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Rules and Principles of Corporate Finance


Whether your business is large or small, you probably have committed person or even a section at oversee that financial activities – to take care of that corporate finance of this organization and make certain that the business is effectively functional there is necessity of rules and principles of corporate finance when managing its financial activities. Every discipline has first principles based on which it accomplishes the given objectives. The three principles of corporate finance is structured are as followed below.

1. The Investment Principle:

According to investment principle, funds raised by the firm should be invested to obtain maximum ROI (return on investment). Also it is important to invest at minimum and acceptable hurdle rate. Hurdle rate reflects equity and debt of the project. As a matter of fact the hurdle rate is higher for riskier projects. The market today is very competitive investment decisions are expected to yield more than revenues and profits. Those decisions should save money and channelize an effective distributive system. During the assessment of any project prior to investment, the financial team should also consider the side costs and side benefits respectively.

2. The Financing Principle:

The financing principle states that the ratio of debts and equity should be chosen to maximize the value of investment and to match the financing nature of the assets. Almost every economic activity is run by financing mix i.e. money borrowed from someone (debt) and owner’s funds (equity). It’s often noticed that optimal financing mix or the required financing mix is different from the current one. When this happens, the first thing finance manager does is the analyses of how to reach to the optimum level. The process involves determining short-term or long-term and fixed or variable investments to maximize the revenue cost ratio.

3. The Dividend Principle:

Everyone wants to expand their business to their maximum potential. But as the business grows, it reaches its saturation point where the cash flow is more than the required fund and as this happens the owners begin their hunt for an alternative source to balance the monetary flow and capital required for investment. In most cases dividends, stocks and other assets of the owner are used to compensate. The dividend principle is about choosing the most effective asset among all.

Principles of Corporate Finance Book:

Principles of Corporate Finance by Myers, Brealey, Allen remains the most respected and also comprehensive presentations of financial principle along with practice available. Each writers continue to reinforce personal underlying theme out of presenting principle as a way concerning aiding financial supervisors resolve useful trouble. This particular reserve is a valued research of several thousand learning financial executives and it is their leading text internationally.

Table of Content:

Here are some of the highlight sections of principles of corporate finance latest edition by Brealey, Myers, Allen, they are:

  • Part-I Section includes: Introduction to Corporate Finance, The Value of Common Stocks, Valuing Bonds, how to Calculate Present Values, Net Present Value and Making Investment Decisions.
  • Part-2 Section includes: Introduction to Risk and Return, Portfolio Theory, Risk and the Cost of Capital, Capital Asset Pricing Model.
  • Part-3 Section includes: Project Analysis, Investment, Strategy, Agency Problems, Performance Measurement.
  • Part-4 Section includes: Overview of Corporate Financing, Efficient Markets, Behavioral Finance, How Corporations Issue Securities.
  • Part-5 Section includes: Payout Policy, How Much You Should a Corporation Borrow, Financing and Valuation, Does Debt Policy Matter.
  • Other Section includes: Valuing Options, Credit Risk, Real Options, Managing Risks, Financial Analysis, Working Capital Management, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers, Governance, Corporate Control and more.

Principles of Corporate Finance PDF:

This book by Brealey, Myers, Allen is good to read to understand more about the principle concepts. It also guides you towards rules of corporate finance for effective finance management. You can download principles of corporate finance pdf for free from the below link:

Principles of Corporate Finance – PDF Version


Corporate finance was an area out of finance your addresses sources of funding, their capital format out of corporations, each steps which supervisors to increase the value of shareholders, while the software’s and also analysis used at allocate financial information. Rule and principles of corporate finance is must to manage all these activities. Hope this would have enlarged your knowledge and helped you to move ahead.

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