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Top 10 – How to Save Money on Business Travel Expenses


We live in a digital world but at the same time connecting with stakeholders and meeting business people from across the world is equally essential. Here we are going to focus on how to save money on business travel as well as how to reduce business travel expenses. As these smart ways will assist you to reduce travel costs which will save lot of your money.

However, while phone calls and video conferences are useful for maintaining regular contact, when it comes down to it, you can’t beat face to face interactions. Although technology has brought us closer in many ways, important messages can still be taken out of context or misinterpreted when they’re delivered via text and live chat.

You should not forget the importance of body language in business relationship. If you think of reduce travel costs in a business by having highest quality videoconferencing services will only display a fraction of the non-verbal communication signs available in person. You should never underestimate the trust and closeness by handshake and spending quality time as it matters more in any kind of relations.

However, when you’re convinced of the value of overseas business trips but your boss thinks it’ll blow a hole in the company’s budget. This is the time where you probably need to find smart ways to reduce business travel expenses and how to save on travel expenses. If you are able to reduce travel costs in a business, it can be win-win situation for company as well as for you.

Top 10 – How to Save Money On Business Travel

Now a day’s millions of professionals continue to travel abroad for business related events. Naturally, there’s a cost incurred in terms of time and expense. It’s important that you know how to save money while traveling for work or even how to reduce travel expenses without impacting potential collaboration with customers and clients.

To help you save money while traveling for work and prevent management shortening your business trip, here are top 10 smart ways to reduce business travel expenses listed below.

Use a Price / Fare Alert System

There’s nothing more frustrating than booking a flight or hotel and thinking you’ve bagged a bargain, only for the price to drop at a later date. Thankfully, you can avoid this scenario and reduce travel expenses by using fare tracking websites to book flights and even hotel accommodation. It’s a platform that uses historical price data to accurately predict price changes and notifies you when the best time to buy it.

Avoid Flying on Busy Routes

Flying to a major airport hub might be the most convenient option, however, that convenience often comes with an added cost. It’s therefore worth looking into other options such as flying into a small or mid-sized regional airport that’s a little further away and using ground transportation to cover the rest of your journey. You will have to spend more time but by taking the road less travelled, you might spot unique entrepreneurial opportunities along the way. In the end, this are some of the smartest way on how to save money while traveling for work.

Get Free Shuttle Service from Airport by Hotel

Depending upon your distance between airport and hotel, you can end up in paying $50 – $100 for transportation. It’s always wise to think how to reduce business travel expenses by calling your hotel before booking and ask for freebies and transportation. It is worth spending $5 – $10 more on hotel rooms, when they offer a free shuttle ride to and from airport terminal to their hotel.

Install and Learn to Use Taxi Apps

Numerous users have discovered that Uber is frequently providing discounted rates for new users or users travelling to outside home country. You can even make use of two to three taxi apps where you can compare and get the best reasonable rates. You should learn how to use their apps so you can check estimated fare wherever you are travelling.

Pre-Book Airport Parking

When you’re driving to the airport, which, let’s face it, is a far more convenient option than public transport, pre-booking your airport parking is a must. In doing so, you’ll enjoy excellent early-bird discounts. One of the best places to find airport parking deals is comparison site – whether you’re flying from Luton, London or Liverpool, it’s got you covered.

Dine at Lunchtime to Save Money

If you’re going to be wining and dining clients and business associates at fancy restaurants, it’s a wise idea to arrange these meetings for around lunchtime. This is because many restaurants have a discounted lunch menu where you’ll enjoy the same or similar sized portions for a fraction of the price. This is the best ways on how to save money on business travel. Additionally, by meeting new contacts prior to that mid-afternoon energy slump, you’ll be much more switched on and able to put your best foot forward in negotiations.

Stay at an Apartment to Reduce Travel Expenses

Staying at an apartment similar to Airbnb / Oyo / Vrbo often works out cheaper than staying at a hotel. You can save money while traveling for work with an apartment too with extra facilities, more space and absolute privacy. This will definitely assist you work comfortably and productively along with reduce travel costs in a business during your official trip.

Reserve a Room with Kitchen Facility

There are many who might not wish to prepare breakfast or dinner at home during vacation time. Mostly when you travel to a long distance, you may feel room servicing and eating out every day could be very costly. Eating at different restaurant for whole day can even disturb your stomach as well. If you look forward on how to save money while traveling for work or vacation, it is always wise to reserve a hotel with basic kitchen along with refrigerator and microwave facility. Buying groceries from farmer’s markets or local store and preparing at-least breakfast or dinner can largely reduce food cost when traveling abroad for work, business or vacation.

Use a Travel Credit Card to Save Money

Using a best credit card for travel to pay for your business trip expenses is a savvy undertaking because you’ll earn rewards points or air miles each time you use it.  As well as this, most travel credit cards don’t charge fees for overseas spending or transactions, while many standard credit and debits card do charge you higher. Before purchasing any travel card, it is always better to analyze and compare credit card. Also it is much safer using plastic card than carrying cash around in your wallet.

Utilize Reward Points / Miles

One of the best way on how to save money on business travel is by utilizing your reward points or miles. There are many resorts and hotels which either offers you points or you can redeem your existing reward points and use for your hotel stay or food.

You should always know how to save money on trip when you are planning your vacation or business travel. One of all the best tips is that, you should book your travel in those flights where you can earn reward points and reserve your hotel where you can redeem your points.


So now that you understand smart ways to reduce business travel expenses, you can even help your friends, colleagues as well. These top 10 – how to save money on business travel will surely assist you while traveling for work. That’s our list! Share your own money saving tips for business travel in the comments section to assist other readers as well.

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