India's Top 10 Fintech Mobile Apps-List of Top 10 Fintech Mobile Apps in India

Top 10 Fintech Mobile Apps in India for 2024


India’s fintech market is currently experiencing an upsurge with an 87% adoption rate. Moreover, at least 6,636 fintech startups cropped up in 2024 assuming a market cap of almost $50 billion. Furthermore, economists presume this figure to grow by triple its value by March 2025. In this article we will look into top 10 fintech mobile apps in India for 2024-2025.

A mobile fintech application helps in monitoring your wallet balance and making payments. For instance, the Bajaj Finserv Experia comes in handy if you use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Here, you will learn about other fintech apps as well, as we discuss their features.

Top 10 – Best Fintech Mobile Applications to Install in 2024

As digital dependency continues to grow all across the country, many leading firms are launching applications providing in-built features that help you manage personal finance. Here, we have listed 10 such helpful applications as per popular choice which you can try in 2024:

Money View

Trusted by many, this application offers pocket-sized loans to its registered members at flexible terms. The loan approval procedure gets completed quickly after the administrators verify your eligibility. On top of everything, the entire lending process involves zero paperwork.

Additionally, it is a reputed money management tool approached by many Android users for real-time financial guidance. You do not need to worry about outstanding payments as the app notifications alert you with well-in-advance reminders. At present this application boasts a 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Google Play Store with over 1 crore downloads.

Bajaj Finserv Experia

Among the top financial online tools offered by Bajaj, the Experia app is thought to be the most diversified. It is a one-stop destination allowing you to manage your active investments, insurance policies, and loans. Additionally, you may download financial statements and can also view your previous financial engagements using this application. 

Moreover, users who have made Bajaj Finserv EMI payment online through this app, talk highly about its simplified interface. Even if you find difficulty in understanding any of their in-app particulars, you can always request a call at your preferred time.

Money Manager 

Launched by Realbyte, this fintech application incorporates amazing characteristics with the most popular being its ‘Advanced Budget Feature’. Here, you can set a monthly budget for each of your requirements and track the progress via visually appealing charts. 

Besides this, the app interface allows you to upload receipt pictures and store them for future reference. Lastly, the reinforced filters allow you to review your past transactions and suggest effective ways to manage expenses better. 


Many prefer using the Goodbudget application as it implements the time-tested envelope method while giving budgetary solutions. Using this application you can share your budgetary insights with family and friends to maintain sync. In turn, this helps you prioritise particular aspects like repaying existing debts and saving as much as possible from big-ticket purchases. 

Therefore, if you are excited to learn about their detailed features, we suggest you use the app. It has mobile versions for both iOS and Android users.


Wallet by BudgetBakers is an effective cost-tracking app that you can install on your smartphone or simply use its web version on your PC. It not only helps you plan for financial emergencies but teaches you methods to control expenses by categorising ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. 

The main plus point of this tool is that it is ‘user-driven’. This means while using the AI-powered in-built features you are solely responsible for all decision-making tasks. Additionally, you can remain assured of data security as Budget Bakers clearly speaks about not selling customer data to third-party organisations on their official website.

Digit App

The app commits to helping you achieve financial freedom by suggesting daily smart budgetary practices. First, you need to enter your goals and register all the monthly essentials in this app. Then, it states how safe it is to spend daily aligning with your long-term objectives. 

Also, the app takes care of your retirement planning by mapping various investment opportunities. For all the banking and spending guidance you can use this app to maintain multiple organised accounts simultaneously. Most importantly, services for the first six months are free, and after that, you will be charged $5 per month. 

Personal Capital

It has made its place among the list of top Indian fintech apps as it provides real-time net worth in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can use this tool for free to track your financial health by linking all your accounts. The app’s investment intelligence features execute portfolio comparisons with a recommended target allocation to give you a feel of how well your investments are performing in the market.

Expense Manager

The USP of this app is the ‘tags’ feature that further helps you to categorise your transactions. Using this tab you can track all the miscellaneous spending which often plays a vital role in dismantling budgetary allocations. 

Again, by using this tool, you can draw comparisons of your monthly transactions with the previous month’s data. Customers love the app for its seamless user interface and premium privacy setup that promise to keep user data safe and secure. 


Another top-rated money management application that gives personalised suggestions to improve budget planning is the Monefy app. It breaks down the complex processes involved in making a budget into simpler tasks that save both your time and money. You get full authority over your finances by accessing the in-app manuals. Also, there are options for multiple languages and the interface is intuitive enough for you to understand insights in a flash. 


It is a financial education app that helps its users avail various savings opportunities. To get started all you need to do is provide details about your recent purchases. 

Depending on your current financial condition and marked goals, the app mechanism tags each of your purchases as ‘happy’ or ‘sad’. Any high-value product or service that is likely to add value to your life is marked as ‘happy’ while you get a ‘sad’ response for low-value deals.

So, this brings us to the end of our discussion regarding the top fintech mobile apps that are currently worth a try in India. Besides the Bajaj Finserv Experia, all other apps also have unique features that assist you with overall wealth management. To see what works for you the best you need to install one and start using it until you see some practical outcome. 


Lastly, the emergence of innovative mobile applications that are raising the bar for financial services is contributing to the rapid expansion of the fintech industry in India. The Top 10 Fintech Mobile Apps for 2024 exhibit creativity, user-centered design, and a commitment to revolutionizing the financial management practices of people and businesses. These apps will play a bigger role in promoting financial inclusion and enabling easy, safe transactions nationwide as technology develops. These platforms, which offer customers from all walks of life unparalleled ease and accessibility for digital payments, loans, and investing, are transforming the future of finance in India.

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