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Top 10 – Best Indian Stocks for Next 10 Years in 2023


Are looking for which are the good shares for long term investment in India? which are best long term stocks to buy in India 2023? or which are the best stocks to buy in India 2023-2024? along with best stocks to invest in India for long term? then you are at right place. In this article, we will address your questions about the best Indian stocks for next 10 years. Our aim is to help you make informed decisions about customizing your portfolio with stocks to buy for long-term investment in India in 2023.

Many people have reached out to us with questions about the best shares for long-term investment in India, as well as long-term stock picks for 2023. We conducted extensive research on the best stocks for long-term investment in India, and we’ve compiled our findings in this article.

This article focuses exclusively on the “Top 10 Best Indian Stocks for Long-Term Investment for Next 10 Years in 2023.” You will undoubtedly find this article highly beneficial as you read through and examine the analyzed data. I can assure you that it will illuminate numerous new perspectives and insights.

Even you notice that lot of comments are related to which stocks to buy for long term? After reading this “Top 10 – Best Stocks for Next 10 Years in India 2023”, you can get basic idea about stock market returns. Once you go through our e-learning financial tutorial course on best investment plan in India, I can surely tell you that you will be capable of analyzing stocks by your own.

You can now identify the best long-term investment shares in India. You have the potential to earn investment returns ranging from 800% to 1300% over a 10-year period. This achievement is remarkable because you have successfully generated annual returns of 20% to 25%. This is how you can make best retirement plans for your future.


Warren buffet quotes are really a great inspiration to learn stock market. Warren Buffet says, you should invest in stock market as today is the last day and stock market is going to be closed for next ten years”. If you have limited time, consider investing in a high-yield savings account. When you invest in this manner, you should also possess the patience to leave your investment untouched for five years. In doing so, you can expect to outperform other asset classes in terms of returns. Here I will guide you “Best Stocks for Long Term Investment” in Indian stock market.

Its obvious that returns in mid cap stocks and small cap stocks are much higher than large cap stocks at the same time they are categorized as high risk investment option. You can gain more known on best small cap stocks and best mid cap stocks for deep research. If you are further interested in other category of investment, then you should also learn what is options trading and what is forex market. You should only invest in those market once you have are expert and gained enough knowledge along with trading strategies in it.

Top 10 – Best Indian Stocks for Next 10 Years in 2023

Let’s take top ten best long term stocks from India’s best performing sector and evaluate for next 10 years returns based on the past performance. As we are planning for best Indian stocks for long term investment 2023. We will only focus on long term stock picks from best large cap stocks rather than small cap stocks or mid cap stocks. Here we will see the list of top 10 – best Indian long term investment stocks for next 10 years and next 20 years.

Sr.List of CompaniesSectorJan’ 2013Dec’ 2022Returns
1Bharat Rasayan Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing169.0010,150.005906%
2Balaji Amines Ltd.Chemical Manufacturing55.002,900.005173%
3Tata Elxsi Ltd.Computer Software115.006,880.005883%
4Saksoft Ltd.Computer Software4.75110.002216%
5Bajaj Finance LimitedFinancial Services138.006,785.004817%
6Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company LtdFinancial Services57.00715.001154%
7Page Industries Ltd.Textiles3,425.0046,260.001251%
8Garware Technical Fibres LtdTextiles50.003,240.006380%
9Abbott India Ltd.Biotechnology & Drugs1,490.0019,775.001227%
10J.B.Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Biotechnology & Drugs91.002,120.002230%
Average Returns(In Percentage)3624%

Our analysis considers key factors for long-term stock investments in India. We account for variables like bonus shares, stock splits, and face value changes. We’ve re-evaluated these stocks with a focus on these vital elements. Our goal is to deliver precise and reliable investment insights to you. You can also compare these across top financial websites in India.

Investing in India’s top-performing stocks in 2023 offers an accessible path to building substantial retirement wealth and minimizing long-term risks. To achieve this, it’s essential to cultivate the practice of diversifying your investments. By spreading your investments across various sectors, you can increase the likelihood of capturing favorable returns from multiple areas. This strategic approach not only enhances your potential for financial growth but also helps safeguard your financial future.

Summary of Best Indian Stocks for Next 10 Years

Assume that you wish to invest in best Indian stocks for next 10 years with Rs.10,00,000/- in year 2023. Let’s see how you can make more money by diversify investment based on the above past performance.

Year – 2013Percent ReturnsYear – 2023
SectorsAllocationAmount InvestedExpectedReturn Amount
Chemical Manufacturing40%₹4,00,000.005,539%₹2,21,56,000
Computer Software20%₹2,00,000.004,049%₹80,98,000
Financial Services20%₹2,00,000.002,986%₹59,72,000
Biotechnology & Drugs10%₹1,00,000.001,728%₹17,28,000
Returns On Investment:₹10,00,000.00 ₹4,17,69,000
Investment Amount in year 2023Percent ReturnsInvestment Returns in 2033
₹ 10,00,000.004,176% ₹ 4,17,69,000
Investment Amount in year 2033Percent ReturnsInvestment Returns in 2043
₹ 4,17,69,0004,176%₹ 172,42,73,440

Since every investors has a different choice. Some investors are more interested in best dividend stocks for long term income rather than best shares to invest. You can read this as well best dividend paying stocks in India. Its everyone perception to choose the best investment way according to your financial planning.

This article will also guide you towards difference between investing in best stocks and investing in best dividend stocks. This is just a few best stocks from the list. If you are more interested you can also read best stocks to buy in India, where more than 100 companies stock with analysis is provided. For your research and analysis, you can also look at Indian penny stocks list for 2023 as well. I hope reading this would help you lot in your investment planning.


If you’re looking to make long-term investments in the best Indian stocks using the above sector and allocation methods. You can anticipate earning returns of approximately 5,000% over the next 10 years. This is a substantial gain.

If your retirement plans are set for the next 20 years, you can expect to achieve returns exceeding 1,00,000%. This is truly remarkable and promises a comfortable post-retirement life that can span several centuries.

In this article, we have identified the top 10 best Indian stocks for next 10 years in 2023. We have assessed which stocks offer strong potential for long-term growth in the Indian market. The years 2023-2024 represent an excellent opportunity for investment in the Indian stock market, thanks to its rapid growth. Despite the global economic slowdown, it’s evident that the stock market is consistently on the rise, and Indian stocks continue to deliver impressive annual returns.

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