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What is Corporate Finance? Definition, Examples, Roles


Corporate financing is one of the important subjects in financial domain. It’s deep rooted within our day to day lives. Here we are going to learn about what is corporate finance meaning with examples along with its significant roles.

Most of us are employee either in small or large corporate organizations. These types of businesses raise money and then deploy this raised capital for effective needs. Let us understand the concept with different types of corporate finance examples.

Corporate Finance Definition

Corporate finance defines as a basic component in determining exactly how a business or company will operate its functions. Well, corporate financing is the area of finance which is much concerned about managing the required funding and its sources. Also it oversees the capital structure and optimizes its proficiency to maximize valuation of the company.

As a matter of fact, the primary objective of corporate finance is to enhance shareholder value in short and long run respectively. Shareholder value also determines success of the economic activity. In other words generating capitals and deploying them for productive purposes is what forms the basis of capital finance. Ownership and management are the essence of capital financing.

Now, what we need to understand is that any firm does not rely on an individual’s investment. The competitive market demands for numerous sources. A common man is not content with depositing all his money in the bank. He looks for an alternative for investing their excess savings.

He is ready to take a leap of faith by risking his own money. This very nature of general public is the very reason for emergence of capital markets. Not only do these capital markets act as a prominent source of financing but also they provide the general public with number of choices for investment.


Define corporate finance answer in one sentence? Corporate finance means, acquisition as well as allocation of a corporation’s funds, utilizing the unbiased to increasing stock value. Primary function of corporate financing is resource acquisition. It is the generation of wealth from either external or internal sources at the least expensive cost toward company.

This includes two basic categories of resources have always been liability and equity. Secondary function of corporate financing is resource allocation, It means financial investment of money using the intention of increasing shareholder wealth / stock value in the long run. This includes two basic categories of assets ie.. fixed assets and current assets.

Corporate finance differs from business finance, when business finance relates to financing businesses like: partnership firms, sole proprietary firm, joint stock companies, etc. Likewise corporate financing is related to planning, investment, raising capital and also tracking of funds to attain your financial aim of organization.

Examples of Corporate Finance

Let us take the corporate finance examples to understand this in more details.

Corporate Finance Examples

Your business might opt for to invest in high risk ventures in order to offer / promote its shareholders the possibility to huge profits. However, high-risk opportunities may perhaps reduce the bond value associated with company’s bonds, so reducing their particular worth inside bond market and lead to increase in rate of interest that company need to spend or borrow financial in the future.

Conversely, if organization spends besides conservatively, things may fail to improve the stock value. If firm carries out better than other companies, the stock price can increase, theoretically, making it possible for things to increase additional funds at a low rate of interest along with some other benefits.

Another Example of Corporate Financing

Real Options Valuation (ROV) in most cases made use of when the worth of the project looks contingent on the worth of another asset or underlying variable. (Like, each viability of a mining project is contingent regarding cost of gold; if the pricing is besides minimal, handling will likely abandon their mining legal rights, whether sufficiently high, administration will develop their ore body. Anymore, as per DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) valuation will capture only one of these outcomes.

More Examples of Corporate Finance

Assuming there are not any NPV (Net Present Value) good possibilities, in that case projects returns exceed each challenge price, and excess cash surplus- is not needed. In such case finance principle suggests, management need to return some as the surplus cash to shareholders in the form of dividend.

This is normal circumstances but there have always been exceptions. For instance, shareholders of a growing stock, look forward to the organization will hold almost all of the extra surplus money to fund future contracts internally to aid raise the company valuation.

Best Corporate Financing Example

DTA (Decision Tree Analysis) standards flexibility with integrating feasible activities as well as consequent handling decisions. For instance, the best company would definitely create a factory because need for their product exceeded a certain stage during the pilot-period or outsource production.

In turn, additional demand, it would likewise expand production and maintain that normally. Within a DCF design, simply by comparison, there isn’t any “branching” – each situation must be modelled independently.

Significant Role of Corporate Finance

Capital investment decisions play a significant role in corporate finance. These decisions include:

  • Approving or rejecting the proposed investment. And if approved, should the company pay for it with debt or equity or with both.
  • Whether or not the dividends should be given to shareholders on their investment in the company.
  • Short-term assets and liabilities, inventory control, investments and other short-term financial issues are to be managed by a financial manager.

According to the encyclopedia of social sciences, role of corporate finance is related to understanding and preventing the financial problems of a corporation. The financial aspects of new enterprises, its promotion and administration during early development is dealt under corporate financing. Also it is concerned by the distinction between funds and revenue generated.

Investment Banking Vs Corporate Finance

Investment banking is also related to corporate finance. To understand the connection and difference between Investment banking and corporate finance, you’ve to understand what does an investment banker does. Basically, an investment bank is a financial institution that evaluates the financial demands of an individual, company or a government and help them generate the required capital from different sources at minimum cost.

You must be wondering where to find the connection. Hence in order to create and expand the current business and acquire new businesses the term corporate finance is often linked with the transactions in which capital is generated for this purpose.


In this e-learning tutorial lesson we have understood about what is corporate finance, significant role, importance of corporate finance and capital budgeting. Hope this corporate finance notes have given you enough knowledge in financial management of corporate finance.

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