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Best International and Strategic Financial Management Books


Are you looking forward for best financial management books for mba or to gain true knowledge on management during various economic conditions. Here presenting a list of best international financial management books of all time for our reads to better understand about finance management.

If you are searching for financial management by prasanna chandra, financial management books for mba, financial management books by indian authors then you are at right place. If you are interested in learning then I would suggest to go-head and buy hard books on management, so that you can read it multiple times. Its my personal experience that when ever I read book for 2-3 times, every time I get to learn something new. So give it a try. Best of luck !

Financial Management: Theory and Practice

Financial Management - Theory and Practice - Best Money Management Books

Author:  Prasanna Chandra, Mc Graw Hill India
Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Overview of Book: This book has been recognized and accepted globally as the greatest financial management book of the century and has inspired millions of people. This new edition book on financial management showcase concerns of strategic financial management and corporate finance. Also describe various issues in financial management and a guide on financial management best practices.

This is one of the best financial management books by Indian authors. It covers chapters on The Financial System, Analysis of Financial Statements, Fundamental Valuation Concepts, Financial Planning and Forecasting, The Time Value of Money, valuation of Bonds and Stocks, Risk and Return, Techniques of Capital Budgeting, Market Efficiency and Financing Decisions, Sources of Long Term Finance, Capital Structure and Dividend Decisions, Working Capital Management, Cash / Liquidity / Credit / Inventory Management, Debt Analysis and Management, International Financial Management, Behavioral Finance, etc.

Fundamentals of Financial Management

Fundamentals of International Financial Management - Top Money Management Books

Author: Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston
Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Overview of Book: Best financial management book for understanding today’s financial management and corporate finance with the market-leading strategies. Trust, strengths and support gained by author to put educators and students first in finance today.This Fundamentals of Financial Management (Concise Seventh Edition) book enlighten on balancing of clear concepts, contemporary theory, corporate budgeting and working capital decision making with numerous practical examples. Designed to gain high class knowledge in finance today. Integrated Cases demonstrate theory with Excel Spreadsheet Models and get master in important finance tool.

Bank Financial Management

Author: IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance), Palgrave MacMillan
Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Overview of Book: An important, resourceful, comprehensive guidebook ‘Bank Financial Management’ for all banking professionals. Through this book designed set of modules you gain knowledge on concepts of banking and other vital core areas of banking. This international financial management book has four modules, addressing on Risk Management and Treasury Management sectors, Balance Sheet Management, International Banking, different concept of banking and explained with theory, Regulations in Banking Industry, Risk in Banking Business, Market Risk, Credit Risk and other aspects of banking field.

Best book of financial management to get familiar with the concept of Basics of Forex Derivatives, Forex Business, Exchange Rates, International Banking, Correspondent Banking, Role of FEMA, ECGC and FEDAI and many more. This is an ideal book for banking professionals, who want to extend their knowledge and get expertise in understanding of banking industry.

Financial Management: Core Concepts

Financial Management - Core Concepts - Good Money Management Books

Author: Raymond Brooks
Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Overview of Book: One of an ideal financial management books for non-finance readers “Financial Management: Core Concepts” seeking to learn the key aspects of financial operations. Through this book you gain knowledge on complex financial concepts and making connections for success. This Edition is most updated with information on financial concepts and subject matter. Financial Management makes the topic of finance interesting by relating it to their own personal expenditures and exploring the importance of this field across all disciplines.

Best Financial Management Books of all time:

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Financial Management: Theory & Practice

Author: Eugene F. Brigham, Michael C. Ehrhardt
Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overview of Book: The only strategic and international financial management book to balance between financial theory and practical applications, “Financial Management: Theory & Practice” gives you a thorough understanding of the important and vital concepts to develop and implement effective financial strategies. This book presentations topcis on corporate finance fundamentals, techniques to maximize the firm value. Also exploring the recent financial and economic crises and the role of finance in the business world. With its engaging presentation and numerous examples to serves this text as a complete reference tool for your mba academic or business career. This edition also provide learning solutions such as Aplia(TM), MindTap(R) Finance and CengageNOW to stand First in Finance world.

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