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Sources of Working Capital Finance


Working capital finance is mainly preferred to increase the working capital for a business. It is often useful for particular development tasks, particularly taking for a bigger contract or even purchasing your brand new market. It is also known as working capital loan, which means loan that is taken to finance the businesses everyday activities or operations.

Businesses make use sources of working capital finance for various reasons; however, the basic idea is the fact that with working capital finance increases funds for the business, which is going to be used for short-term to medium-term business activities. There are many different types of working capital finance for businesses. Few types of working capital finance are particular for sectors or perhaps demands, whereas some of them are common types of working capital financing irrespective of business types.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Working Capital Loan

Data analysts or investors consider a firm having large short-term working capital loan is consider as more financially weak company. Short-term working capital loans like line of credit or promissory notes are usually used. Data analyst consider that company had an imbalance of cash outflow and profit earnings to carry out its requirements.

Long-term working capital loan is actually viewed as capital expense by investors and data analysts. It is an investment in business towards long-term gain. Working capital finance example: a brand new delivery truck to expand your product sales often yields higher profits. Although too much to any debt / loan / finance is harmful for any organization without the assets or perhaps funding to pay for it. Long-term working capital loan generally are better financial management option then short-term working capital loan.

Short-Term Sources of Working Capital Finance / Working Capital Loan

Let us understand, what are the different types of working capital finance with respect to short term financing options. This will definitely assist you to take right financial decision for your business.

Bank Overdraft / Cash Credit

Bank overdraft or cash credit is the most useful as well as right sources of working capital finance used by all the small as well as larger businesses. It’s offered by banks by which your borrower is sanctioned a specified amount that can be utilized for his business repayments.

Borrower has to ensure that he does not exceed the limit sanctioned. The greatest advantage is that the interest is actually billed towards level the funds utilized rather than the sanctioned amount.

Trade Credit

This really is only by way of extending credit period by your creditor associated with your business. Mostly trade credit is extended by creditors based on the creditworthiness associated with the company. This can be reflected by its liquidity position, earning records and more.

Working Capital Loan

Working capital loan are best for short term requirement. These types of working capital finance can be paid back at monthly installment payments or even as a lumpsum amount. The debtor / borrowers should definitely opt for such financing to finance permanent working capital needs.


Factoring is actually excellent arrangement for the companies to raise funds simply by selling his or her invoices to third party at a lower price or discounted price. That the third party the following is known as the factor who provides factoring providers in order to business. Your factor would offer you financing by buying your invoices.

Bank Guarantee

It is recognized as non-fund structured sources of working capital finance. Bank guarantee is actually acquired with a buyer or seller towards reduce the threat of loss towards other party task that might be repaying or offering services.

Working capital finance example: A buyer can opt for bank guarantee when purchasing products from sellers against risk of poor quality or late delivery of goods. Bank charges some commission as well as ask for security deposit as well.

Loan-Term Sources of Working Capital Finance / Working Capital Loan

Let us see, what are the various types of working capital finance with respect to long term financing options. You can then figure it out, which is best for your business.

Equity Capital

The portion of the company’s equity that has been received or are going to be acquired simply by investing in stock as a shareholder for cash or perhaps equivalent capital worth is called as equity capital.

Equity comprises their nominal values of all of the equity granted, which is known as par values. Stock capital defined as their amount of capital received by the company from investors when investing in stocks.

Long Term Working Capital Loan

A loan is a type of finance which it involves their redistribution of assets over time, anywhere between the lender as well as the debtor. When opting for loan, you initially gets or borrows an amount of cash through the lender, and is obligated to repay an equal money of cash along with interest to your lender.

For the most part, the money is paid back in monthly installments, where every installment is the same. Lender can be either non-financial organizations or banking institutions. Secured loan is a loan where borrower pledges an asset (Working capital finance example: Car, House, Land, etc.) as collateral. Unsecured loans is financial loans that does not require borrower to pledge any assets but such loans have higher interest rates.


Here we have seen different types of working capital finance or you can say various sources of working capital finance or working capital loan from the prospective of short-term as well as long-term financing options. Also we have seen some of the working capital finance examples. Hope this information was much useful for your business. Let us know, which one was best suitable for you in the below comments.

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