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Top 10 – Best Mid Cap Stocks to Buy for Long Term in India 2023


There are people who keep on asking which is the best mid cap stocks to buy and hold or best mid cap stocks for long term investment in India 2023. As mostly everyone is only aware of it that top mid cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023 gives higher returns then large cap stocks.

Here in this article we have focused to guide you towards what are mid cap stocks meaning along with top 10 midcap stocks in India for 2023. Along with this we are providing you a list of best mid cap stocks with big potential in India 2023, which will assist you in your research for picking, holding, selling or buying best mid cap companies stock in India. After reading this article you will be in position to take your own decision that are best mid cap stocks to buy for long term in 2023 or short term in 2023 or invest in mid cap stocks to buy and hold for long term.

Mid Cap Stock Definition

What are Mid Cap Stocks? In India, where the capitalization is neither too high nor too low, we categorize the same as a mid cap stock. For example: Pfizer, Indiabulls Housing, Vardhman Textiles, Aarti Inds, Avanti Feeds, Tata Elxsi, etc. are altogether known as mid cap stocks. These stocks have a tendency to have larger instability, volatility when compared with large cap stocks. Their stocks move faster during bullish or bearish market trends with higher risk along with them.

Mid cap stocks means those stocks whose market capitalization is between INR 50 Billion and INR 100 Billion. Mid caps stocks capitalization is between the range of small cap stocks and large cap stocks. These mid cap companies stocks are moderately risky as compared to large cap and less risky than small cap companies. When any investor invests in mid caps stocks for long term investments, he might invest in a company which can leave or go bankrupt. In general terms, mid cap stocks can bring you higher returns as compared to large cap stocks.

Top 10 – Top Mid Cap Stocks to Buy for Long Term 2023

When we say best mid cap stocks for long term investment, It is advised to consider that one should select best mid cap stocks to buy and hold for not more than 3 to 5 years. The list provided below is based on EPS Ratio (Earnings Per Share Ratio) from highest to lowest along with Profit Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio) and P/BV (Price to Book Value Ratio).

This list will be very helpful when analyzing best mid cap stocks with high EPS and low P E 2023. You should consider reading EPS ratio with examples and P/E ratio with examples.

Your research, knowledge, talent will guide you in picking top small cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023. Apart from this you should also grab skills for technical analysis, charting skills and fundamental analysis of companies stocks to guide you in selecting Indian mid cap stocks with big potential.

Here we are going to see the top best Indian mid cap stocks with highest upside potential and growth potential. This assist you to short list from best 10 midcap stocks for long-term investors. This should not be considered as mid cap stock recommendations. But this will be helpful while research best mid cap stocks with high EPS and low P/E ratio to figure out the better with your market skills and techniques.

Sr.Company NameBV (Rs)Intrinsic Value (Rs)P/E RatioEPS1-Year Return (%)
1Rajratan Global Wire Limited67.16429.0047.7226.97220.19
2Jindal Worldwide Limited26.71125.7842.906.58209.08
3Shoppers Stop Limited6.9320.23140.287.37200.54
4Raymond Limited354.36640.7212.7074.77174.29
5Maharashtra Seamless Limited551.741,832.5312.9165.32169.37
6Bharat Dynamics Limited165.35370.1229.5930.59140.91
7Elgi Equipments Limited32.9498.6074.246.79131.94
8Welspun Corp Limited169.70224.1120.0014.22117.72
9Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd320.851,148.7910.9582.47116.36
10Tata Investment Corporation Limited3,860.611,223.9055.5948.50114.14

Note: Values and Ratios are based on January 2023 data. This list will assist you in your research like: stocks with high EPS ratio, stocks with low P/E ratio, stocks with high EPS and low PE ratio in 2023.

Top 50 – Best Mid Cap Stocks for 2023 with Big Potential

We are presenting here mid cap companies list which will assist you in your deep research. From the list of best mid cap companies you can choose which is best suitable for your portfolio.

Below list of Top 50 Best Mid Cap Stocks for 2023. This list does not includes “Top Mid Cap Stocks to Buy” which is mentioned above.

Sr.Company NameBV (Rs)Intrinsic Value (Rs)P/E RatioEPS1-Year Return (%)
1Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited2.9345.1814.656.960.37
2Network18 Media & Investments Limited7.2127.1130.031.8633.57
3Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited9.616.2216.150.5090.59
4Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited12.4526.4552.585.9220.91
5Hindustan Copper Limited19.7632.1129.093.983.79
6HFCL Limited20.3349.1036.822.055.08
7Bank of Maharashtra20.8918.609.172.071.08
8Brightcom Group Limited26.2464.136.825.8442.34
9Prism Johnson Limited26.2830.45267.961.7212.96
10Triveni Turbine Limited26.4980.4753.668.6876.53
11BLS International Services Limited27.8161.3347.285.9398.29
12TV18 Broadcast Limited27.8864.6612.973.025.03
13Westlife Development Ltd29.6458.80192.103.5522.45
14Rail Vikas Nigam Limited30.68118.445.755.9911.40
15SJVN Limited33.5138.0710.053.2018.17
16Jyothy Labs Limited39.3166.3640.624.618.22
17VIP Industries Limited39.56126.3876.869.4434.06
18Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited41.06160.722.0234.5760.97
19EIH Limited48.4022.06323.281.2665.57
20Praj Industries Limited49.86146.9042.909.2215.03
21Minda Corporation Limited55.47131.9425.359.9270.87
22IDFC Limited55.9245.1314.954.5523.85
23BOROSIL RENEWABLES LIMITED60.21232.6247.7712.0087.74
24Aegis Logistics Limited62.10212.9625.0811.2317.38
25Century Plyboards (India) Limited70.06224.5139.1616.8357.06
26Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited70.36125.897.3114.4042.58
27Saregama India Limited71.38280.2844.068.833.41
28Aster DM Healthcare Limited71.65146.0623.1211.0116.67
29Asahi India Glass Limited72.50192.1836.2717.1369.03
30Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd.72.91253.5038.2318.4131.94
31Apollo Tricoat Tubes Limited73.03797.1051.0720.1722.38
32VRL Logistics Limited73.76198.9326.6124.4091.91
33Redington (India) Limited74.03229.948.8717.399.92
34Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited79.12148.4516.6816.4771.53
35City Union Bank Limited89.05102.7916.7010.9920.31
36Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited92.76205.9213.6220.7657.29
37CCL Products (India) Limited94.02214.4432.7616.0332.99
38Olectra Greentech Limited94.70188.0498.896.1757.70
39Karur Vysya Bank Limited94.9586.808.699.9277.17
40NLC India Limited102.3397.298.039.4234.18
41RITES Limited103.56531.7712.3224.227.01
42Granules India Limited104.29338.7918.3216.94-0.03
43Blue Star Limited105.65229.3145.6123.8025.07
44Capri Global Capital Limited109.45282.4262.9511.6944.88
45Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited115.75120.8760.5815.7878.38
46National Standard (India) Limited118.08108.75380.2012.5222.61
47GMM Pfaudler Limited120.07548.4264.0128.9226.94
48Brigade Enterprises Limited123.4095.012,050.739.1445.64
49Carborundum Universal Limited124.50320.7148.7217.650.04
50TTK Prestige Limited124.78298.8242.9523.6310.48
51Allcargo Logistics Limited128.69472.499.5043.6964.08
52Balrampur Chini Mills Limited135.74207.5918.8419.513.98
53TCI Express Limited139.29737.6056.0735.3630.93
54Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited142.41298.2517.4015.7421.94
55Radico Khaitan Limited148.63367.4556.6418.7512.79
56Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited153.83600.909.4336.6711.98
57Esab India Limited158.66887.9957.4858.1850.45
58Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited164.68444.0913.0835.2478.86
59IIFL Finance Limited170.28438.0411.1032.9935.88
60KRBL Limited172.91267.6417.8420.5236.56
61Ingersoll Rand (India) Limited174.83356.5954.2036.74103.36
62JK Paper Limited175.03434.099.9441.3673.65
63Transport Corporation of India Limited184.96631.7818.9041.4685.14
64Shipping Corporation Of India Limited186.77228.687.4816.054.34
65Sunteck Realty Limited190.5469.95140.173.213.04
66The India Cements Limited190.6875.3776.903.7263.94
67AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited204.56381.33114.0428.603.80
68IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited208.07160.9221.0311.3128.77
69Can Fin Homes Limited230.31426.7514.0939.39-1.59
70KEI Industries Limited236.981,058.6732.9845.8273.94
71CREDITACCESS GRAMEEN LIMITED252.77611.0532.0631.1354.85
72Vardhman Textiles Limited266.65442.426.8854.10-1.26
73JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited276.15907.5038.9248.077.15
74Sheela Foam Limited285.46878.3361.6048.0927.05
75Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited287.33767.5416.2236.337.80
76Kennametal India Limited288.651,072.1352.4352.10100.62
77Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited292.83483.334.9027.8322.14
78EID Parry India Limited300.23776.1010.1259.2239.80
79Ksb Limited303.32852.9140.2847.7255.22
80Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited320.531,279.7638.9951.2136.51
81GHCL Limited323.60782.867.8994.2382.44
82Cochin Shipyard Limited331.39935.358.8245.868.70
83Century Textiles & Industries Limited350.86464.5442.3520.994.37
84DCM Shriram Limited353.161,174.0914.3274.613.97
85Rajesh Exports Limited421.52394.5917.5833.931.18
86Apar Industries Limited448.211,947.0015.9082.8198.76
87Garware Technical Fibres Limited470.741,195.5144.0778.100.65
88Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited508.231,153.225.28130.8093.68
89Godfrey Phillips India Limited563.06985.6512.5790.017.99
90The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited563.71579.157.8674.3846.44
91BEML Limited566.51735.6045.7233.7134.63
92Cera Sanitaryware Limited773.302,410.6541.17135.3827.11
93Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited804.021,938.599.2898.1289.12
94CEAT Limited809.10522.85102.7413.9628.47
95UFLEX Limited927.252,517.154.50167.3941.13
96Polyplex Corporation Limited1,056.433,133.5610.31205.2519.24
97Lakshmi Machine Works Limited1,862.942,374.4951.74246.4259.19
98Sundaram Clayton Limited2,510.496,608.2416.89296.1340.25
99Kama Holdings Limited7,494.4829,712.937.901,651.6025.61
100JSW Holdings Limited17,722.448,243.1737.42123.480.75

Note: Stock Price and Financial Ratios are based on January 2023 data. This would be ideal for research and analysis purpose.

If you are not much aware of technical indicators, no need to worry. You can get some knowledge reading technical indicators means, types of technical indicators, what is resistance, what is volume, types of single candlestick patterns, what is moving average and more about technical analysis for beginners while researching best mid cap stocks to buy and hold with big potential.

Also you should learn fundamental analysis of stocks by reading fundamental analysis means, what are qualitative factors, what are qualitative data analysis, read and analyze annual report of a company, what are financial ratios of the companies. You can go through our free tutorial course on fundamental analysis for beginners to gain education as a first step. This will definitely provide you better knowledge in picking best mid cap stock and also to decide whether to buy or hold for long term or short term in India.


Here we have seen top 10 best mid cap stocks to buy for long term investment in India 2023-2024. Our objective is to provide you the list of best mid cap companies and list of top small cap stocks with highest upside potential in India 2023 to watch on. This is purely for research and informational purpose. Take a look at it, perhaps this will help you to figure out your best decision when picking mid cap stocks to buy and hold with big potential.

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