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What is CAGR? Good CAGR Percentage, Formula, Examples


I have come across people who keep asking is 5% to 7% cagr good and many times they don’t even understand what is a good cagr percentage as well. So we have decided to give you information on what is cagr even you can say what is compound annual growth rate as well. What is a good compound annual growth rate for a company along with what is a good cagr for sales? and understanding of using cagr to forecast growth of a company.

To overview good compound annual growth rate is not under accounting definition. Term CAGR is most often used in business and investing related matters. Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a ratio to calculate a constant rate of return over number of years. It is specifically used to compare data about what is revenue growth of companies belonging to same sector or industry.

What is Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)?

Compound Annual Growth Rate is mostly referred as CAGR as short form. Compound annual growth rate means, measure the constant growth over multiple years. That it is attention of due to the fact growth rates you gets from their first investment to your ending investment worth, if one assumes that the investment is compounding over the time stage. It signifies the most valid how to determine and determine comes back for the individual assets, investment portfolios and a thing that can easily fall or increase in value over time.

A stock or mutual fund cannot provide you constant growth every year. Their rates could modification at year to-year. In addition, when one makes frequent investments, you will need to know the growth rate of the assets together. For example, when you plan to invested in different types of mutual funds for 5 years of time frame. CAGR lets you know how much your investment has grown yearly through our timeframe. Still, this really is applicable one assuming we re-invest the gains yearly.

How to Calculate by CAGR Formula?

Most commonly it is calculated by Compound Annual Growth Rate Formula / CAGR formula stated as:

CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) = (( EV / BV ) ^ 1/n ) – 1

  • EV = Earned Value / Earning Value of Investment.
  • BV = Beginning Value of Investment.
  • n = Periods (months, years, and so on.)

“Compound interest, the eighth wonder of the world. He who knows it earns that it, person whom does not pays it.” – Einstein

You should understand how to calculate compound interest initially. For calculating annualized return on investment using Compound Annual Growth Rate / CAGR is also useful. It can be calculated by CAGR Formula mentioned below.

CAGR = (1 + ((Revenue-Costs)/Costs)) ^ (365/Days) – 1 where in simple language (Revenue-Costs)/Costs means Return On Investment (ROI)

How to Use CAGR to Forecast Growth?

Using CAGR to forecast growth, potential of a company then, it is a good way to analyse and chose the best investment option for you. You can make use of Compound Annual Growth Rate Formula to forecast growth of your company and even to launch new products. We will understand using cagr to calculate future value by cagr example given below.

Compound Annual Growth Rate Example

Let us assume that a person has invested 100,000 in best Mutual fund for 5 years. During this 5 years of time frame, the valuation keeps of falling and increasing. Assume that 1st year the valuation was 75,000, 2nd year was 100,000, 3rd year was 150,000, 4th year was 125,000 and 5th year was 275,000 as valuation on invested capital.

We can calculate your CAGR with the investment as:

Compound Annual Growth Rate = ((275,000 / 100,000) ^ 1/5) – 1 = 0.2242 = 22.42%

What is a Good CAGR?

If you ask me good CAGR meaning, then let me tell you there is no definition for good CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). But speaking generally, anything between 15% to 25% over 5 years of investment can be considered as a good compound annual growth rate when investing in stocks or mutual funds. Anything lower than 12% of CAGR makes other investment attractive (for example: real estate, debentures or other securities) than stocks or mutual funds.

What is a Good CAGR for a Company?

It is an important factor for an investor, businessman or a CEO of a company. Compound annual growth rate percentage will guide them to know, the demand and valuation for a company’s products, services and as a whole company’s performance.

When you come across best small cap companies, you may mostly observe many times that 15% to 30% is a good CAGR. If you came across best startup companies, compound annual growth rate in the range of 100% to 500% in the initial stage wouldn’t be an abnormal. Growth rates of a company also depends upon the industry sector as well as size of the company. If you observe large cap companies, then sales growth of 5-12% is considered as a good CAGR for a company.

Best Compound Annual Growth Rate for Sales?

We understand that good compound annual growth rate for sales is very much important for a company. It also assists companies to bring new products and services in market. As mentioned in what is a good cagr for a company, primarily it depends on the company size along with number of years into business. For a company with 3 to 5 years of experience, 10% to 20% can really be a good cagr for sales. On the other hand, 8% to 12% can be considered as a good cagr for sales of a company with more than 10 years of experience into same business.

What is a Good CAGR Percentage?

If you are an investor looking for stable returns by investing in strong and large companies from financial market then, 8% to 12% is a good CAGR percentage for you. For those investors who are willing to invest in moderate to high risk companies, they would expect 15% to 25% is a good percentage for them.

Is 7% CAGR Good? or Is 5% CAGR Good?

I will give you a simple answer for your question. Everything lower than 8% CAGR is not good. Any company offering 7% compound annual growth rate makes less attractive to an investor. If you ask me, Is 7% a good CAGR? Then I will definitely tell you that, your company is at additional risk in its new offering. It is very easy for an investor to get more than 8% compound annual growth rate by investing in best types of investment available in the market.


Here you have gained knowledge on what is CAGR along with what is a good compound annual growth rate? As a businessman, you have also understood what is a good CAGR for a company as well as what is a good CAGR for sales. As an investor you would really got an idea that whether 7% CAGR good or 8% cagr good along with what is a good CAGR percentage. This really would a good learning day for you.

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