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Top 10 – Benefits of Insurance to Individuals, Society, Economy


Most of us just believe that they understand the benefits of insurance policy provided by insurance companies. According to the report and facts, there are only few who actually knows an insurance benefits. Here we will understand how insurance benefits to persons as well as businessman. Benefits of insurance to society and economy along with top 10 benefits of insurance to individuals and companies.

Basically life insurance and general insurance are two sides of same coin. Life insurance is a categorized under specific insurance type where only life related matters can be secured and covered under policy. Whereas general insurance is a broader term, there are many different types of insurance under this insurance. For example, travel insurance, fire insurance, home insurance, etc. General insurance covers risks which includes other than life. This means that it covers your home in case of any fire or natural disasters and more. It is important that one should understand the benefits of insurance to economy as well as society to get proper coverage as a part of risk mitigation strategy for individuals and companies..

Top 10 – Benefits of Insurance to Individuals, Society and Economy

There are benefits of insurance to individuals, businesses, society, companies as well as economy of the country. Even in simple term we can say that, insurance benefits can cover all kinds of risk and unavoidable circumstances. Let us discuss top 10 benefits of insurance to society, economy, individual and business primarily.

Payment of Losses

Insurance plays a vital role in covering risk and losses for companies and individuals. There is a contract which protects uncertain damages incurred to either companies or a person. This include benefits of insurance to companies by way of loss of goods, theft of company’s assets for business and more. Even benefits of insurance to individuals life related risk like, injuries or any critical illness due to which you lose your job and your income is affected.


Important benefits of insurance are that; uncertainty are paid for losses incurred by company and even individuals. You should know risk analysis methods and techniques to calculate your risk. Due to which it significantly reduced their overhead by insurance cover. Life insurance policy is an excellent way to get finance for accomplishing these goals. One can be assured that in any kind of unfortunate event either related to losses, death or even critical illness, the sum assured will protect a future goal of company as well as individuals.

Tax Benefit

Tax benefits are an important benefits of insurance to individuals and companies. Policy maturity amount are tax free in most of the countries like: USA, China, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Europe, Dubai, etc. This is also one of the best tax saving options in India and many other countries as well. Whereas in many countries benefits of insurance to society by providing tax exempted when filing income tax return for premium paid every year.

Benefits of Insurance is Legal

Many people think that which insurance companies pay for my losses. Even why do insurance companies cover my damages and give you money. Let me tell you that, insurance is 100% complies with legal requirements and meets contractual requirements of countries regulations. They have valid licenses along with proof of financial resources to operate their business in any countries. Also benefits of insurance to economy of the country as well.


It is really an important benefits of insurance to individuals and companies by providing flexibility options of investment along with insurance. You should initially make an investment plan on how to get financial freedom at your retirement. Dependent on that the time of the goal, policy holder can choose investment option by diversifying either into debt or equity. Mostly companies can match their requirement by having broader options with them.

They also provide flexibility in terms premium payment terms, choosing type of risk to cover, policy durations, switching option and more. You can even choose to go for insurance linked equity plans like ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) or Insurance plans linked with investment in best sip mutual funds plan. When these insurance companies invest in financial markets of the countries, you also get benefits of insurance to economy growth.

Provides Employment Opportunities

Now days many people understand benefits of insurance to individual and get life coverage. Due to awareness lot of businessman also knows benefits of insurance to company’s growth as well. Since demand for insurance is increasing which result in increase of employment in country. These companies offer benefits of insurance to economy by reducing unemployment and improving financial stability of country.

Insurance Benefits by Incentives

Risk control is one another benefits of insurance to society. Insurance companies provide incentives by way of premium discounts, bonus and additional benefits to control their losses and improve their revenues. In most of the cases when insurance policy is matured, maturity amount also includes incentives and bonus paid during by company during the term of policy.


Liquidity is one of the precious benefits of insurance to individuals by insurance companies. Even it is most important benefits of insurance to companies and organizations in case of crisis. There are charges involved in order to prevent unwanted encashment.

Facilitate Loans

One another benefits of insurance is to smoother loan process for companies. This ensure that bank will be compensated and let you your remaining loan amount. In case the mortgage provided for loan is damaged or demolish in case of uncertain occasions which reduces uncertainty among lenders.

Source of Investment

Source of investment is another benefits of insurance to individuals, companies as well as businessman to achieve their goal. Insurance companies gathers premiums from people, invest it in different products. This is why is investment important for economic growth and boosting societies of any countries. It then pay when any claims are made by policy holder or by paying lump-sum during maturity. Also, Investment money can be used for any other purpose.


Insurance is one of the important sector which benefits various different areas. We have learned benefits of insurance to individuals and businesses along with benefits of insurance to society and benefits of insurance to economy. You can even say that insurance can cover any kind of risk which you can think of. It not only creates an employment but also provide good standard of living to your dependents. Much of your life related problems are solved by getting an appropriate cover for you and your family.

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