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Top 10 – Best Types of Investment


Investing is how to develop ways and get your investment work for you rather you work for money. There tend to be numerous types of investment at different level of risk with different return on investments. It is said that when you tend to risk higher you can expect higher returns as well.

Whereas when you tend to invest in low risk instruments you can expect low returns on investment. Quite it’s ideal to have a combine out of different types of investment in economics in order to spread risk on investment. And it’s worthwhile to do research as well as take financial advice so we discover the potential risks before investing into financial products.

Top 10 – Best Types of Investment

Here we have listed some of the best types of investment for companies as well as for individuals. You can also read about different types of investment funds for additional knowledge. Knowledge of different types of investment in India, America, Europe and many more countries are same. So this knowledge will assist you worldwide wherever you are leaving

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

ETFs or perhaps exchange traded funds is more likely similar to mutual funds in many respects, but tend to be traded at stock exchange throughout the trading hours as similar to stocks. As opposed to mutual funds that are valued on NAV at the end to trading day, ETFs tend to be valued frequently throughout the markets hours. These types of investment are categorize among medium to high risk as well as medium to high returns on investment.


When you buy a share of stocks you participate in each company’s profits thru increases into the stock’s pricing plus dividends probably declared by Company. Shareholders have a claim rights regarding the company’s assets in-case of liquidation, but do not own any types of assets. Stocks are categorized among high risk financial instruments. At the same time investor can expect higher returns on such types of investment.


Derivatives are chosen by most advance investors. Derivative includes trading in future and option markets. This is often a complicated as well as difficult part of investment categories. But, creation of derivatives for a very simple concept – permitting people to protect them, otherwise ‘hedge’, against upcoming price movement.

For example: a farmer can easily fix the price of milk today, which will certainly provide on future date. And on top of that, a supermarket owner could fix the cost price of milk now which will be receive to him on the future date. This types of investment are categorize among the most risky financial instruments and it required a solid knowledge on it.

Mutual Funds – Good Types of Investment

These types of investment are actually pooled investment handled by a fund manager allowing investors to invest money in stocks, bonds otherwise other types of investment mentioned within the fund’s prospectus.

Mutual funds have always been value at NAV (Net Asset Value) at the end of trading day. You can buy or sell mutual funds at NAV value. Overall mutual funds are categorize among medium to high risk financial market, where the returns on investment are also medium to high.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate also one of the best types of investment for long term investment. As price of real estate For example: house, shop, factory or plant, etc. will grow gradually. You will definitely see the appreciate in valuation when you stay invested for medium to long term. There are two options of investment either through buying a property or buying a property investment funds. These is consider to be a low to medium risk asset class where you see huge appreciate after 5, 10 or 20 years of time duration.

Foreign Currency Exchange

When a company buy services or goods, foreign currency is also utilize as an investment opportunity for businesses. Mostly investors are searching for great attractive interest rates for investment and hoping exchange rates will certainly go favorable which may lead to capital gain.

Investors, fund managers might also choose foreign currency to safeguard, or perhaps ‘hedge’, another investments which are invest overseas. These are categorize among low to medium financial instrument in terms of risk and returns on investment.


These types of investment opportunities do not pay dividends as well as interest, but their value keeps on increasing and decreasing which result in the capital gain. It is observe that worth of commodities commonly moves in opposite direction with respect to other investment categories.

For example: Let us take an types of investment example to understand it. Assume that gold is a commodity and gold usually increases when stock market goes down. Therefore people sometimes purchase commodities to protect themselves from losses in stock market. Here risk and return on investment for commodities are categories at medium risk financial instruments.

Bonds – Best Types of Investment

Bonds tend to be debt financial instrument wherein an investor is actually loaning / funding to a business otherwise agency (who issue bonds) in return for regular interest payments. Investor get bond’s face value at the time of bond maturity. Bonds have always been grant through governments, corporations, agencies, etc. Bonds are much similar to fixed deposit in terms of risk as well as returns.

Term Deposits

As like savings account, term deposits are also provided by banks where they pay fixed rate of interest. These types of investment usually agreed to lend funds to bank for the fixed time period (For example: 6 months, 1, 2 or 5 years) at fixed rates of interest. This usually gives higher interest rate than savings account and they as also categorized among low risk financial instruments.

Savings Account

Saving account have always been the most common and also low risk types of investment techniques to preserve cash for the short term necessity. Usually saving accounts are the last option prefer by investors or individuals as returns on investment are lowest among all. Saving accounts are the lowest in risk as well as lowest in returns on investment. So think before you select such types of investment in India for your financial plan.


Go through types of investment in economics of financial markets and gather a proper knowledge on it. It will assist you in getting a good returns on your investment. Hope you will like this financial tutorial course. Do share will your colleagues and friends as it is going to benefit you in all the ways.

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