returns faster. SIP provides good returns on investment in equities schemes.
  • SIP helps in achieving your financial objective by investing regularly even with a small amount for a long period.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) works similar to mutual fund. Specialist money market experts takes care of money invested and we do not have to worry. Its beneficial to understand how SIP helps to grow your investment.

How Sip Works with Example

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows you to invest regularly on specified intervals. Let’s say you earn monthly salary of 50,000 and you decide to contribute 10% every month towards SIP. Now you will have to research which is the largest mutual fund in your country which has consistently performed well in long term. Let us take XYZ mutual fund investment scheme for an example.

If you start investing in this scheme from last 10 years towards SIP, then 5,000 every month will be deducted from your funding’s. This money will be allocate in mutual funds on regular basis. As SIP automatically deducts your money, investment is maintain with consistency. Mutual fund organizations invest the money on your behalf which gives assurance for systematic investment.      

Compounding interest is the main feature of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Contributing amount 5,000 every month accumulates throughout the period to make large amount of money. For example, assume that you earn 15% interest on your SIP for 10 years of monthly investment. Let us now evaluate your SIP returns based on the above scenario. Your overall contribution toward SIP is 600,000 (5000 per month * 120 months). Enter this details in SIP calculator, you will see that you have earned 1,315,086 returns on your investment. You can use Lump Sum Calculator, SIP with inflation calculator to evaluate result based on inflation.

Benefit of SIP investment to get good returns is just start investing. if you are not professional or not aware how capital market operates, no need to worry as SIP fulfills all your requirements. You should just have knowledge as to how to invest. There are lot of mutual fund companies providing higher returns within stipulated period. You can appoint a broker who can take care of your investments. You can buy mutual funds online by researching on different capital market websites.

How to Start Sip Investment?

Let us have a look how to start SIP Investment in mutual funds. Research and analyse on best investment options prior starting SIP investment.

1) Understanding requirement is a primary important factor. Whether you wish to make SIP investment for children’s education, buying property, retirement etc.

2) Time and risk factor are require to be consider as to when you wish to accomplish your goals. Depending upon your earnings, you need to decide how much risk can be taken to invest in SIP.

3) Complete your KYC formalities prior investing in SIP.

4) There are different types of Mutual funds (Equity, Debt and Balanced mutual fund). Choose appropriate mutual fund depending on nature of fund is a vital factor.

5)Set your SIP amount, method (monthly, semi-annual or annual) and date based on your personal priorities.

How to Use Lump Sum SIP with Inflation Calculator?

It is straight forward and simple to use SIP Calculator and Lump Sum Calculator. You just need to fill some basic details of investment for SIP calculation. You can even use this calculation for systematic investment, SIP with Inflation, lump-sum investment along with extra investment at certain intervals. Tools presented here is highly customizable according to most of your needs. One can view updated investment summary, chart and table after entering basic details.

All the features available in excel sheet and google spreadsheet are explain in the video. You can download the tool from the link and play with it. This tool is 100% free for personal use, customize and modify it. You can customize the spreadsheet as it is not lock with password. These tool provided on our website cannot be use to sell with customized features, host as free, sell or re-sell. Get approval in written for such list of activities. Hope you will enjoy it.

Who can Use SIP Calculator?

This excel spreadsheet and google sheet based tool are highly compatible to handle multiple tasks. Your SIP Calculator is available in various themes with interactive chart and investment table and summary. This tool is called as All-In-One SIP calculator. As name suggest, it is capable to handle different types of investment calculator. Examples are listed below.

  • SIP with Inflation Calculator
  • Lump Sum SIP Calculator
  • Lump Sum Calculator
  • Interest on Investment Lump Sum SIP Calculator
  • Future Value Lump Sum SIP Calculator
  • SIP Mutual Funds Calculator
  • Recurring Deposit SIP with Inflation Calculator
  • Compounding Interest Lump Sum Calculator
  • Fixed Deposit Lump Sum SIP Calculator
  • Certificate of Deposit SIP with Inflation Calculator
  • Investment Lump Sum Calculator
  • Savings Lump Sum SIP with Inflation Calculator
  • Stock Market SIP Calculator
  • And Many More Different Types of Investment Returns Calculator.


You will definitely see the advantages of All-In-One SIP Calculator in your business. You can download excel spreadsheet or google spreadsheet and get full control to customize it according to your requirement. Hope you will like it.

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