Top Android Games with Highest Paying Bitcoin-Earn and Get Payment in Cryptocurrency

Top Android Games with Highest Paying Bitcoin


Blockchain gaming now constantly takes over traditional games as we know them in these network games in the blockchain. A player has in-game properties or talks from games that can be further exchanged in real cash or cryptocurrencies. The value of these tokens depends on the market’s supply and demand. Bitcoin is having its moment as far as cryptocurrencies go. The digital currency has gone over $44,000 and does not seem to slow.

While the upward price is related to its broad adoption by leading companies and a large rise in investors, Bitcoin is also widely accepted in the gaming world. Although, with time, everything indeed gets better, the Android gaming niche can be told as well. This year, not only have consumers seen an exciting line-up of Android titles, but a quiet revolution is also taking place in the game industry.

Top Android Games that Help’s in Getting Highest Payment in Bitcoin

Here is the list of Top Android games which help you get payments in Bitcoin. Lets get into detail without wasting any further time on it.


Cryptop is a common crypt game similar to the crush of sweets. The sweet potatoes have symbols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc. These symbols are covered by virtual balloons, which need to be combined with earning points to make your digital money. The coins in Ethereum and Pop-coin are currently offered in the game. However, the game can also pay you in various currencies, including Bitcoins, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash, and IDEX. You can use this game in the play shop to get bitcoin.

OX Universe

If you are a fan of space games, exploring new worlds, and gathering resources, the OX World Android game must be right in the right direction. In the game, players must build their spacecraft by purchasing different pieces unlocked during gambling. Although the overall game is as exciting as it comes, players get Bitcoin by selling their spacecraft in the game is even more exciting. Since the game requires the functioning Arkane wallet, it’s a small cost to pay because you earn in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Alien Run

It is a popular mobile bitcoin game that allows you to play a fun 2D runner’s game on your smartphone. In Bitcoin Alien Run each day, you join Daniel, the Alien, in specific tasks honored in the BTC if you manage to complete them.


CropBytes is an Android or iOS cryptogame you can use. By playing this game, you can collect crypto coins. However, a digital wallet app called Tron integrates the game. So these coins can be replaced by bitcoin. It’s a game of simulation that allows you to play various roles. In this game, you can also be a merchant or an investor.

You can earn high incomes if you take every job at a time. You can do crypto mining and crypto trading in an open market with this application. Crypto assets vary in value under market conditions within the game. The game’s earnings are measured in TRX. Soon the 3D version will update the game.

Spark Profit

An interactive bitcoin prediction application for the market. This simulation of financial trading helps you to forecast real cash markets like FX and cryptocurrency. Plus, your forecasts are correct. More points are earned. You can redeem your income in BTC once you have enough points. Launched in 2013, Spark Profit claims to have spent over half a million USD so far. The app offers weekly payouts to its 100,000 users and a wide range of tools and instructional materials to ensure a good trading experience.

Merge Cats

Want to win points in a single digital currency? Why shouldn’t Merge Cats try then? This game helps players acquire a “Soul” digital currency. There’s no steep learning curve to go by to win a prized Soul Coin, so it’s close to Candy Crush.

Altcoin Fantasy

A free crypto commercial simulator allows you to learn how to exchange digital assets in an environment free of risk. Altcoin Fantasy was launched in 2018, and plans to expand into Asia are available in the U.S. and Canada. The interface for the game is technical, similar to a fantasy sports site.

In both weekly and monthly competitions, Altcoin Fantasy is a game where you can win BT Cryptocurrencies like Ether (ETH), Lumens (XLM), and many more. Altcoin Fantasy currently has over 82,000 players and over $25,000 in prizes. For both Android and iOS, Altcoin Fantasy is available.


The game has three big advantages: you’ll find out about cryptocurrencies, have fun with and win bucks in digital tokens. It is an excellent investment option site for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and other large cryptocurrencies.

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